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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I'm Brazilian and I don't understand English very much so I will use the Google translator. I have a server running the NEW EXPERIENCE mod they are in version 18.4 1) I want to know if there is any way that when the server is full, VIP members of the server can enter anyway (kicking some other non-VIP player). 2) When stabbing someone I want to know if it is possible to put an "OLHA A KNIFE" audio. I remember that a long time ago when I played there was a server that had this active. 3) I also want to know if you can subtract deaths from those you killed. That is, if the player has 5 kills and 4 death then he would have 1 kill only, or if he had 5 kill and 6 death he would have -1 kill score. has a server in Brazil with this feature. -> I know very little about scripts, but in what they can help, they will help a lot. <- Thank you very much if you can help, I have other questions but for now I will leave these. Olá, sou brasileiro e não entendo muito o inglês por esse motivo usarei o google tradutor. Tenho um servidor rodando o mod NEW EXPERIENCE ele estão na versão 18.4 1) Quero saber se existe algum jeito de quando o servidor estiver lotado, membros vips do servidor poderem entrar mesmo assim (kickando algum outro player não VIP). 2) Ao dar a facada em alguém quero saber se é possível colocar um áudio de "OLHA A FACA". Lembro que a muito tempo quando eu jogava tinha um servidor que tinha isso ativo. 3) Também quero saber se tem como subtrair as mortes das que matou. Ou seja se o player tem 5 kills e 4 death então ele teria 1 kill só, ou se ele tivesse 5 kill e 6 death ele teria -1 kill score. tem um servidor no Brasil com esse recurso. --> Entendo bem pouco de scripts, mas no que conseguirem ajudar, ajudarão muito. <-- Muito obrigado se puderem ajudar, tenho outras dúvidas mas por enquanto deixarei essas.
  2. I recently added COD4X New Experience scripts to my server (1.8), and I cannot figure out how to remove the headshot hitmarker (Red X). Does anyone know how to disable it? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I just started a new server with cod4x new experience. But when i run "status", every players's GUID is shown as '0', what could be the issue?
  4. Hey Guys, I got a Cod4x Server with New Exp script running, problem is, it randomly freezes and crashes and switches to another map. I got a part of the logs I copied from the server attached as a file. I'd be happy if u guys could help me out. Thx
  5. Can anyone help i m using leiizko new experience how can i add vip menu on new expirience or any spacial round like knife round/rpg round/sniper round? Thannks in advance
  6. After i putting new experience in my main_shared folder then restart my server! but it not starting can anyone help me?? SHOW ME THIS Need Suggestion to start my server
  7. here i add level thread duffman\_languages::init(); level thread duffman\_kdratio::init(); level thread duffman\_menu::init(); level thread duffman\_predator::init(); level thread duffman\_iprint::init(); level thread duffman\_killcard::init(); level thread duffman\_prestige::init(); level thread duffman\_carepackage::main(); level thread duffman\_playerstatus::init(); level thread duffman\_artillery::init(); level thread duffman\_misc::init(); level thread duffman\_engine_fixes::init(); level thread duffman\_spectating::init(); level thread duffman\_commands::init(); these codes and i run server i got Too many player status icons precached. Max allowed is 8: ](file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsx', line 3683)�[0m ] precacheStatusIcon( "hud_status_dead" ); error actually i try to add duffman menu in leiizko new experiences mod this line (this correct i add duffman menu so error line 3645 ) how can i fix this error ?
  8. you can find my servers at the following ip there are a couple of new experience servers too.