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  1. Read this topic:
  2. When connect to server some players game crash and got an error message like this: Is this problem come up with server or client?
  3. @sheep_wizard2 bro can u help this problem?
  4. I got this error with mod tool , when open - CoD4EffectsEd.exe I updated it to v1.1 also, same error Any way to fix this issue .
  5. Mr. COD4


    Thanx for upload @dpj
  6. Mr. COD4


    Can u upload or give new Linux build version of this plugin. I used old build version from github
  7. Mr. COD4

    Http Plugin

    Anyone can give the new version of this plugin, because its not support to new pluginmanager
  8. I got this in linux server, is this normal? ^4CRC32 for zone/english/mp_crossfire.ff is 7ccff4ad Len 36726189 ^5Hitch warning: 1433 msec frame time Sending heartbeat to
  9. has unmatching types 'undefined' and 'string' How to solve throwing script exception like this.
  10. Warning! Account is limited! You have make your account unlimited. How to add server to master server list. I got this warning.
  11. I test new build version (CoD4 X 1.8 linux-i386 build 782 Aug 25 2018) with default promod version, game type is search and destroy. In my 1st round its work like normal but when goes to second round server not work like promod, when sprint screen move Same mod files running well with old build version. Please help.