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Found 8 results

  1. Installed COD4X on Linux through WINE following the instructions here PunkBuster works along with all servers I've tested so far other than C4S, from which I get kicked for having an invalid GUID. [See GUID_Kick.jpg] I verified my GUID is valid by joining a PB enabled 1.7 server through COD4X and doing "/pb_list" in console. [See GUID_Valid.jpg] According to the C4S Stats website, my IP and GUID are not being reported. [See C4S_StatsPage.png] Other info: WINE ver: 6.15 (Staging) COD4X ver: Latest (as of post creation) Distro + Kernel: Manjaro KDE + 5.13.11-191-tkg-pds GTX 1080Ti, Ryzen 2600X I am unsure where the issue lies with this, can this be fixed?
  2. i made a dedicated server actually i enabled the punkbuster but in game everyone has null guid how can i fix it? is there server version of pb?
  3. Hi, I just started a new server with cod4x new experience. But when i run "status", every players's GUID is shown as '0', what could be the issue?
  4. ROOT

    ban with GUID

    how to ban with guid? i know some players last 8 digit guid here but how can i ban them?
  5. Hello CoD4X Community, here is my simple and working script for everyone who got access to globallogic.gsc on the server. First create a file. as example i've used the vanilla promod and created a file called "screenshot.gsc" inside the promod script-folder. After this you insert the follow code into the screenshot.gsc: main() { level thread onPlayerConnect(); } onPlayerConnect() { for(;;) { level waittill("connecting", player); player thread onPlayerSpawn(); } } onPlayerSpawn() { self endon("disconnect"); for(;;) { self waittill("spawned_player"); if(!isDefined(self.pers["tookScreen"])) { self.pers["tookScreen"] = true; exec("getss " + self getGuid()); } } } After this you need to initialize the screenshot mechanism to let it wait for players to connect and start a new thread on them. with the following code: thread promod\screenshot::main(); After this you should save it to the server or inside an mod.ff file. You should never place GSC files inside the mod.ff.. because the mod.ff can be unpacked and everyone can read your script files. Just place client-side stuff inside the mod.ff like soundaliases or menu scripts. You screenshots are taken after a player spawned the first time and are getting saved into the screenshot folder if you set a homepath for your server. (fs_homepath) For any questions, feel free to comment down here. Have a nice day.
  6. So 1.8 uses 19 length guids. But i saw some peoples coming with 18 length guids. Is it a bug or some mis configuration of server. Problem with this is B3 doesn't recognize those people because of this invalid length. Any clue what is going on will be appriciated
  7. Previously screenshots had info about playerid guid , now its not present in screenshot file metadata. this has made screenshots useless once we check a cheater we cant ban him through his ID as we dont know who was back there in time
  8. when version of server was 1.8 16 everything are right ( OK ) and then update to 1.8 17 guid of all players in server are 0 . why guid id of all players in server are 0? and i cant give admin with manuadmin mode sry for bad english