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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Guys, I just finished setting up my Server with the b3 Bot, cod4x 1.7a patch and xlrstats 3.0 (which was a pain in the ass to setup.) If you want to have some fun just join it. I will wait there and the first who arrive will the the privateclient password. Just for the case that the server gets famous somehow, so you can join and say you were ther first ;-) I'm waiting for you
  2. Hello everyone and happy new year 😘 Im running 3 "COD4" servers on COD4x client, the servers is up on master server. But I have a problem with B3 1.12 (latest version), the XLRstats plugin won't to load up . that's the error message from b3 logs: 190103 02:14:04 ERROR 'Query failed [ALTER TABLE `xlr_playerstats` ADD `id_token` VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT \'\'] None: (1060, u"Duplicate column name \'id_token\'")' 190103 02:14:04 ERROR 'Query failed [SELECT MAX(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS max_skill, MIN(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS min_skill, SUM(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS sum_skill,\n AVG(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS avg_skill , COUNT( AS cnt\n FROM xlr_playerstats, clients\n WHERE = xlr_playerstats.client_id\n AND xlr_playerstats.client_id <> None\n AND (xlr_playerstats.kills + xlr_playerstats.deaths) > 50\n AND 1546481644 - clients.time_edit <= 5184000] None: (1054, u"Unknown column \'None\' in \'where clause\'")' 190103 02:14:04 ERROR 'Could not start plugin xlrstats' Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\", line 948, in startPlugins start_plugin(self, plugin_name) File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\", line 939, in start_plugin p.onStartup() File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\plugins\xlrstats\", line 257, in onStartup self.correctStats() File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\plugins\xlrstats\", line 1558, in correctStats cursor = self.query(q) File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\storage\", line 635, in query raise e InternalError: (1054, u"Unknown column 'None' in 'where clause'") btw I'm using this parser Cod4X18 and latest cod4x version and latest patch + fresh b3 database. thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I noticed that after the new cod4x update my B3 is not working anymore. XLRstats doesnt start... any idea please? Thank you.