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Found 79 results

  1. NoVa Veterans is an on-line PC gaming community that thrives on comaradarie and friendship and welcomes all gamers that are associated or indeed any who play PC and video games from all over the World. We have a small membership that consists of members who originally played the Novalogic Delta Force series from day one, hence the name NoVa Veterans. Even though we as a group have evolved from other squads/clans we have a strong sense of unity and have a desire to meet as many gamers from all game types to share our passion and expand our gaming community so all may enjoy. Please drop by our gaming website and say hello in the discord. What does our servers offer: - CoD4 new experiance - 10 bots in the server with great skill. - B3 admin tool. - Active staff. - XLR stat tracking. - Custom death stats. - Constant demo recordings. - Final Killcam - Better FPS and FOV. - Artillery strikes [10 kills]. - AGM. [15 kills]. - Manned Helicopters [60 kills]. - Predator Missles [40 kills]. - AC130 [50 kills]. - Nuke [70 kills]. Other links:
  2. how to disable perks like dead silence , jugger , 3nade ,3 specials ,last stand ,marty and gl in stock cod4 server
  3. i have create the camping script for @leiizko 's cod4 new ex mod. actually it's working perfect. but i want to disable it if player is typing on console or if player open his shop menu. can anyone help me to do it?
  4. Follow This Tutorial
  5. How to add these to menu
  6. Hi, i was reading the valorant anti cheat forum,that whenever anti-cheat detects a small change in the game graphics,programming,it will ban u So,if cod4 client developers knows how valorant anti cheat works,that they can make the game crash whenever their client detects a change. Your anti-cheat still working good with some hacks,but there are some hacks still working on cod4 . i hope u guys understand what i m saying. : ) i m not good in english. So,i hope u guys should take a look on this topic ---___
  7. How to install b3 hide on linux server?
  8. Hello Guys! Our server is a promod only toujane server, continuously active for more than 4 years. recently we had an ip change so you can find the server here: feel free try it out ! more info:
  9. I setup b3 1.12 properly with sqlite database but commands are not responding, i am getting this query error with database: please help! server: Linux Debian 10.
  10. Hey guys, how do i change gravity, game speed and jump in smv promod? When i change it, it change itself back to normal, please help...
  11. i have an issue where no matter what i do my flag in cod4 is always wrong... it keeps showing up as cyprus... its not my ISP since i checked them and they saw no issues. i have no vpn in my pc. please help.
  12. call of duty 4 MW is a dead game with less than 12 percent player activity. i think its high time for everyone to move on to bigger better things. shutting down cod4x will be the first step in eradicating the drug like addiction the players have with this ancient game. its time to shut down cod4x and begin a new chapter in gaming somewhere else. its okay if i get backlash for this but it would just prove my point. good day to you all
  13. hi, i recently bought cod4 to do some retro gaming. I can play perfectly online but it is not possible to create a custom class. how do i get over this bug? I attach the photo
  14. Hello boys I've seen some members talking and trying to install NeHo screenshots site of his thread but those releases doesnt work without a last zip that he uploaded in his private site but cant be found there now his site gives "502 bad gateway" and I think he has not logged in for a long time. I've found that zip on my HDD and it is here now for you. I open this thread because I see members who are trying to install his first releases without knowing that there was a second zip and this is his last release without problems. Instructions 1- Download the last zip thats all you need - Click Me | File attached to this thread too 2- Unzip content in your web 3- Create a clean db for the site no need to import anything 4- Edit classes/MysqliDb.php file with database and website info some examples and dont forget the last / Create a identy key too for all servers define('ABS_PATH', dirname(__FILE__) . '/'); //If its not on root change "/" to "/mysubdirectory/" define('ABS_URL', ''); define('ABS_PATH', dirname(__FILE__) . '/myfolder/'); //If its not on root change "/" to "/mysubdirectory/" define('ABS_URL', ''); 5- Edit steamauth/SteamConfig.php file dont forget the last / $steamauth['apikey'] = "Your Steam WebAPI-Key"; Can get one here $steamauth['domainname'] = ""; $steamauth['logoutpage'] = ""; $steamauth['loginpage'] = ""; 6- Go to your site but add /install to your link it will give installation steps 7- Make sure your screenshots and banned/screenshots folders are set to 755 permissions 8- If your installation was successful go to your site and log as admin "bottom right buttons" add your servers with a steam group for admins "If you add a new member to the group use refresh button in My Servers" 9- Add these lines to your server.cfg set rcon_password myrconpasswordwithout"" set nehoscreenshot_identkey 12345678 //Same as MysqliDb.php set nehoscreenshot_url "" loadplugin nehoscreenshotuploader if everything was done well your captures should arrive at the site and the permban button in every capture you should work. Sry If I have english mistakes just let me know im just an English student =}
  15. Rotu Revolution, Click To Join -- New Experience - Click To Join -- Softcore - Click To Join -- Promod - Click To Join -- Link to Search GameTracker for =[JFF]= All are welcome, we are an active community, been around > 10 years and are accepting new members and people looking to help out. For more details visit our forum here Hope to see you in game Vince
  16. Hello Guys Here's The Another Server We Are Presenting To Our Site With Exclusive Features and With Stunning Grpahics And Below Are The Main Features Of Our SGC Gaming Promod:-) 1)In This Server There can be 24 Maximum Players playing At Once 2)In This Server We Will Give Best Skins To Our Users 3)In This Server We Will Add New Maps Like Luna2,Mp_Wawa and More Maps Which You Like 4)In This Server Best Players Will Be Promoted 5)In This Server If You Wan't Cpt america,Thanos,Deadpool And MOre MArve and Caartoon Skins Then We Will add It For YOu and You Wil Get That Vip Skin Free. Need help to grow our server join now IP :- also visit our sgc gaming website :-
  17. I recently downloaded COD4 from . The issue with it is that whenever I try to connect to a server a mod "cod4i" starts downloading, Shipment map loads, and then the game crashes with the error message : " Error during initialization : Tried to use a player profile before it was set.This is probably a menu bug." I downloaded COD4X patch from to update my COD4 to COD 1.8, but after that the game doesn't load at all but the same error hits as soon as the game tries to load. I've even tried deleting my profile, reinstalling the game but the same thing happens over and over. Can someone please help?
  18. hello, one of my friend is having this error when his starting cod4.. error 0xc00007b does anyone have any idea how to fix this. before he was able to play cod4 normally but he format his pc and when he went to open the game that error is showing. thanks for your time.
  19. Игровой сервер без модов, чистый хардкор. Очки XP зависят от попадания в разную часть тела противника. На некоторых картах отключен удар и вертолет, например карты Отправление и Мясорубка. Скриншоты всех игроков делаются автоматически и проверяются модераторами сервера. Адрес сервера: или
  20. TacTiX Esports Promod Server Powered By Cypher Technologies Search & Destroy : Team Death Match : coming soon! Join and Have Fun! 😁
  21. Hi all, I recently installed "cod4x18_dedrun" in a linux VPS. I've install b3(V1.10.11) commands and started it correctly. The server says "B3 is online". But nothing shows up with b3 commands (!h, !admin etc). Then I installed "b3hide". But still the issue is same. Not responding for any commands. Please help me with this. Thanks. b3.log b3.xml server.cfg
  23. I am hosting cod4x server on my pc , already typed auth token in cfg , But server isn't showing in list ( Cod4x , Internet ATVI) But my friends can connect through IP address , And server is showing on codx master list and showing location of US , While i am in Pakistan.
  24. Rebuild from scratch by measuring each and every brush on the original strike map. Using Textures and models from Modern Warfare Remastered and WW2. Map size ~ 230mb (high res textures) Supporting all stock gamemodes. Missing pezbots waypoints tho. Download it over at: Mirror: @ // Strike 2 - V1.0 // Steam: YT Preview: