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Found 42 results

  1. We are Soldiers Domination GAMiNG Crew We do not use forums, because we have everything on "Discord" All applications, everything you are interested in can be found here We accept new admins. S'D|IP:
  2. how to add this menu to promod server
  3. Our Deathrun server is for all kind of gamers. Beginner to pro, try your chance !! 😁 Here's our new Discord We have 2 servers TF-[QC-FR] Deathrun > /connect TF-[QC-FR] Promod > /connect -> 60 Ranks -> New RTD -> New SHOP -> 6 Themes ( FULLY NEW UI ) -> New Weapons, characters, secondary Weapons, sprays -> New VIP menu -> New Admin system -> New Exit menu -> XP event -> Respect plugin -> Anti glitch -> Anti Jump LagG -> SpecKeys -> Fps counter ( spectators ) -> autospawn -> rank Backup -> New Quick voices menu ( 3 ) -> New Rank Icons -> New options Menu
  4. Hello Guys! Our server is a promod only toujane server, continuously active for more than 4 years. recently we had an ip change so you can find the server here: feel free try it out ! more info:
  5. Here is a new server i am no modder nor i have any experience with scripts na ll Tried to create a server with good graphical experience. try it out and let me know Our Server Ip- Our ss Panel -
  6. Howdy all, if someone could please help me set up my private server I made the other day. It's currently up and running and is able to connect (Is also visable on Master Server). Just can't seem to figure out how to run ProMod 220 on the server or at least set it up so the servers runs as ProMod, not the original Multiplayer. All help is much appreciated, thank you ❤️❤️❤️ . Just tryna revive Australian ProMod scene ❤️
  7. Ts Ip : Server Ip:
  8. Hey Guys, I just finished setting up my Server with the b3 Bot, cod4x 1.7a patch and xlrstats 3.0 (which was a pain in the ass to setup.) If you want to have some fun just join it. I will wait there and the first who arrive will the the privateclient password. Just for the case that the server gets famous somehow, so you can join and say you were ther first ;-) I'm waiting for you
  9. Hello Guys Here's The Another Server We Are Presenting To Our Site With Exclusive Features and With Stunning Grpahics And Below Are The Main Features Of Our SGC Gaming Promod:-) 1)In This Server There can be 24 Maximum Players playing At Once 2)In This Server We Will Give Best Skins To Our Users 3)In This Server We Will Add New Maps Like Luna2,Mp_Wawa and More Maps Which You Like 4)In This Server Best Players Will Be Promoted 5)In This Server If You Wan't Cpt america,Thanos,Deadpool And MOre MArve and Caartoon Skins Then We Will add It For YOu and You Wil Get That Vip Skin Free. Need help to grow our server join now IP :- also visit our sgc gaming website :-
  10. Yooo, anyone know this mod, a name or a link for it? I know its kinda old but want to try it out
  12. Hello , i am looking for tutorials for making or editing mods .. How can i make mode with vip and screenshot and custom menu with custom mods like no scope only , knife only , Jumpslowdown enable/disable , Jumper mod , Spawn , bounce etc , is there any tutorial over it ? or any can teach me ? ... There are kids in our community making such mods but not telling how they are making them and no one can use those mods as they put some license keys in them ! Need Help in this.
  13. Hello Bois I have setup a new Server today, you can play Counter Strike maps like Dust2, Inferno, Italy, Aztec, Nuke and much more with Promod!! The Server is very fresh and not configurated at all, but i will do my best for your experience ! If you have any Questions i will be here for you Servername: Promod Counter Strike | S&D | 0LDSCH00Lz Server IP: Slots: 12 Mod: Promodlive 220 Hope i will see you soon, you can give me a shoutout in Chat ! Greetz @Lefty. ❤️ //EDIT Soon i will start a second Server Sniper / Bold Only! Hope i'll see u there
  14. Hello, first of all I'm a big noob to these things. I want to learn scripting and all that stuff. I want to add a knife round (at the start of the map) to my PromodX server. Where and how do i do that ? Thanks (Sorry if this is in the wrong forum lmao)
  15. Hii Peeps Our Clan (Death Squad Gaming) hosted two new cod4 servers When you guys are free please take time to visit our server and have fun. Join the server on IP - Thanks
  16. I test new build version (CoD4 X 1.8 linux-i386 build 782 Aug 25 2018) with default promod version, game type is search and destroy. In my 1st round its work like normal but when goes to second round server not work like promod, when sprint screen move Same mod files running well with old build version. Please help.
  17. Is it possible. Connect live stream radio to call of duty 4 server?
  18. Hey guys, I Create a Script for Promod Hud Website is being Multiple I cheak this script in Royal-Soliders mod Frist You need to chang this in your custom_public.gsc To then Download _urlmsg.gsc file and edit this insert duffman folder in your mod then open _general.gsc located in duffman folder You can See like this kile that Insert this line under the level thread duffman\_iprint::init(); Save and Close it . then restart your cod4 server Have a fun If there are any bug please reply.
  19. i need to mute killcam and end map music using stopmusic
  20. hi guys in promod what is the difference between z_custom_ruleset.iwd and promod_ruleset if i add promod_ruleset inside of z_custom_ruleset.iwd this iwd what is the purpose?
  21. I wanted to use the duffamn in game menu script. it is toggled by turning on and off the nightvision. I believe due to the absence of nightvision im unable to use this menu in promod. Any way to get around this? enable night vision in promod?
  22. Hey guys! Recently revived a clan. I need members, and staff members. We are a small group looking to expand into literally any game as long as we have a player base thats looking to play. We have six call of duty servers online and also a teamspeak3. We are running CUSTOM versions of cod4x on our servers. Feel free to try them out We have promod, tdm, hardcore, and ffa. All different servers running cod4x. Apply for the clan, and apply for staff below. Social media links below.
  23. ROOT

    scrim promod

    guys im looking for a cod4 promod i try the mod but i got pb validation error where can i download promod which supported cod4x note:its use for scrim no need final kill cam those stuff thz