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  1. I know less than I think? I never said I was knowledgeable on this but regardless nothing I said above was false and if it is explain how it is. Removing features for no reason is not a good way to get people to use your mod. If the next update allows Steam to show I'm playing the right game and tracks the hours then yeah I'll be happy. I really don't see how this is unreasonable to ask for. Thanks fraggy
  2. I know the reason you don't support it. It's because a majority of cod4x users didn't buy the game through Steam and either pirated it or had a physical copy like myself because that's how I used to play cod4x until I bought it through Steam because I had to reinstall it and my PC doesn't have a optical drive anymore. Obviously then you can't tell Steam that a user is playing COD4 if they don't own it through their platform. I could just solve this locally on my client with the latest version if I just knew where to find the steam_appid so I can change it back to the COD4 appid but it seems to be well hidden. Oh well I'll just have to stick to my version since there are still some active servers on it. And yes you are right, fraggy did answer like that because of the way OP asked, I never noticed the way OP originally asked so my bad for that one.
  3. It doesn't matter why I care so much, I just like to see how many hours I have in games I play. The new update may fix many things but none that are applicable to me since I have no problems with my version. I don't even know how they manage to break Steam integration. It's been broken since June 2019 and a dev named 'Fraggy' responded to a forum post about it saying "Sorry but you have to give up onto it." and then didn't respond to my reply in the thread, it really seems like a joke to me.
  4. But why?, what exactly makes my client incompatible? It doesn't seem like there are actually any changes except for breaking Steam integration which I wouldn't call a fix. Looks like I'm gonna have to stop playing COD4 til this gets fixed.
  5. I use this version because it's the newest version that correctly displays the client as COD4 on Steam and tracks the hours. Up until today (I haven't played for a month) it has been able to connect to every server but now it doesn't, why? If the latest version's Steam integration worked properly I wouldn't even need to use an old version but here we are.
  6. I already gave it to you on Steam but here it is for others who want it. https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_client_17_5.zip
  7. Any update on this? I paid for the game on Steam so I should be able to track my hours. It's possible because it used to track the hours. I assume you guys changed the AppID to MW3 Dedicated Server because of all the people who didn't own COD4 on Steam. Could you atleast tell me where that AppID is stored so I can change it myself on my client or put a steam_appid.txt like some other Steam games have. Edit: Went through some old releases of cod4x to find a version that tracks Steam hours, v17.5 does track hours perfectly fine but v17.7 tracks as MW3 Dedicated Server. Looks like I'm just gonna stick with v17.5
  8. The latest version on the site is 17.9 and my client is 17.9 unless there is a different way to update that I'm missing. Just to clarify it shows Call of Duty 4 X under the friends list on Steam but it still shows MW3 Dedicated Server on my profile and counts the hours towards that.
  9. No, it doesn't, I own it on Steam but it still shows as MW3 Dedicated Server.
  10. But why should we have to give up on it? IW4X counts your hours on MW2 on Steam so why doesn't COD4X?