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Found 2 results

  1. I want to create a single player bot match using the Bot Warfare mod, which requires CoD4X. So I was thinking I could just host it on my own machine and connect to it from my own machine, but I can't get it to work. (btw I haven't installed the Bot Warfare mod files yet, I'm just trying to get the CoD4X server to work by itself first) I run this: cod4x18_dedrun.exe ^ +map mp_vacant ^ +set dedicated 1 ^ +set net_ip ^ +set sv_punkbuster 0 I try to connect by typing /connect from the client I get 'awaiting connection 1.. 2.. 3.. etc.', then 'server connection timed out'. The server console keeps printing 'bad connectionless packet from' How can I get this to work? I should point out that I haven't messed around with game servers before, so it's quite possible I'm missing something obvious.
  2. So...since I'm new to I'll present a little background before I get to my question. I bought CoD4 back when it came out ~10 years ago and played it a lot. It really is a great game and it raised the bar for FPS multiplayer games. Of course, as time went on, I eventually found other games or just simply got busy with real-world stuff and haven't played it in a long time. Well, my kids are now at the age where I wanted to introduce them to some FPS multiplayer games so I searched through my collection for something that wasn't too old, but was fun and quick to pick up and low and be hold I found my CoD4 disc. (yeah, disc) Luckily I was able to (since it was on disc and it came out before DRM got super crazy) install it on my computer as well the kids' computers and we were all able to play together. Fun times! However, after a while it kinda got a little dull just playing between the three of us (haven't roped my wife in yet, but I'm trying) and I was getting tired of holding back on the kids so I looked into how to add bots to the game. I knew the game didn't have them built in, but quickly found the PeZBots mod...great! So I read up on it and saw that is had some bugs, but it is pretty much the best, if not the only, bot mod for CoD4. So I tested it out locally on my PC first and wow, it's awesome. It added a lot of enjoyment to an already awesome game. So then I went about getting the game setup on a stand alone computer to run it as a dedicated server. Great, for a short while. Until I experienced the issue where the bots (test clients) aren't dropped properly and they eventually won't add anymore...boooo! Now, try as I might I just spent about a week trying to come up with some way to get the dedicated server to work properly with this mod. I downloaded the mod source and tried to correct it thinking maybe it was just a simple bug. I ended up learning way more about modding CoD4 then I thought I ever would, including the fact that there is just missing functionality, most important the ability to properly handle test clients such as removing them or getting them after a map change. I also, after messing around with the source, discovered that the test clients would stay connected between map changes and the mod was trying to kick them...probably because the author tried to compensate for the weirdness...anyway, nothing worked. I discovered that I could execute "killserver" and then "map_rotate" at the console on the server and it would disconnected the bots and pick up in the map rotation where it left. This I thought was good and I could possibly just automate a kill server and map rotate process via an rcon program. So I set out and wrote an rcon program...then I discovered that when you execute killserver remotely you lose connection to the server...bah...foiled again! So I had pretty much given up at that point until I stumbled across CoD4x...a custom dedicated server for CoD4, and it solves these issues while adding new functionality. Awesome! Almost. Well, I got the CoD4x 1.8 server setup and working (pezbots and all) and then setup the modified client for it. It took a while as I had to figure out the difference in dvar/cvars for the server and change the getdvarint calls in the pezbot mod to just getdvar to it would load and run. Once the server was running I noticed that it properly disconnected the bots between map rotation which was great. This was already better. So I log in to the server for the first time from my PC ... the bots are not working correctly. They aren't firing their weapons. In a lot of cases are sliding around instead of walking or running. Their battle chatter is lacking, but not gone completely. Their animations are sometimes epileptic in nature and they are getting hung up a lot. It was a huge difference between the stock server and this one. I was pretty sad as I was looking forward to keeping the server up and running and not having to baby sit it while we play on it, but it looks like that is what I'll have to do for now. But that brings me to my question. Have any of you successfully used pezbots with CoD4x? If so what did you have to do to get it working properly. Does the mod need to be updated in any way and if so where would one start in order to do this? I am a software engineer (~25 years and still going) so getting down into the guts of this project is not a problem for me, but any guidance that could be offered up would be great. Thanks!