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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I encountered this strange issue that I never faced before. The issue is whenever I move my mouse my FPS starts to fluctuate between 150-160 and drops from 250 (causing micro stutters during strafes/long jumps). However, this only happens when using a mouse whereas keyboard input doesn't produce any FPS drop. I googled the issue which stated to reduce your mouse polling rate from 1000Hz to 125Hz which fixed this issue. But I'm very curious that I was playing at a 1000Hz polling rate the whole time and never encountered this issue. Is it because of the recent 20.5 client update or if someone knows about it then kindly do share the information? Thanks
  2. Hello i wanted to ask if someone else had the same problem as me, so today i joined a server and it asked me to update to codx 1.8 or something like that i clicked yes and when the process finished i joined the server just to realize that my fps could not get over 200 and the day before that i could normaly play with 250 lock but on the servers with the codx update it locks my fps to 200-203 and i have some sort of lagg i also changed my cfg and restarted the game even uninstalled the codx and installed it again nothing works can someone help me ?
  3. Hello, since i update to 1.8 my cod4 got fps drops, before it was normal could reach up to 999 fps and also i can play all new games with high fps got an 1080ti so yeah.. how i can fix it ? I try reinstall update, restart computer, change some graphic settings nothing happens so i dont know anymore my game got destroyed by this update. Help me pls