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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I developed an Android Mobile App for Cod4, where you can monitor status of your favorite cod4 servers, like online players, server info, player's screenshots etc. App Features: Shows list of Online Players and Server Status Rcon Management Server Screenshot Gallery ShoutBox for each server Please check it out, and if you like it, share it with your cod4 friends 🤗 Play Store Link :
  2. Hey guys, I wanna take the connected player's screenshots at any moment like before the times of punkbuster. But unlike the introduction says "PBSS like screenshots " I cant find how to get someone's screenshots with server console or rcon commands. When I try "getss player_name" or "rcon getss player_name" it says "Bad command or cvar: getss". So is there a way to get someone's screenshot via console or do i have to mod the game or something like that. Since I dont know how to mod the game, it becomes impossible to get ss of cheaters as i see. I would appreciate some help, thank you guys.
  3. Which function name, language or software, can be used to read the information contained in the first line of an SS? I would like somehow to get this information to be able to better categorize the screenshots in an automated way. I read somewhere in the community that this site ( possibly does this function, but looking at the comments I don't feel safe buying the product, is it possible to do this any other way?
  4. I'm getting a lot of Bans this way, would anyone know how to disable this automatic server ban function please?
  5. Klauser

    send screenshots

    Hello, I wanna use a remote server to receive the screenshots from a server I found this code and it works good, the bad thing is it only receives unique name screenshots is there a way to receive them with their original name or a function to rename the new ss with a order? Pastebin bc forum is giving me problems with code I know there is a thing "file_exists" to check the names but im bad with PHP. Could someone give me a hand? Thanks
  6. Hello CoD4X Community, here is my simple and working script for everyone who got access to globallogic.gsc on the server. First create a file. as example i've used the vanilla promod and created a file called "screenshot.gsc" inside the promod script-folder. After this you insert the follow code into the screenshot.gsc: main() { level thread onPlayerConnect(); } onPlayerConnect() { for(;;) { level waittill("connecting", player); player thread onPlayerSpawn(); } } onPlayerSpawn() { self endon("disconnect"); for(;;) { self waittill("spawned_player"); if(!isDefined(self.pers["tookScreen"])) { self.pers["tookScreen"] = true; exec("getss " + self getGuid()); } } } After this you need to initialize the screenshot mechanism to let it wait for players to connect and start a new thread on them. with the following code: thread promod\screenshot::main(); After this you should save it to the server or inside an mod.ff file. You should never place GSC files inside the mod.ff.. because the mod.ff can be unpacked and everyone can read your script files. Just place client-side stuff inside the mod.ff like soundaliases or menu scripts. You screenshots are taken after a player spawned the first time and are getting saved into the screenshot folder if you set a homepath for your server. (fs_homepath) For any questions, feel free to comment down here. Have a nice day.
  7. Need Screenshot submit.php which saves the screenshot with name. my current submit.php save screenshots with numers .
  8. i am using screenshotuploader. It is working perfectly but i can only send 1 screenshot which has name test.jpeg to my web can anyone tell me how to fix this or give me his submit.php
  9. Currently i have 2 server. both servers save the screenshots at the same folder. i want to save the screenshots separately.Can anyone help me Please.
  10. Hi Guys, First of all: I dont know if this is the right forum since its not directly a cod4x mod but yeah. Im currently creating a portal for b3 and cod4x based on laravel. The portal connects to the b3 database too retrieve data about players. When you take a screenshot it gets linked to the b3 player. The portal should become like Echelon (Some b3 users may know this). Currently it does the following: Show current players in server Take screenshot via website See screenshots via website Search players View profile Features that will come to the portal are: Ban players via web Change b3 level via web See chatlog via web See admin actions / penalties via web See admins list Features which MAY come but most likely not Pattern recognition for recognising common hacks Auto monitoring new players which score high Currently the project only works in combination with laravel. I maybe later add support for other frameworks and or vanila php. You can find the project on Be aware this is my first open source project so mistakes will be made Screenshots:
  11. I use a linux server where the screenshots go to root folder I would put in the root folder of the game as the default windows. Can you make this change? If so, what do I do?