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Found 5 results

  1. Im trying to record some player cinematics using the method of having 2 cod 4's open, using devmap on one and then connecting to my local ip on the other. It worked fine a few hours ago, but i had to reinstall. Now when i try to connect to myself using, it simply says "awaiting connection" and then times out. Anyone know a fix? i've tried reinstalling and nothing.
  2. i made a dedicated server actually i enabled the punkbuster but in game everyone has null guid how can i fix it? is there server version of pb?
  3. As many Steam gamers have noticed they got an update for Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare. This update was kinda breaking the game completely. Here is how to fix this patch: Download the file from this site here: This is the main and original game executable from CoD4 1.7. When done locate your CoD4 installation, there are 2 ways to find it. If you know where you Steam folder is you can find it on this way: Open a new Windows Explorer Window. Go to your "Steam" folder (Which is likely in "C:\Program Files(X86)") then click on "steamapps" then "common" and then "Call of Duty 4". Here you got to your CoD4 folder. Just in case you didn't find your CoD4 folder here is another way: Open the Steam main window, then click Library, Games. Find in the left list "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare". Rightclick the game and choose properties. In the new window click on "Local Files" and then "Browse Local Files". Now you should be in your CoD4 folder. Since you have now your CoD4 folder locate the file iw3mp.exe. Right click onto it and chose "Delete" and confirm it. Now go to your before downloaded file then drag and drop it into your Cod4 folder. Here you should be done with the guide. A reinstallation of CoD4X shall not be necessary as it remains installed even after the Steam update. It just does not activate in case the "iw3mp.exe" file gets replaced.
  4. This happens when cod4x is installed.Normal game with normal severs wont crash.When i try to join a sever realated to cod4x it crashes,but this does not happen every time.Plz I need a fix for this waiting for a quick reply.Thx cod4x community. CRASH REPORT ATTACHED
  5. Hello freinds , i need your help... how fix that script ? error msg Sys_Error: script runtime error (see console for details) cannot cast undefined to bool FillInMachineIDInfo took a total of 0 milliseconds init() { wait 1; if(level.instrattime) level thread Clock(); } Clock() { level.clockTime = []; level.clock = true; level.clockTime[0] = newHudElem(); level.clockTime[0].elemType = "font"; level.clockTime[0].x = -20; level.clockTime[0].y = 2; level.clockTime[0].alignx = "right"; level.clockTime[0].horzAlign = "right"; level.clockTime[0].sort = 102; level.clockTime[0].alpha = 1; level.clockTime[0].glowalpha = 1; level.clockTime[0].color = (0.0, 1.0, 0.0); level.clockTime[0].glowcolor = (0.3, 0.3, 0.3); level.clockTime[0].fontscale = 1.4; level.clockTime[0].foreground = false; level.clockTime[0].hidewheninmenu = false; level.clockTime[1] = newHudElem(); level.clockTime[1].x = 0; level.clockTime[1].y = 1; level.clockTime[1].alignx = "right"; level.clockTime[1].horzAlign = "right"; level.clockTime[1].sort = 1001; level.clockTime[1] setShader("gradient", 10, 20); level.clockTime[1].alpha = 0.5; level.clockTime[1].glowAlpha = 0.3; level.clockTime[1].color = (0.25,0.51,0.68); level.clockTime[1].foreground = false; level.clockTime[1].hidewheninmenu = false; level thread ClockTimer(); if(level.instrattime) level waittill("clock_over"); else wait 8; for(i=0;i<level.clockTime.size;i++) { level.clockTime[i] moveOverTime(3); level.clockTime[i].x = 300; } level.clock = false; wait 4; for(i=0;i<level.clockTime.size;i++) level.clockTime[i] destroy(); level notify("stoptime"); } ClockTimer() { level endon("stoptime"); while(level.clock) { timedisplay = TimeToSring(getRealTime(),1, "%r"); level.clockTime[] setText(timedisplay); wait 1; } }