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  1. saab

    Help me!

    And prompt where in him in what line to change these parameters??? And where to take names of perok and weapon correctly to write there or to remove?!
  2. saab

    Help me!

    Добрый день, подскажите, как и где в скрипте изменять и удалять код, где запрет на использование определенных перков, который я хочу включить или выключить! Или помогите как это все можно сделать
  3. Good day,poskazhite how and where the script is configured,where the prohibition of the use of certain perks ,just have the perk script which you want to include and how and where they do not know how to do it!Or throw off help how to do everything and set up!
  4. Ok thank you! Do you have any sripty on your fashion that scan the game make? That is the player the game folder where installed? What protection are we talking about?
  5. Good evening, I would like to know on this patch does PunkBuster anti-cheat? It can be like someday enable or not?