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  2. whats the problem ? Cant understand.
  3. I can help you, Buy VPS. Install libraries. Upload cod4 game files and server files. Run server. If you are in facebook send your id. I can help in advance.👌
  4. Read this topic:
  5. When connect to server some players game crash and got an error message like this: Is this problem come up with server or client?
  6. @sheep_wizard2 bro can u help this problem?
  7. I got this error with mod tool , when open - CoD4EffectsEd.exe I updated it to v1.1 also, same error Any way to fix this issue .
  8. Mr. COD4


    Thanx for upload @dpj
  9. Mr. COD4


    Can u upload or give new Linux build version of this plugin. I used old build version from github
  10. Mr. COD4

    Http Plugin

    Anyone can give the new version of this plugin, because its not support to new pluginmanager
  11. I got this in linux server, is this normal? ^4CRC32 for zone/english/mp_crossfire.ff is 7ccff4ad Len 36726189 ^5Hitch warning: 1433 msec frame time Sending heartbeat to