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Found 32 results

  1. I want to create a single player bot match using the Bot Warfare mod, which requires CoD4X. So I was thinking I could just host it on my own machine and connect to it from my own machine, but I can't get it to work. (btw I haven't installed the Bot Warfare mod files yet, I'm just trying to get the CoD4X server to work by itself first) I run this: cod4x18_dedrun.exe ^ +map mp_vacant ^ +set dedicated 1 ^ +set net_ip ^ +set sv_punkbuster 0 I try to connect by typing /connect from the client I get 'awaiting connection 1.. 2.. 3.. etc.', then 'server connection timed out'. The server console keeps printing 'bad connectionless packet from' How can I get this to work? I should point out that I haven't messed around with game servers before, so it's quite possible I'm missing something obvious.
  3. I am hosting cod4x server on my pc , already typed auth token in cfg , But server isn't showing in list ( Cod4x , Internet ATVI) But my friends can connect through IP address , And server is showing on codx master list and showing location of US , While i am in Pakistan.
  4. Hi, I'm new to Cod4x and I'm trying to set up a modernpaintball server and I'm getting the error: Sys_Error: g_copyInfo exceeded Here is my target: +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200" +set map mp_killhouse +set fs_game Mods/ModernPaintball I got modernpaintball from here: If there is any other information you need please let me know. Thank you, Rab
  5. hello in mw2 and mw3 i saw some servers that they change the map names how can u change it in cod4 ? there must be a way to do that please someone help me !! I've searched for this about 6 month and no one tell me anything😔
  6. Good day,poskazhite how and where the script is configured,where the prohibition of the use of certain perks ,just have the perk script which you want to include and how and where they do not know how to do it!Or throw off help how to do everything and set up!
  7. Hello! I tried to make my own CoD4 Server and make it accessable to users outside of my LAN. Router and firewall configuration was done but i faced issues connecting to the server due to "key code in use" if i connect to the server via my external IP. I neither got any connection attempts in the server log. I kind gave up this idea and tried CoD4X, since it looked pretty nice for configuration and mods etc. as far as i can tell. I downloaded the latest Windows server bundle and client, followed the instructions as shown in the forum and on GitHub. Now I am having trouble joining the server in my LAN. When making a connection as depicted here: the server console shows "bad connectionless packet from" each client connection attempt until it times out. I couldn't find a topic here in the forum and so I am opening a new topic. Down below there is the full server output attached. I executed the debug version I am running Windows 10 Pro x64 Hopefully someone can help me with this problem. Feel free to ask for further information if required. best regards FullDebugServerOutput.txt
  8. Hi guys, I am running a cod4x 1.7 server and when i run the server it works perfectly except for the fact that games_mp.log file doesn't get any content written into it, i'm using linux and have located the cod4 directory along with my server files to /home/cod4server and i'm running it. But the games_mp.log in the main directory doesn't get updated at all. I have given permission for the account to read/write/execute all files within these directories and have even tried running the server as an admin. But still i keep getting this particular error. WARNING couldn't open logfile games_mp.log I've found many other forums with this and tried the solutions but still i've found no solution. So if you may be kind enough to help me, thank you.
  9. Rukako

    Need Server Help

    Hey everyone. I made a server yesterday. I need some help with it as in help with cfg coding and help making a promod, and help with Plugins. If wan in on helping me please message me.
  10. hey guys, my server is running perfectly but its showing only on Internet atvi but not on internet cod4x servers list. please help me ho i get my server to cod4x list.
  11. Hey Guys, I got a Cod4x Server with New Exp script running, problem is, it randomly freezes and crashes and switches to another map. I got a part of the logs I copied from the server attached as a file. I'd be happy if u guys could help me out. Thx
  12. Connect and enjoy our server With New Experience By leiizko it's a New Server and working for it more be interesting Name : Sgc | gaming TDM (INDIA) Ip:
  13. the question is how can I start cod4x server and stop why unneeded I placed all game files and cod4x server-Linux files in folder /home/cod4 folder how do I start server I success fully created cod4 server and b3 in windows with the help of cod4x members ... now I was trying it in Ubuntu server [ I am completely new to Linux environment] thanks
  14. Warning: Client 'HaPpY' reported that the http download of 'mods/Omega/mod.ff' failed, falling back to a server download
  15. there is no parsers directory v1.10 i have cehcked the log files a thousand time re installed it for 6 times downgraded it and everything but still it wont accept :iamgod command just keeps showing advs
  16. i have a cod4 server hosted. i need to set it with cod4x and with mods...i am a beginner and i need to know how to do these step by step ....aslo need help to setup a map vote system. ..
  17. Before you tryna help me you need to know I have no experience in coding or scripts! It is simple, my goal: Private Server with server side-scripts/plugins like Final killcam and playercards! My Situation: I rent a server on g-portal (1.7 with FTP access but no executable) for me and my friends to play private, after the cod4x 1.8 patch I found servers which have like final killcam via server side-scripts/plugins (i think) and I wanna have that on my server so now I already asked how to do that and tried first just adding the gsx file in main_shared folder etc. but i did not know i needed 1.8 so i tried to install the cod4x server modification and failed on compiling (the part with mingw32-make). Now I asked the g-portal support for cod4x 1.8 server support like changing maybe the executable and they said okay just send us the files we need! So my question is, what exactly do I need to send to g-portal so they can help me to get to my goal? PS: I am trying now for 2 weeks and I am like clueless AF
  18. Hi all, We have a 1.8 server up and running on a GSP. We had some help getting that one configured. We decided we wanted another one, so had the GSP duplicate ALL the files onto our new server, but it does not seem to be 1.8. If we goto the server list and look at "server info" for our original server, it says 1.8, but new one says 1.7, even though all the files are identical. What could be the problem? I've looked at the tutorial on installing 1.8 server, but it seems directed at people wanting to run their own local server. I can't seem to find anything anywhere about configuring it on a GSP.
  19. ] Connecting to:[0m ] Resolved to:[0m ] Connected to GameRanger[0m ] [1;33mWarning: GameRanger-Server closed connection![0m Any IDEA? please help. every help is appreciated.
  20. So its there option for server to delete old Screen Shots after they rich limit.. or getting to old? Something like vanilla PB "pb_sv_SsCeiling"
  21. Hi guys, I am running a COD4X server on my personal computer. I am able to connect and play with others but if I create a server.cfg configuration file inside main folder it doesn't read it. For example it doesn't display server name on the bottom-left side of the game when pressing TAB or if I set FFA (dm) as game type it is still team deathmatch. Any solution? This is server.cfg file: set sv_hostname "Turtlina's Server" set rcon_password "password" set g_password "password" set sv_cheats "0" set sv_voice "0" set scr_teambalance "0" set g_allowvote "1" set sv_authorizemod "-1" set sv_modStats "0" set sv_mapRotation "gametype dm map mp_backlot map mp_block map mp_broadcast map mp_shipment map mp_countdown"
  22. Hey there Can someone tell me the proces how to make your own private server ,Lag free on internet?? Thankyou
  23. I updated my server to 17.2 version (latest one) and when I want to join it says this server requires protocol version: 15! Any help?