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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, Just trying to setup a non-mod server for myself and a couple of friends, I've followed the requirements on GitHub here: And further to the above, followed the guide here: Whenever executing the command: ./cod4x18_dedrun +map mp_pipeline +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip 95.179.x.x The output returned is just, "Segmentation fault", and then the application terminates. I've also gone with the approach of building the cod4x18_dedrun myself, which compiled successfully, but using this version resulted in the same thing. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Hi I have recently installed b3 on my cod4x1.8 server and it doesn't seem to work for me, the only thing is that when I created a user for my server named cod4server and moved the files to it, b3 and cod4 run on that accounts /home/cod4server folder and chmod and chown all the directories and files. But whenever i run using python I get a permission denied error so I need to run it as a superuser. And when B3 runs it says that it is working and i get the version number [angry biscuit] for v1.10.11 message on the server but there is no reaction to any command I enter, it doesn't work at all. I've even activated the advertisements on the config file and even it doesn't work. I have tried with the version 1.9.2 previously and even that didn't work i asked for support from the b3 forum but since there aren't many developers there they've asked me to request it here, please help me. I've attached my b3.log. Please check it and let me know, thanks. Please help me on this, thanks. b3.log
  3. Hi there, I am trying to write a Docker container (virtual machine) to run Cod4x. It it based on Ubuntu 64bit, and it follows the following steps (logged in as user, not root): sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install -y unzip curl sudo apt-get install -y nasm build-essential gcc-multilib g++-multilib cd /home/user curl > && unzip && rm sudo chown -R user:user /home/user sudo chmod +x cod4x18_dedrun ./cod4x18_dedrun +map mp_killhouse I also copied the correct files (main, zone, usermaps, mods) as instructed. When running it, it fails with: /home/user/cod4x18_dedrun: ./ no version information available (required by /home/user/cod4x18_dedrun) CoD4 X 1.8 linux-i386 build 2055 May 2 2017 --- Crypto Initializing --- Testing sha1 hash function - positive. Testing sha256 hash function - positive. Testing tiger hash function - positive. --- Crypto Initialization Complete --- IP: IP: Opening IP6 socket: [::]:28960 UDP Opening IP6 socket: [::]:28960 TCP Opening IP socket: UDP Opening IP socket: TCP ----------------------------- CoD4X Auto Update Current version: 1.8 Current subversion: 17.5 Current build: 2055 ----------------------------- New subversion 17.5 Update not needed. All files are equal. ----- FS_Startup ----- Current language: english Current fs_basepath: /home/user Current fs_homepath: /home/user/.callofduty4 Current search path: /home/user/.callofduty4/main /home/user/.callofduty4/main_shared /home/user/main/iw_13.iwd (265 files) /home/user/main/iw_12.iwd (33 files) /home/user/main/iw_11.iwd (448 files) /home/user/main/iw_10.iwd (230 files) /home/user/main/iw_09.iwd (447 files) /home/user/main/iw_08.iwd (66 files) /home/user/main/iw_07.iwd (34 files) /home/user/main/iw_06.iwd (416 files) /home/user/main/iw_05.iwd (716 files) /home/user/main/iw_04.iwd (765 files) /home/user/main/iw_03.iwd (670 files) /home/user/main/iw_02.iwd (1296 files) /home/user/main/iw_01.iwd (1456 files) /home/user/main/iw_00.iwd (1054 files) /home/user/main /home/user/main_shared /home/user/players /home/user/main/localized_english_iw06.iwd (7 files) localized assets iwd file for english /home/user/main/localized_english_iw05.iwd (1338 files) localized assets iwd file for english /home/user/main/localized_english_iw04.iwd (1730 files) localized assets iwd file for english /home/user/main/localized_english_iw03.iwd (3705 files) localized assets iwd file for english /home/user/main/localized_english_iw02.iwd (3483 files) localized assets iwd file for english /home/user/main/localized_english_iw01.iwd (3181 files) localized assets iwd file for english /home/user/main/localized_english_iw00.iwd (2903 files) localized assets iwd file for english File Handles: ---------------------- 24243 files in iwd files execing default_mp.cfg execing default_mp_controls.cfg execing default_mp_gamesettings.cfg execing server_map.cfg couldn't exec q3config_server.cfg -------- Plugins initialization completed -------- QUERY LIMIT: Querylimiting is enabled Couldn't open file ca/ca-bundle.crt HTTP_SendReceiveData: mbedtls_ssl_handshake returned X509 - Certificate verification failed, e.g. CRL, CA or signature check failed ]applicationmanager.cpp (3087) : Assertion Failed: CApplicationManager::GetMountVolume: invalid index applicationmanager.cpp (3087) : Assertion Failed: CApplicationManager::GetMountVolume: invalid index applicationmanager.cpp (3238) : Assertion Failed: m_vecInstallBaseFolders.Count() > 0 FillInMachineIDInfo took a total of 0 milliseconds [S_API] Initialization completed --- Common Initialization Complete --- --- Game binary initialization --- Error: Failed to load the CoD4 Game. Can not startup the game --- Game Binary Initialization Failed --- Hitch warning: 2412 msec frame time ---- Network shutdown ---- Closing IPv4 UDP socket: 5 Closing IPv6 UDP socket: 3 Closing IPv4 TCP socket: 6 Closing IPv6 TCP socket: 4 -------------------------- Sys_Error: Unable to load a level as the game has failed to load! Anyone has any suggestion on how to fix this ? Thanks !!!
  4. the question is how can I start cod4x server and stop why unneeded I placed all game files and cod4x server-Linux files in folder /home/cod4 folder how do I start server I success fully created cod4 server and b3 in windows with the help of cod4x members ... now I was trying it in Ubuntu server [ I am completely new to Linux environment] thanks
  5. Hello, I just managed to install this on Ubuntu and I have a issue, when I join a server I get a error message saying I need steam, when I launch the game through steam I get this error message "Failed to load CoD4x_xxx.dll or entryoint was not found. Attempting to load CoD4 v1.7" Then nothing happens, I really want to play on some 1.8 servers, 1.7 is just fake server lists and it gets annoying. If anyone has suggestion they would be greatly appreciated.
  6. hi im running cod4x server in ubuntu 28960 now im try to rund second server but 28961 port is block how can i open 28961 port?