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Found 14 results

  1. hello. we have been experiencing random freezes then crashes on the patches (1.8-1.82) on online servers every 7-10 min we tried everything ranging from fresh installs to disabling random stuff and check for effect ( Dolby, windows sonic,atmos,NVIDIA shadowplay , steam ,discord,team-speak) all with no benefit and i must emphasis on the RANDOM part i know i talk as "we" since am representing the group of Iraqi cod4 promod players . please fix this as its not a random case of a single client . we have a bunch of bugs we want to report but since this is the most pressing one we want this to be focused on the most thank you btw excuse my English
  2. Is it possible to run 1.8 servers on 1.7? i required this 1.8 servers to run on 1.7 just for kidding Quick reply is appreciated!!!
  3. Easy

    cod4x devmap.bat

    Sup, cd ..\..\ iw3mp.exe +set fs_game "mods\deathrun_dev" +set g_gametype "deathrun" +set sv_cheats "1" +devmap mp_dr_race +exec deathrun.cfg ^^^ that is my runMod.bat currently cd ..\..\ cod4x18_dedrun.exe +set fs_game "mods\deathrun_dev" +set dedicated 1 +exec server.cfg +set net_port 28960 +set g_gametype "deathrun" +map mp_dr_race ^^ that is my runDedi.bat wondering if it is possible to make a runMod with cod4x since my scripts rely on cod4x functions, it is annoying to run a server everytime i change a small menu etc.
  4. Hey guys. I made a short video tutorial how to setup B3 on 1.8 Server (windows). It works on Gameranger Dedicated servers aswell. All the files are included. Video Tutorial > CoD4 Server Hosting Tutorial Part 4 - Installing B3 In CoD4x 1.8 Server My other Tuts about cod4 servers > Video Playlist Forgive me if I did anything wrong. Huge thanks to rAfTer, AToM, Crazy, And B3 Team.
  5. swamy

    b3 crash

    i am getting this error when try to open b3.exe ( AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_config_parser' ) I am going explain what I did from start at first I b3 is not starting because of b3.xml plugins having wrong file extensions from the start in b3.xml (from website it self) here is the link when I stuck there before b3.xml corrected and then this is the b3.log file then I download this zip from b3 website (source 1.10.10) and tried to open some .py files then this guy help me get b3 work thanks to him then b3 started fine and loaded default plugins after few minutes this error came and I got fked up still now it is coming like when I starting b3.exe this on pic
  6. Before you tryna help me you need to know I have no experience in coding or scripts! It is simple, my goal: Private Server with server side-scripts/plugins like Final killcam and playercards! My Situation: I rent a server on g-portal (1.7 with FTP access but no executable) for me and my friends to play private, after the cod4x 1.8 patch I found servers which have like final killcam via server side-scripts/plugins (i think) and I wanna have that on my server so now I already asked how to do that and tried first just adding the gsx file in main_shared folder etc. but i did not know i needed 1.8 so i tried to install the cod4x server modification and failed on compiling (the part with mingw32-make). Now I asked the g-portal support for cod4x 1.8 server support like changing maybe the executable and they said okay just send us the files we need! So my question is, what exactly do I need to send to g-portal so they can help me to get to my goal? PS: I am trying now for 2 weeks and I am like clueless AF
  7. Hey guys. I made a short video tutorial how to setup B3 on 1.8 Server (windows). It works on Gameranger Dedicated servers aswell. All the files are included. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> My other Tuts about cod4 servers > Video Playlist Forgive me if I did anything wrong. Huge thanks to rAfTer, AToM, Crazy, And B3 Team. 1.8_b3_files.rar
  8. First of all I want to say thanks to the admins of this forum for implementing this section where the server administrators can ask for help and improve this game and the developers can help them. Thanks all! Im admin from [LMT] Servers (2010 clan) , and we have problems and some ideas, if someone want help the comunity ,we would appreciate it 1º We have a tool to admin our server. This tool use IP/name to kick players. With new IPs V6 our tool can´t read information of players becouse our protocol just read numbers. We need a script to read these new characters for our tool can still be functional and compatible with these new IPs. 2º How we can redirect to another server? If we create new servers, how we can send people from our old server to the new server. 3º Custumize/Removing Hud. Option 1: Remove the night vision icon. Option 2: Modify the hud when kill players, such as changing the color and adding text. +10 kill, +5 assist. 4º Customization of kill streak (perks) Option 1: Add perks to the players when they kill enemies. Option 2: Adding perks to players who die a lot like add titan. Option 3: Add permanent perks to players like C4 or claymores. 5º Rotation: How add more maps exceeding the limit of 989 maximum characters. We can use multiple CFGs?. How to do it. 6º Rotation of small maps when few players are detected and set the normal rotation when X are detected. Is possibly? 7º How can we do to lock the keyboard when the game end, we want people to leave on the next map not before in the intermission. Some way to block the ESC as we have seen on some servers. Thanks guys if someone can help us at any of these points ;D
  9. First of all I'd like to say that I love the work you guys are doing on this patch. Keep it up! I was wondering though, is it possible to modify the server side so as to run the servers at 60 FPS instead of 20 FPS, thereby improving hit registration? When there are many players on our servers, hit registration becomes worse and worse. I have already tried some things but all the timers are screwed once you set sv_fps to 60. Any thoughts on this from the developers?
  10. Version2 Team Is looking for new members and players for our community if you are intrested visit and find Hyprus or Litzu! Or just simply visit our forum! Forum: and make an application there!
  11. Dear Cod4 Community, I play COD4 using steam. Once I pressed the Auto-Update, it crashes every time I try to open a server. I get a crash error report once the server fully loads, that says "Please send us this error report (79 KB) to help fix the problem and improve this software" I have literally tried everything and failed miserably. I have gone to YouTube and watched many tutorials on what to do. I have gone to, Put the Zip in the Cod4 Directory Installed the "Install.cmd" Opened the game, and once I click on a server, it will crash once it fully loads. Please help me, I can't tell you how frustrated I am. This Stupid update is a nightmare. I have Added a screen shot and the zip that contains the 79kb. please help, Thank you
  12. Hello Guys! some info about FM Only TOUJANE Server! Ip: /connect its an 1.8 cracked SD server with a custom promodlive ■ Anti Block ■ Final Killcam ■ Fullbright ■ Kar98 sniper ■ CoD 2 bomb & sounds ■ acog m40a3 sniper ■ original cod 2 Thompson ■ Winchester shotgun ■ Fixed map bugs on mp_toujane_beta ■ Online fullscreen pb shots ( Feel free to join & Dont forget to add us to your favorites! Come and try it out! CHECK US OUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA! • Like us on Facebook: • Follow us on Twitter: • Follow us on Instagram: • Follow us on Google+: • Subscribe on YouTube: • Join Steam group: • Have a question?: