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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! i created a cod4 server with a mod sMV sMv mod has admin menu and i dont have permission to access it plz say me how to be a admin in this mod and access to the menu!! Plz quick reply is appreciated!
  2. I made a home server with the files here, I added myself as admin and added the loadplugins simplebanlist to server.cfg. It worked great just like it should. Now my hosted server has the codx4 patch running on it but it will not load any of the plugins except for the censor plugin. ^2Checking if the plugin is not already loaded... ^2Checking if the plugin file exists and is of correct format... ^2Parsing plugin function names... ^2Done parsing plugin function names. ^2Loading the plugin .so... ^1Error: Failed to load the plugin c:\userfiles\easymeat\gameservers\tc21655626883508754426613\plugin.simplebanlist.tmp! The support guy tried to load it from the cmd line and it does the same thing. I thought it was because I didn't see the codx18,exec in the game folder but the tech. guy said this ------------------------------------------------------------ On 2017-12-27 13:36:18 Jest wrote: I tried grabbing a fresh copy of the total package, but it seems their download servers are down. On 2017-12-28 12:27:06 Jest wrote: I got a copy of them from another server of my own. I still got the same error, even after removing the tmp file. Censor plugin works fine, but for some reason simplebanlist produces the same error. You might post about it on the cod4x forums as they most likely know the solution already. Very active community. ------------------------------------------------------------ On 2017-12-27 13:40:21 Jest wrote: That's no problem at all. That file is installed already, but on our systems we renamed it to: iw3mp.exe, it is the primary binary/exe file your server uses and launches from. We use the name iw3mp.exe from the previous 1.7 versions, but indeed you are running cod4x18_dedrun.exe just with a different file name. I can revert this to cod4x18_dedrun.exe if they requested this, it's no problem at all. On 2017-12-28 12:31:05 Jest wrote: For Example, your current full command line(some use .bat file) is: C:\UserFiles\EasyMeat\GameServers\TC21655626883508754426613\iw3mp.exe +set fs_savepath C:\UserFiles\easymeat\GameServers\TC21655626883508754426613\ +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port 28960 +set ui_maxclients "14" +set sv_maxclients 14 +set fs_game "mods/tdh" +exec tdh.cfg +set g_gametype "dm" +set rcon_password "xxxxxxxx" +set sv_punkbuster "0" +map_rotate In game_mp logs you can see it's running 1.8 as well from cod4x: 10:39 InitGame: \sv_maxclients\14\fs_game\mods/tdh\g_gametype\war\version\CoD4 X 1.8 win_mingw-x86 build 2055 May 2 2017\shortversion\1.8\build\2055\sv_floodprotect\1\sv_maxRate\25000 ------------------------------------------------------------ would this stop it from loading where the renamed the exec? We use the name iw3mp.exe from the previous 1.7 versions any ideas?
  3. Hello im a 60p admin in A3 server with IGN of A3 | Eutos. Our server recently update from 1.7a to 1.8. Somehow there are certain player b3 unable to !locate , !alias , etc after update. Most important part they are not in the !list . So we thought they using b3 blocker but he isnt. Is there something the superadmin must change to fix the server issue? Please help and thanks for advance.
  4. I added an admin to my cod4x server by typing: AdminAddAdmin <user> <power> in the console. But How will the admin login in-game, so that I don't have to keep the console active all the time?
  5. Is there a post that tells you what all the admin. commands are and how to use them? Or are they the same as stock cod 4?