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Found 5 results

  1. word of warning that im a super noob so pls dont get mad at me for asking dumb questions.... I installed the latest client and server made a server directory and launched a server with these: +set fs_game mods/pml11223 +set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 0 +set sv_maxclients 12 +map_rotate +exec config.cfg i forwarded the 28960 port on my router: (i also allowed iw3mp through my firewall) the server runs with no errors so i sent it to my friend... he can see the server but it shows that there are 29 players while i didnt add any bots so it should be 0 and when he tries to connect he timeouts does any one know how to fix and how i can get it running? tks in advance
  2. When all players ready up in knockout_mr12_pb server will show a connection interrupted to all players and the server went offline. any fixes? ERROR START with qconsole.log.old
  3. Heyya everyone, I ran into a problem where other players cannot join my server. Only I can. The server itself is running on a VPS, not on my computer. The copy of the game itself, in which the server is running is a copy from steam. (I downloaded cod4 from steam and copied the base game, while I had not run the game once). Here are the steps that I proceeded: The game runs on a folder that I created, namely cod4x. I downloaded the latest release of cod4x here. ( I copied the files to the game folder. I started "cod4x18_dedrun.exe" once but closed it afterward. I created a server.cfg in the <game>/main folder. The file contains the following: sv_hostname "Ghost Division SHIPMENT" rcon_password "<hidden obviously>" sv_cheats "0" sv_voice "1" scr_teambalance "1" g_allowvote "1" sv_authorizemode "-1" set sv_mapRotation "gametype dm map mp_shipment" I created a .bat file to start the server with the following content start cod4x18_dedrun.exe +set net_port 28966 +set net_ip +set sv_maxclients 32 +set sv_punkbuster 0 +set rcon_password <hidden> +exec server.cfg +map mp_shipment +set sv_authtoken "<hidden again>" The server boots normally. My steam API is valid, and not banned, nor limited. The server gets listed and recognized to the master server: I'm the only one able to connect to the server, while others can't (Awaiting connection 1.. - ...20 ... Timeout) My server is not located on the same network as I do. VPS is located in France, whereas I'm from Luxembourg. No mods are running. I've tried it out with 2 people, both having the "non-steam" and 1 having the steam version (hence the reason of sv_authorizemode "-1") Port 28960 is used by another server (mw3), so I'm using port 28966. I kindly appreciate any help <3
  4. I've tried everything I could think of to try and fix this but I am not able, can anyone help me? Reinstalled the game, reinstalled cod4x multiple times, can't connect to any server... (17.7 is installed)
  5. Hi, Yesterday, I connected to a modded server but the download time was so long that I decided to terminate the process. And now, I have some trouble when I want to download mods. I tried to uninstall cod4x but it says "Error: Updatefolder not placed into cod4 directory"... I tried some commands too : /set sv_allowdownload 0 /seta sv_wwwDownload 0 /seta sv_wwwDlDisconnected 0 And then reactivate these. I tried /disconnect too And I uninstalled cod4 to reinstall it. Then steam servers works fine but, when I want to connect to cod4x modded servers, they say that I need to install cod4x. So I did it and this error is popping everytime I try to play. Thank in advance for helping me.