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Found 24 results

  1. i have included the error report, can someone please tell me a way to get this fixed?
  2. hello. we have been experiencing random freezes then crashes on the patches (1.8-1.82) on online servers every 7-10 min we tried everything ranging from fresh installs to disabling random stuff and check for effect ( Dolby, windows sonic,atmos,NVIDIA shadowplay , steam ,discord,team-speak) all with no benefit and i must emphasis on the RANDOM part i know i talk as "we" since am representing the group of Iraqi cod4 promod players . please fix this as its not a random case of a single client . we have a bunch of bugs we want to report but since this is the most pressing one we want this to be focused on the most thank you btw excuse my English
  3. Everytime i try to join a server it stops at Waiting for other players... and then crashes after 10 seconds
  4. Hi, first of all I have to say big cheers for the awesome work keeping this game alive. Now I just got myself a new monitor. Made the jump from 60hz to 144hz, but also from 1080p to 1440p. Now when taking a screenshot in-game using '/screenshotjpeg', the game pulls me out of any game into this error screen: Reading around the net it's been a problem ever since Quake but I can't fix it even if I raise com_hunkMegs up to the max (600) like it was advised in those old threads. The old threads often point to going above 1080p. And indeed going back to 1080p makes the issue disappear. But now 1080p doesn't look that nice on that new 27'' I just got. So atm either I use another way to take screenshots, or I play in 1080p, or I stop taking screenshots... Anyone else ever had that happen? Or confirm it happens to them in 1440p? In any case, this feels like a CoD4 core engine bug, as it happened in Quake as well years ago. I'm installing shadowplay for now, but it'd be cool if this could be fixed, having a native way to screenshot is very convenient. Let me know if you need any more detail. Small update: Discovered that doing /screenshot doesn't cause the error, while /screenshotJpeg does. So I can get a TGA image out of the first command, but somehow the bug happens when trying to render a JPEG.
  5. xoxor4d


    Following strike_2, there is now crash_2 too 😀 some yt footage: DL: OR: Rebuild from scratch by measuring each and every brush, using real coordinates and stock xmodel coordinates -> 100% compatible with stock crash demos! Just change the map with demomanager and use some filmtweaks. Supporting all stock gamemodes. Thanks to dtzxporter for WraithX & Scobalula for Greyhound / Husky IW, Treyarch and Sledgehammer for the models and textures that were used. Thanks to all the testers involved in the process! Special thanks to LNR! made by #xoxor4d @
  6. I m new here , hi all I want to install that client by following this Tuto, but the game keep crashing after setting up game . did i miss something ?
  7. My game keeps crashing after the setting up game process.I've attached the crash report.
  8. Hey Guys, I got a Cod4x Server with New Exp script running, problem is, it randomly freezes and crashes and switches to another map. I got a part of the logs I copied from the server attached as a file. I'd be happy if u guys could help me out. Thx
  9. swamy

    b3 crash

    i am getting this error when try to open b3.exe ( AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_config_parser' ) I am going explain what I did from start at first I b3 is not starting because of b3.xml plugins having wrong file extensions from the start in b3.xml (from website it self) here is the link when I stuck there before b3.xml corrected and then this is the b3.log file then I download this zip from b3 website (source 1.10.10) and tried to open some .py files then this guy help me get b3 work thanks to him then b3 started fine and loaded default plugins after few minutes this error came and I got fked up still now it is coming like when I starting b3.exe this on pic
  10. Dear all. The Discord overlay feature crashing the game all the time, while a map is loading. Crash report attached below.
  11. Hi there. My 4x crashs a lot after i updated 4x and the device of video card(Nv Geforce). Im not sure where is the bug..... It shows a Little window that tells "WIN_OUT_OF_MEM_BODY" I know what it means, but it did not happen at all before. and the memory of my pc is much more suficent for CoD4. Does any Doctor know what happened to me? Regards to 4x.
  12. This happens when cod4x is installed.Normal game with normal severs wont crash.When i try to join a sever realated to cod4x it crashes,but this does not happen every time.Plz I need a fix for this waiting for a quick reply.Thx cod4x community. CRASH REPORT ATTACHED
  13. game got crash while haking why why guys aany ans
  14. Hi guys, I cannot enter the game. Neither to singleplayer nor the multiplayer. It crashes sayin iw3sp.exe ow iw3mp.exe stopped working, respectively. My laptop doesn't see external microphones so plugging in a mic doesn't work. I also did probably everything to fix the issue but none of them worked. Somebody please help. Can you suggest me a place to get cod4? Is there such a forum post which I failed to see? Please help...
  15. Crash report in the attachment. Happened today. (2mins ago)
  16. Other than the constant crashes which sometimes freezes windows (Alt+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Esc doesn't work and have to restart the PC) every time I start or join a game. This game used to work flawlessly in the last version. So, why the forced update to 17.0 and when can we expect fix ?
  17. Hi, since the latest update I got the problem that our gameserver crash very often. I don't really see errors in the qconsole.log, in the most cases the logging just stop, sometimes with incomplete entries. With the server version before I didn't get a single crash for weeks. Here are some examples: Would be awesome if a solution could be found to fix this.
  18. Dear Cod4 Community, I play COD4 using steam. Once I pressed the Auto-Update, it crashes every time I try to open a server. I get a crash error report once the server fully loads, that says "Please send us this error report (79 KB) to help fix the problem and improve this software" I have literally tried everything and failed miserably. I have gone to YouTube and watched many tutorials on what to do. I have gone to, Put the Zip in the Cod4 Directory Installed the "Install.cmd" Opened the game, and once I click on a server, it will crash once it fully loads. Please help me, I can't tell you how frustrated I am. This Stupid update is a nightmare. I have Added a screen shot and the zip that contains the 79kb. please help, Thank you
  19. Hi, after the update sometimes my game is only crashing after loading the map while connecting to a server. The only way to get it work is deinstalling and reinstalling cod4x. After a pc restart, it won't work anymore, then it is needed to reinstall. Crash report:
  20. To help keep things organised for the COD4X devs, post your crash reports below so that the COD4X team can find them easier.
  21. Hello after the update I've played one game and I stopped 1 day after (Today) When I join a server it crash my game with crashreport... Any issue to fix this?
  22. Hi.. I've updated The Game But it is not connecting to server... When i joined the Server The gamer stopped working & a dialog box appeared... Kindly Suggest me a solution for this...
  23. I updated cod 4 to the latest version and now whenever i m connecting to any server, it is crashing "COD4 18X HAS STOPPED WORKING" _crash report is also uploaded_ crash