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  1. There is no fix. Playing CoD4X will always look like MW3 on Steam. One of the developers or more experienced can explain the actual why better than I can.
  2. Did you try another map or was it one that's been OK in the past? I am not the expert by far but this is what I had and when I then took out the map it was on when it crashed all OK. Just hit and miss with maps at the moment for me. The lighter the MoD the better. But every time I had a big map that did not work I got this segmentation fault. I am using a much smaller lighter mod now with less images blah blah and since then only a couple of problems. That's my experience anyway haha, its probably something completely else but thought I would share.
  3. Still a problem hehe 😁 I went on a friends server earlier today. I have no idea what the RCON password is. Manged to call votes to restart map, rotate map, kick player blah blah. Of course I am on my own so vote is passed. But I should not be able to even do that. For the record both servers are using OW MoD. Different versions. Smiley.
  4. B3 can do all that, add messages, geo welcome etc etc. but of course it is no longer supported. You can still see some info here. http://ftpserver.org.ru/files_Linux/distr_games/urbanterror/b3.html I use julia plugin but have no idea how I can set messages on screen with that. I have seen others do it so it can be done. B3 is a good start and a lot of mods you can set messages for on screen within the mods cfg's. Sorry if that is a BASIC answer and you know all this 🙂 We cant tell what level of skills you are at...mine is very low by the way haha and so I'm sure you will get better answers 🙂 Smiley.
  5. I know this has been a while, but any ideas still about this. I notice that WarriorIbla and his server it is now disabled looking at server info in game list, but of course failed to report back here to the COD4X community how to help.
  6. Hi, Is anyone else experiencing problems loading Custom maps (sometimes a stock map, Creek for example.)? Certain maps do not load anymore. They are maps that I have used many many times in the past and with the same MoDs (pre build 1004) I get this error before server shuts down. throwing script exception: undefined is not a field object throwing script exception: undefined is not an array, string, or vector throwing script exception: undefined is not a field object throwing script exception: undefined is not an array, string, or vector throwing script exception: pair 'undefined' and 'undefined' has unmatching types 'undefined' and 'undefined' throwing script exception: cannot cast undefined to bool I know things are getting worked on here and maybe after that all is OK. It was fine before but now I notice a lot of maps like this. Maybe there is a quick fix? I know people have compiled their own builds (out of my league) to probably fix this. At the end of the day I wont use those maps 😆 But it would be nice to again 🙂 As always thanks for the help. Smiley.
  7. You answered your own question. Your CD Key is invalid 🙂 Double check it, check again. Is it a purchased retail or steam code or a 'borrowed' cd key? If it is genuine then go back to the supplier and tell them that your new CD key does not work 🙂
  8. Open console and enter \name Infiltrator
  9. in B3 XML should your public IP not be Your RCON IP needs to be your actual IP address not a local one. To change map it would be !map mp_block ? You need to have external plugin masteradmin loaded for that also. To view admins it is just !admins Its been a while so don't quote me 🙂 Give it a try.
  10. I have also noticed similar but it was a long time ago. Example a player just left the server and a new one joined and the map rotates. The new player somehow has exchanged with the name of the player that just left. When he kills though, the kill message gives his ‘real’ name but on the scoreboard he is someone else. (Guy who just left) Not everyone see’s this. I ask someone on chat do you see the name ‘Killer’ for example and they say no. Some of us see that name some don’t. I have to say though, that this HAS NOT HAPPENED for a very long time and it seems a thing of the past for me at least. It did not bother me or any of us but thought I add to the post. Maybe a bug on an old version?
  11. Run the game as administrator
  12. Reporting that all good with 18.4 and Steam connection. :-)
  13. Sadly Steam is not working again. When I updated yesterday it was working. This morning it does not 😞 Somebody else also reported in another thread. I had logged out and in again restarted etc but still no connection between them.
  14. Only time mine crashed was map related. Assets error All servers have Julia running and have been up days with no errors. Although I cant use Julia commands because no Steam 🙂
  15. What I don't understand is that I cannot join my server for example without updating to 18.2. I update and as we know steam is not connected. Yet two guys have just been playing on the server (so i assume that they MUST update to 18.2 also) but their steam ID's I could see. ?
  16. I tried both before writing thread dpj. Still same problem. 🙁 As Fraggy says, affects all. In NeHo's tool as Admin I can see clients Steam ID, Now all those players that have joined in last few hours I do not see.
  17. That's 18.2 Client side. I am using NeHo's WebAdmin Tool and Steam is needed to execute the commands in game. For some reason I cannot update server side because it changes the new dedrun file to .old and replaces again with the older version! Renaming etc does not work.
  18. Just updated to 18.2 and now game is not recognizing me logged into Steam anymore. Anyone else with this?
  19. Yes, but you need to read here also. 18.1 is stable until a more ‘finalised’ version is done. I run 3 servers with 18.1 and they have been fine. A couple of crashes were due to assets count exceeded on a certain map, but I believe that has been lowered in this version. I took the maps out and all fine. Try it out is the only way to tell 🙂
  20. I do agree with what you are saying and players have gone!!. However we as server admins also need to assist the team here as much as we can? If you have the luxury of more than one server maybe just downgrade one for now to play on and keep other on 18.1 so you can monitor and test when new version comes out etc. I personally am not up to the skills of a LOT of people here but anything that I can report back just may help solve the problem. There are so many different configurations out there so I guess its hard to pinpoint exactly what the problem is. If we all just went back to 17 and forgot about this problem it probably will take even longer to solve? I am using the 18.1 on three servers and they have run with no problems since that build was released. Only once one of them crashed because it could not load a map (exceeded assets). The assets part I believe was rolled back to in this version for now. I do agree with you that many people are going elsewhere. I got a message that I WAS THE ONE who screwed his PC up because he updated to 18.0 Client 😆. Had to reformat his PC etc haha. Well thats his problem and certainly not caused by this lol. But we lost that person. Anyway we should stick with it and try our best to test and help. I think so anyway. 😃
  21. Hi Fraggy, I was replying to Viking and what he had wrote about /openscriptmenu menu response Thats what comes up after entering that is entered in console. I also dont know any of these. What i do know is as said 🙂 in the cod4x q3config_server.cfg it ALWAYS defaults back to seta g_oldVoting "1" which may be a reason why Warriorbla can do what he has reported to us? set sv_disableClientConsole "1" is in place in the server.cfg but still can be accessed by all. Anyone with the knowledge that Warriorbla has reported to us can give us a really bad day if they wanted. I don't mind the console open 'so much' but when someone can input theses votes/kicks/maps/server commands etc etc then it is a problem. I just don't know what to do other than what i tried.
  22. When i put that in console this is what comes up. /connect /disconnect /test /say <TEXT> /listplayers /listmaps /changemap <MAP> /changemapkick <MAP> /kick <PLAYER NAME> /listbans /listipbans /listidbans /ban <BAN> [<TIME>] /banip <IP> [<TIME>] /banid <GLOBAL ID> [<TIME>] /removeban <BAN> /removebanip <IP> /removebanid <GLOBAL ID> /banidwrite /banipwrite /banidload /banipload /connectpassword /connectpassword <TEXT> /rconpassword /rconpassword <TEXT> /complete <TEXT>