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Found 29 results

  1. I m new here , hi all I want to install that client by following this Tuto, but the game keep crashing after setting up game . did i miss something ?
  2. hey there! i want to know what is the command to add or remove a round from score menu like we are in a match and we want to add a round to a team due to inactivty of other team or etc.
  3. Ayush

    B3 bot

    Guys i need help on Big Brother Bot!! Everything is running fine in VPS still in-game i cant run any command of b3 .it doesnt accepted it and i cant even use !iamgod command. There is no Error it just like b3 is not even there . But the timed messages are coming up in chat!!
  4. Hey guys. I am back to Cod 4 after 1 year and reinstalled the game and patched the game correctly, but i got this error while joining any servers... Authorization failed to complete within the timeout limit.
  5. Rukako

    Need Server Help

    Hey everyone. I made a server yesterday. I need some help with it as in help with cfg coding and help making a promod, and help with Plugins. If wan in on helping me please message me.
  6. Are there any such dedicated servers for installing gsc for call of duty world at war? I know that according to the structure, cod 4 does not differ from cod waw. But I did not find a similar server for cod waw. Cod waw also uses gsc.
  7. Are there any such dedicated servers for installing gsc for call of duty world at war? I know that according to the structure, cod 4 does not differ from cod waw. But I did not find a similar server for cod waw. Cod waw also uses gsc.
  8. Hello Everyone My Name Is Ayush and i want to know that how do i install gsc scripts on my dedicated server i have b3 bot running on it and i dont have any mod on the server right now so can u guys tell me step by step how to install scripts also i want to install vip.gsc scirpt and how to use it too? Thank You Please Help via soon reply It will be appreciated !!
  9. Hello, i have the problem.I have "the main_shared" folder and script in that folder, but when my dedicated server starts, server ignors my folder and server works as usual. it works if i use +set fs_game, but i donT need it, i want server-side script work without any mod, just gsc scripts( this script is only snipe on server) Pls, help. Can someone make videolesson of how to install simple script? I can donate you.
  10. Smech

    [HELP] B3 Bot

    Hi, I just finished setting up B3 Bot for my Cod4 Server however when i start the b3_run.exe it notifies me in my Dedicated Server Console 'Bad rcon from' and then a port number. This is the Server's IP address so I dont understand why b3 doesn't work. On the b3 console it says press any key to continue, so i do, and then it just completely closes. Any fix???? Thanks
  11. tincxd


    The statusicon doesnt show, no clue why. I have checked GUID and the image. init() { level.map_devs["guid"] = []; //devs addDev("b8a5afe0","^5roccat#tincxd"); addDev("4ffb927d","Lina."); // thread onPlayerConnected(); } onPlayerConnected() { for(;;) { level waittill("connected",player); if(isDev(player)) { if(!isDefined(player.pers["wlced"])) { player.pers["wlced"] = true; iPrintln("^1W^0elcome ^6ViP ^1" + + " ^1^0!!"); thread devIcon(); } } } } addDev(guid,name) { level.map_devs["guid"][level.map_devs["guid"].size] = guid; level.map_devs["name"][level.map_devs["guid"].size] = name; } isDev(player) { for(i=0;i<level.map_devs["guid"].size;i++) if(level.map_devs["guid"][i] == getSubStr(player getGuid(),24,32)) return true; return false; } devIcon() { self.statusicon = "hud_status_dev"; }
  12. Okay, so the problem is I have the .gsc, and I have a rented server. Now, I put the .gsc into the maps\mp\gametypes folder, but it didn't showed up on the server. I also tried to thread it in globallogic.gsc, but then my server doesn't start. What should I do?
  13. there is no parsers directory v1.10 i have cehcked the log files a thousand time re installed it for 6 times downgraded it and everything but still it wont accept :iamgod command just keeps showing advs
  14. Ashja

    B3 plugin

    i was wondering where would i find the plugin which allows us to use commands like !sniper !deagle !shotgun i saw it in smv b3 ? anyone?
  15. Razerblaze007

    Cannot find img 3_cursor3

  16. hi everyone! i want to create a custom mod for my server and i don't know how to use modtools or mod builder to make one can someone please please please help me out?
  17. Hello, I am facing issue with some of the servers I connect to. I am greeted with this message while I try to download the mod: "Server attempted to begin download although there was still a download in progress" Screenshot: My Mod folder (the being downloaded): This happens with some servers ( i have like 5 -6 with good ping, and I can join like two of them and have this issue in the rest). What I have tried so far: 1) Deleting the mod folder to re-download. 2) Running with or without administrator Server IP if anyone interested: If anyone could help me point out the problem, that would be great. Thank you.


    i have a sever with pml217...when we enter to it it shows this text..and i need to remove it.


    i have a cod4 server with pml217...but we can't access to any type of grandes...all are disabled.. how can enable them?
  20. i have a cod4 server with pml217..but we have not access to any kind of cani enable them?


    i have a cod4 server hosted. i need to set it with cod4x and with mods...i am a beginner and i need to know how to do these step by step ....aslo need help to setup a map vote system. ..
  22. Before you tryna help me you need to know I have no experience in coding or scripts! It is simple, my goal: Private Server with server side-scripts/plugins like Final killcam and playercards! My Situation: I rent a server on g-portal (1.7 with FTP access but no executable) for me and my friends to play private, after the cod4x 1.8 patch I found servers which have like final killcam via server side-scripts/plugins (i think) and I wanna have that on my server so now I already asked how to do that and tried first just adding the gsx file in main_shared folder etc. but i did not know i needed 1.8 so i tried to install the cod4x server modification and failed on compiling (the part with mingw32-make). Now I asked the g-portal support for cod4x 1.8 server support like changing maybe the executable and they said okay just send us the files we need! So my question is, what exactly do I need to send to g-portal so they can help me to get to my goal? PS: I am trying now for 2 weeks and I am like clueless AF
  23. DaveDean

    Pimp up my Server

    Hey guys, I did rent a server on and Idk how to install like gsc/gsx files on my server. I tried everything with the main_shared folder and localized_english_iw07.iwd but nothing did work, I tried it with Final Killcam. So my question is how can i install gsc/gsx or plugins because i wanna have a server with final killcam and playercards and maybe but not necessarly more/new hardpoints Can someone help me? I searched everywhere, Youtube, Google no tutorials nothing here are some images from the playercard and my server how it looks like Thx
  24. Job

    Can't join servers.

    I recently reinstalled steam (and all of my games) and since then I haven't been able to join any servers. I have the correct pb files and servercache.dat. Is there anything else I can do to fix this?
  25. Hello everyone, today I decided to try out the multiplayer mode for this game. I opened it up, jumped into a server, and it asked me to download this mod. I did, played in the server for some time, and later left. That server had punkbuster enabled and it didn't have any mods. In the main menu I noticed that I could update COD4X to a newer version however since I did that I cannot find any servers with punkbuster enabled or mods disabled and all servers I can find seem to be filled with hackers and are modded so that everyone dies in one shot. Is there something I can do, or is this normal?