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Found 5 results

  1. is anyone able here to fix the XLR Webfront v3 with the new cake libraries? Seems like the XLR project is dead, B3 forum dead, but most of us still use it and maybe it could be useful to many people. Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone and happy new year 😘 Im running 3 "COD4" servers on COD4x client, the servers is up on master server. But I have a problem with B3 1.12 (latest version), the XLRstats plugin won't to load up . that's the error message from b3 logs: 190103 02:14:04 ERROR 'Query failed [ALTER TABLE `xlr_playerstats` ADD `id_token` VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT \'\'] None: (1060, u"Duplicate column name \'id_token\'")' 190103 02:14:04 ERROR 'Query failed [SELECT MAX(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS max_skill, MIN(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS min_skill, SUM(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS sum_skill,\n AVG(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS avg_skill , COUNT( AS cnt\n FROM xlr_playerstats, clients\n WHERE = xlr_playerstats.client_id\n AND xlr_playerstats.client_id <> None\n AND (xlr_playerstats.kills + xlr_playerstats.deaths) > 50\n AND 1546481644 - clients.time_edit <= 5184000] None: (1054, u"Unknown column \'None\' in \'where clause\'")' 190103 02:14:04 ERROR 'Could not start plugin xlrstats' Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\", line 948, in startPlugins start_plugin(self, plugin_name) File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\", line 939, in start_plugin p.onStartup() File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\plugins\xlrstats\", line 257, in onStartup self.correctStats() File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\plugins\xlrstats\", line 1558, in correctStats cursor = self.query(q) File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\storage\", line 635, in query raise e InternalError: (1054, u"Unknown column 'None' in 'where clause'") btw I'm using this parser Cod4X18 and latest cod4x version and latest patch + fresh b3 database. thanks in advance
  3. Hi I have recently installed b3 on my cod4x1.8 server and it doesn't seem to work for me, the only thing is that when I created a user for my server named cod4server and moved the files to it, b3 and cod4 run on that accounts /home/cod4server folder and chmod and chown all the directories and files. But whenever i run using python I get a permission denied error so I need to run it as a superuser. And when B3 runs it says that it is working and i get the version number [angry biscuit] for v1.10.11 message on the server but there is no reaction to any command I enter, it doesn't work at all. I've even activated the advertisements on the config file and even it doesn't work. I have tried with the version 1.9.2 previously and even that didn't work i asked for support from the b3 forum but since there aren't many developers there they've asked me to request it here, please help me. I've attached my b3.log. Please check it and let me know, thanks. Please help me on this, thanks. b3.log
  4. Hi everybody, Having obtained the original script on, I decided to post my own script, reminder sourcebanplugin is a plugin working with a private database, to store a banlist, using for my part BigBrotherBot to manage the banlist, I found it useless to have 2 databases to manage. So I remaked the script at my convenience, this script works the same way as the original plugin, but the difference that it works with the BigBrotherBot database, so the management to be performed by BigBrotherBot. Why use Sourcebanplugin Light with BigBrotherBot, it's simple if you add a GSC script on your mod, and the latter BAN a cheater for example, if you just use BigBrotherBot, your script only act as a KICK and not a BAN. Sourcebanpluginlight will add this ban to BigBrotherBot directly, and will block before even the connection to the server the permanent banned player. How to use it is simple: firstly, you need to own a web server with php 5.5 minimum and Mysql 5.0, then add this to your configuration: set sourcebans_url "" set sourcebans_identkey "thekey" loadplugin sourcebansplugin and then on the script: you must change the MySQL and Identkey variables PS: If other developers want to rework this script, free to you The script PasteBin
  5. Hallo all, EnterGaming has new servers and fully updated and ready to go. We got 3 servers: Hardcore, Normal and a promod server. updated with anti hack detection and new killstreak!! UAV, artillerie, airstrike, helicopter, AGM, predator missle AC-130 and a Tactical Nuke! BigBrotherBot is available Active Admins Our free and public TeamSpeak3 server @ IP (port: 9987) Check out our website EnterGaming @ Hopefully we see you there!! Greetings, Nielsstos2