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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Some birdy told me you guys like the moving camera on match end, during best players screen, credits and map vote. By default every stock map already has some waypoints hardcoded into script, some maps may have better looking ones, some worse. The good news you can customise the waypoints the way you want. You can add as many waypoints as you want but I'd recommend you don't go overboard. To enable the editor set developer_script and ending_editor to 1. I also recommend you enable cheats so you have access to noclip/ufo mode. Editor will be enabled once you spawn. Be aware that waypoint will take the angle you are looking at aswell, so you have to look exactly where you want the camera to look at. The camera will rotate angle as it progresses. For example if you save a waypoint and look left, the next waypoint some distance away and look right, the camera will slowly rotate from left to right over the distance. The camera will move to EVERY waypoint you place over the ending duration, meaning the more distance you do with waypoints, faster the camera will move. If you have mapvote enabled it will give you extra mapvoting time, slowing the camera down. To save a waypoint press USE KEY (default: F), to delete a waypoint press MELEE KEY (default: V) - it will delete waypoints in the reverse order you placed them - so if you have 5 waypoints, it will first delete waypoint 5, then 4 and so on. Finally to save waypoints press RELOAD KEY (default: R). You are done. The waypoint files will be saved in <cod4 server dir>/main/ne_db/waypoints/<map name>. If you need to trasnfer this waypoints to another server, simply copy the waypoint files to the other server dir, keeping the same file structure. Finally to enable custom waypoints in game, set fs_ending to 1. Have fun!
  2. Hello Guys Here's The Another Server We Are Presenting To Our Site With Exclusive Features and With Stunning Grpahics And Below Are The Main Features Of Our SGC Gaming Promod:-) 1)In This Server There can be 24 Maximum Players playing At Once 2)In This Server We Will Give Best Skins To Our Users 3)In This Server We Will Add New Maps Like Luna2,Mp_Wawa and More Maps Which You Like 4)In This Server Best Players Will Be Promoted 5)In This Server If You Wan't Cpt america,Thanos,Deadpool And MOre MArve and Caartoon Skins Then We Will add It For YOu and You Wil Get That Vip Skin Free. Need help to grow our server join now IP :- also visit our sgc gaming website :-
  3. Hello, Today I pushed first part of the final release of this mod. To anyone running this please update it and let me know if it runs well. If you have any ideas please let me know. Current TODO list: - Gametype vote for mapvote - Finish Trueskill implementation ( +plugin ) - Some kind of help system for new players - Non gameplay breaking VIP system
  4. Hello, To anyone interested, I have finished reworking the hardpoint shop today. Prices are now dvar controlled so you can set the prices to whatever you like ( the upper limit is 9999 - equivalent of disabling the hardpoint ). The list in shop will automatically order itself in ascending order so don't be alarmed if you see list reordering itself as you change the prices. set radar_shop "20" set airstrike_shop "70" set artillery_shop "70" set agm_shop "100" set asf_shop "100" set helicopter_shop "180" set predator_shop "280" set ac130_shop "380" set mannedheli_shop "500" set nuke_shop "600" Another new thing is you can now easily include new hardpoints to it (killstreak based hardpoints are pain to do as before). All you need is hardpoint script(duuh) and then in hardpoint script in makeShopArray() add following things: dvarNames - dvar name controling the price of the hardpoint. ( It will auto add "_shop" to it so plan you variable name accordingly - just check how default ones are done in dvar script). Names are separated by ;. dvarNames = "radar;airstrike;artillery;helicopter;agm;predator;asf;ac130;mannedheli;nuke"; names - The name that will show in shop and hardpoint notify, again separated by ;. names = "Radar;Airstrike;Artillery;Helicopter;Hellfire Missile;Predator Drone;Fighter Support;AC130 Gunship;Manned Helicopter;Thermonuclear Bomb"; callbacks - Array of hardpoint callbacks. This function gets called when you buy a hardpoint in shop. It must be entry point for your hardpoint. callbacks[ callbacks.size ] = code\nuke::init; extras - Any additional parameter needed with the function callback. Be carefull about array index - leave undefined if no additional parameters are required! extras[ 3 ] = "helicopter_mp"; Just be carefull about the array indexes and you are done. Hardpoint is now included in shop.