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  1. Here is a new server i am no modder nor i have any experience with scripts na ll Tried to create a server with good graphical experience. try it out and let me know Our Server Ip- Our ss Panel -
  2. Howdy all, if someone could please help me set up my private server I made the other day. It's currently up and running and is able to connect (Is also visable on Master Server). Just can't seem to figure out how to run ProMod 220 on the server or at least set it up so the servers runs as ProMod, not the original Multiplayer. All help is much appreciated, thank you ❤️❤️❤️ . Just tryna revive Australian ProMod scene ❤️
  3. im trying to get bots in a private offline server, and i downloaded the PeZBOT mod and as soon as i launch the mod my create a class button is grey. I Cant create a class anymore because i am apparently "level 1" but im really level 55. This also means i cant choose a class IN game i am on the latest cod4x version 18.5 and i dont know how to fix this and would appriciate it if someone could help me out. Here is a quick video of what its doing.
  4. We are running a rotu server, sometimes we have some issues when the code runs over the next frame... I have been thinking about it a bit and think that the time to write errors to the log might be a large part of what is causing the behavior. The mod is here: The mod has bugs, and my attempts to fix seem to bring some minor help but not a permanent solution. My question: Is there a way to disable or lower the logging level for the errors ? I have a feeling that the problems with the mod would not overflow the frame if was not disk write to each line. Little hacky, but want something till 1.0 of the mod finally comes out.
  5. Hello, I'm Brazilian and I don't understand English very much so I will use the Google translator. I have a server running the NEW EXPERIENCE mod they are in version 18.4 1) I want to know if there is any way that when the server is full, VIP members of the server can enter anyway (kicking some other non-VIP player). 2) When stabbing someone I want to know if it is possible to put an "OLHA A KNIFE" audio. I remember that a long time ago when I played there was a server that had this active. 3) I also want to know if you can subtract deaths from those you killed. That is, if the player has 5 kills and 4 death then he would have 1 kill only, or if he had 5 kill and 6 death he would have -1 kill score. has a server in Brazil with this feature. -> I know very little about scripts, but in what they can help, they will help a lot. <- Thank you very much if you can help, I have other questions but for now I will leave these. Olá, sou brasileiro e não entendo muito o inglês por esse motivo usarei o google tradutor. Tenho um servidor rodando o mod NEW EXPERIENCE ele estão na versão 18.4 1) Quero saber se existe algum jeito de quando o servidor estiver lotado, membros vips do servidor poderem entrar mesmo assim (kickando algum outro player não VIP). 2) Ao dar a facada em alguém quero saber se é possível colocar um áudio de "OLHA A FACA". Lembro que a muito tempo quando eu jogava tinha um servidor que tinha isso ativo. 3) Também quero saber se tem como subtrair as mortes das que matou. Ou seja se o player tem 5 kills e 4 death então ele teria 1 kill só, ou se ele tivesse 5 kill e 6 death ele teria -1 kill score. tem um servidor no Brasil com esse recurso. --> Entendo bem pouco de scripts, mas no que conseguirem ajudar, ajudarão muito. <-- Muito obrigado se puderem ajudar, tenho outras dúvidas mas por enquanto deixarei essas.
  6. when i start b3 it gives following msg.. Starting B3 : (b3) v1.11 [AngryBiscuit] Autorestart mode : OFF Checking update : no update available Loading config : @conf/b3.xml Loading parser : cod4 Activating log : /bot/b3.log Connecting to DB : OK Using gamelog : /home/ogp_agent/OGP_User_Files/1/cod4/main/games_mp.log Testing RCON : >>> Oops: No response >>> Could be something wrong with the rcon connection to the server! >>> Hint 1: The server is not running or it is changing maps. >>> Hint 2: Check your server-ip and port. Loading events : 42 events loaded
  7. Guys, I keep getting "sv_authtoken is invalid! Abandoning master server registration " I am certain I've followed all the necessary steps. Please help. Not sure what other details to include.... please let me know
  8. Rotu Revolution, Click To Join -- New Experience - Click To Join -- Softcore - Click To Join -- Promod - Click To Join -- Link to Search GameTracker for =[JFF]= All are welcome, we are an active community, been around > 10 years and are accepting new members and people looking to help out. For more details visit our forum here Hope to see you in game Vince
  9. Not quite sure how this came about or how to solve it.. but I now have 2 serverfiles directories /serverfiles which was populated with data up until about a month ago /serverfiles  -- which began populating after then... the i and >> and upside ? are all part of the folder name... I have examined the start commands, etc. and do not find anything which explains, can anyone provide some insight on how to troubleshoot ? Game is running fine, just funny to have this duplicate folder Vince
  10. Hello, I buyed dedicated server and installed pterodactyl panel, I created cod4 egg, all installs finey but when I want run server I got error : ] Warning: NET_IP4Socket: bind: Cannot assign requested address Sys_Error Cannot bind IPv4 socket and servers shuts down, can anybody help me?
  11. I recently downloaded COD4 from . The issue with it is that whenever I try to connect to a server a mod "cod4i" starts downloading, Shipment map loads, and then the game crashes with the error message : " Error during initialization : Tried to use a player profile before it was set.This is probably a menu bug." I downloaded COD4X patch from to update my COD4 to COD 1.8, but after that the game doesn't load at all but the same error hits as soon as the game tries to load. I've even tried deleting my profile, reinstalling the game but the same thing happens over and over. Can someone please help?
  12. As I said in subject, this last week i've been messing up with my own cod4x server, my objective was made a lan/online server with bots and custom weapons, but at this point I got stuck, I got both mods working together but not at all (bot warfare and CustomSnipers, some of custom snipers doesnt work at all, but overall is fine), for some reason CustomSnipers mod doesn't allow me to create a class because it is locked, even if I level up to unlock it, so I can only play with default classes and i don't know how to fix it or which is the problem, also for some reason some of the commands I write on Server.cfg "doesn't work", but if I use them in server console they work (some of these commands are adding bots when server start, which im not sure if its possible, or the config of bots like health, etc... Neither simple commands like scorelimit in war mode or others), also wanna ask if theres any command or chance to prevent bots using killstreaks. I would be thankful if anyone can help me with any of this "errors". Cheers! Update: I've been messing more till point I cannot run server, It says "Hunk_UserAlloc: out of memory", I dont know how to fix it, anyways got some advance with unlocking classes but now I have some weapon locked but some other I can use them, I cannot upload any picture about class problesm bc since I have "Hunk_UserAlloc: out of memory" error I cannot start the server. Update 2: Nvm I fixed "Hunk_UserAlloc: out of memory"
  13. Hi, I'm looking for Advance Kill Streak scripts which I believe was previously designed or customized by someone. It does not have money ($$) but only kill streak requirement. For example, this server: (Unity TDM Sri Lanka). They're using COD4X linux cus server. Currently their adv streaks are: 03- UAV 05- Airstrike 07- Heli 09- Predator 11- Orbital 13- Care Package 15- Artillery 17- Strafe Run I want to implement the same in my server. Please help!
  14. Hi! my server is running SMV promod 1.6.6a the problem what i'm having is massive desync from server and the maprotation is not working properly the first map on the maprotation works clearly good, when it comes to second map, the first round finish - killcam comes - killcam ends server crashes. any ideas? am running cod4x 1.8 framework would like an soultion if possible from c-bin the creator @c-bin
  15. hi guys im looking for admin menu (custom menu) its can able to give one weapon sniper only ,degel only ,rpg only,... like that any one can help me to find this menu? (sorry for my bad english)
  16. I am hosting cod4x server on my pc , already typed auth token in cfg , But server isn't showing in list ( Cod4x , Internet ATVI) But my friends can connect through IP address , And server is showing on codx master list and showing location of US , While i am in Pakistan.
  17. Hello! i jus created my cod4x 1.8 dedicated server ip::::: i config my b3 settings and enabling it for my server it loaded all plugins in my server but b3 service not appearing in the server also i started all wamp services quick reply is appreciated TY!
  18. Hi I have recently installed b3 on my cod4x1.8 server and it doesn't seem to work for me, the only thing is that when I created a user for my server named cod4server and moved the files to it, b3 and cod4 run on that accounts /home/cod4server folder and chmod and chown all the directories and files. But whenever i run using python I get a permission denied error so I need to run it as a superuser. And when B3 runs it says that it is working and i get the version number [angry biscuit] for v1.10.11 message on the server but there is no reaction to any command I enter, it doesn't work at all. I've even activated the advertisements on the config file and even it doesn't work. I have tried with the version 1.9.2 previously and even that didn't work i asked for support from the b3 forum but since there aren't many developers there they've asked me to request it here, please help me. I've attached my b3.log. Please check it and let me know, thanks. Please help me on this, thanks. b3.log
  19. ROOT


    when more than 20 players playing call killstreaks sam time 4 or 5 i got this when you have free time please check facing this issue sitill im
  20. who man can fix please tell me Starting B3 : (b3) v1.10.10 [AngryBiscuit] [nt32] Autorestart mode : OFF Checking update : update available (v1.12 : Loading config : @conf\b3.xml Loading parser : cod4 Activating log : @b3\b3.log Connecting to DB : FAILED! Using gamelog : D:\Games\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\Mods\bd_promodlive_public\games_mp.log Testing RCON : >>> Oops: No response >>> Could be something wrong with the rcon connection to the server! >>> Hint 1: The server is not running or it is changing maps. >>> Hint 2: Check your server-ip and port. Loading events : 42 events loaded Loading plugins : .................. (18) 223
  21. ] The current Gameversion is: CoD4 X 1.8 linux-i386 type 'e' build 2071 Dec 15 2017[0m ] File is ./cod4x18_dedrun Hash is: 556b4234552b55b750580a022b4d77c7044fcad65722b39adff671cce601c1ff[0m ] ---------- Crash Backtrace ----------[0m ] 13: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_DumpCrash+0x109) [0x202e78a][0m ] 12: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_SigHandler+0x48) [0x202e8ee][0m ] 11: [0xf7f0cdd0][0m ] 10: ./cod4x18_dedrun(SVC_Status+0xf2) [0x208d5e8][0m ] 9: ./cod4x18_dedrun(SV_ConnectionlessPacket+0x299) [0x208f81e][0m ] 8: ./cod4x18_dedrun(NET_UDPPacketEvent+0x83) [0x209747b][0m ] 7: ./cod4x18_dedrun(NET_Event+0x98) [0x20453e7][0m ] 6: ./cod4x18_dedrun(NET_Sleep+0x30c) [0x20457c8][0m ] 5: ./cod4x18_dedrun(SV_Frame+0x372) [0x2095e60][0m ] 4: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Com_Frame+0x99) [0x20c7641][0m ] 3: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_Main+0xb1) [0x2070e8d][0m ] 2: ./cod4x18_dedrun(main+0x1e6) [0x202cf29][0m ] 1: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ [0xf7b14986][0m ] 0: ./cod4x18_dedrun() [0x202c087][0m ] [0m -- Registers ---[0m ] edi 0xfff2ec70[0m esi 0xfff4f5b0[0m ebp 0xfff4f488[0m esp 0xfff2e820[0m eax 0x0[0m ebx 0x21a4f00[0m ecx 0xfff2e810[0m edx 0xfff2f070[0m eip 0x208d5e8[0m ] -------- Backtrace Completed --------[0m ] Received signal: Segmentation fault, exiting...[0m ] Server received signal: Segmentation fault[0m Shutting down server...[0m ] ----- Server Shutdown -----[0m ] [0m With the reason: [0m Server received signal: Segmentation fault[0m Terminating server...[0m ] ==== ShutdownGame (1) ====[0m
  22. ShutdownGame (0) ====�[0m ]� �------- Game Initialization -------�[0m ]� �gamename: Call of Duty 4�[0m ]� �gamedate: Aug 1 2011�[0m ]� �-----------------------------------�[0m ]� �This program has crashed with signal: Segmentation fault�[0m ]� �The current Gameversion is: CoD4 X 1.8 linux-i386 type 'e' build 2071 Dec 15 2017�[0m ]� �File is ./cod4x18_dedrun Hash is: 556b4234552b55b750580a022b4d77c7044fcad65722b39adff671cce601c1ff�[0m ]� �---------- Crash Backtrace ----------�[0m ]� � 13: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_DumpCrash+0x109) [0x202e78a]�[0m ]� � 12: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_SigHandler+0x48) [0x202e8ee]�[0m ]� � 11: [0xf7fa4dd0]�[0m ]� � 10: ./cod4x18_dedrun(SVC_Status+0xf2) [0x208d5e8]�[0m ]� � 9: ./cod4x18_dedrun(SV_ConnectionlessPacket+0x299) [0x208f81e]�[0m ]� � 8: ./cod4x18_dedrun(NET_UDPPacketEvent+0x83) [0x209747b]�[0m ]� � 7: ./cod4x18_dedrun(NET_Event+0x98) [0x20453e7]�[0m ]� � 6: ./cod4x18_dedrun(NET_Sleep+0x30c) [0x20457c8]�[0m ]� � 5: ./cod4x18_dedrun(SV_Frame+0x372) [0x2095e60]�[0m ]� � 4: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Com_Frame+0x99) [0x20c7641]�[0m ]� � 3: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_Main+0xb1) [0x2070e8d]�[0m ]� � 2: ./cod4x18_dedrun(main+0x1e6) [0x202cf29]�[0m ]� � 1: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ [0xf7bac986]�[0m ]� � 0: ./cod4x18_dedrun() [0x202c087]�[0m ]� ��[0m -- Registers ---�[0m ]� �edi 0xffa5cf60�[0m esi 0xffa7d8a0�[0m ebp 0xffa7d778�[0m esp 0xffa5cb10�[0m eax 0x0�[0m ebx 0x21a4f00�[0m ecx 0xffa5cb00�[0m edx 0xffa5d360�[0m eip 0x208d5e8�[0m ]� �-------- Backtrace Completed --------�[0m ]� �Received signal: Segmentation fault, exiting...�[0m ]� �Server received signal: Segmentation fault�[0m Shutting down server...�[0m ]� �----- Server Shutdown -----�[0m ]� ��[0m With the reason: �[0m Server received signal: Segmentation fault�[0m Terminating server...�[0m this is the log may i know why is doen?
  23. ROOT

    ban with GUID

    how to ban with guid? i know some players last 8 digit guid here but how can i ban them?
  24. Hi guyz. i was making a vip menu and almost finished it. can some one guide me how can i add animated elements in that menu ?