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  1. Damage indicator all good for normal helicopter ( I will have to use that now ) but did not work for the little bird . Will take another look.
  2. Thanks for the reply. The assists are now working 🙂 Had some help from @Belial95 Who also pointed out the same as you in globallogic. Regarding hiticon/damagefeedback. In my littlebird.gsc line 590 was changed from false to true. Not sure if this is right. attacker thread maps\mp\gametypes\_damagefeedback::updateDamageFeedback( true ); Also not sure if it works yet as not fully tested. That line is also on the helicopter.gsc and changed. Will report back. Regarding this scr_enable_hiticon. Normal damage feedback is there on enemy players. Not sure if there is something separate for 'equipment/vehicles etc' ? Hopefully the above works. As for the streaks, they were changed as you said also in globallogic. I checked weapon names again added to the list as a couple were missing and now all good. Thx for the help and will report back if damage indicator works.
  3. Hi All, I am running/testing Kill Confirmed with Openwarfare MoD. All is good but I would like to know how I can make it so when a player picks up dead enemies dog tags that it will go down as an assist. At the end of the game players will then know how many tags they have picked up? Maybe there is a way to also display team total collections on screen as we play also? Not many Kill Confirmed servers I have seen but maybe someone has an idea with this? KC.gsc attached. kc.gsc Another thing is that when the enemy helicopter or littlebird is hit in the air there is no damage indicator to show you are hitting it.I am sure this was working before but now I don't see. _helicopter.gsc Finally, no matter how I set this example below: (with // or without // and with sentrygun, littlebird they ALWAYS count towards the killstreak. I don't want that.) // Kills obtained with a Sentrygun count toward the killstreak of the player // 0 = Disabled (default), 1 = Enabled // set scr_sentrygun_kills_toward_streak "0" Sentry and Littlebird are obviously 'non stock' shall we say and so is there something also in gsc that i can change to prevent this?. I have looked but obviously cannot see it 🙂 attached gsc for both. But then again I am newbie with all the script stuff. Any help much appreciated. Thank you. _littlebird.gsc_sentrygun.gsc
  4. You should have a configs directory in MoD root. mod/configs/server/advancedacp.cfg for example. Everything is in there. They also need to be exec'd from you main server.cfg 'exec configs/openwarfare.cfg' The openwarfare.cfg will exec all inside that you want and looks like this.
  5. Hi All, Not everyone's cup of tea but letting you know about Sniper Server. Straight forward Sniping, Enemy At the Gate Style. Patience and skill is needed as the maps are all 'No Cross' Sniper maps. 23 Weapons to choose from, 3 scopes to choose from and character skins to choose from at start of each spawn, kill streaks etc. So if you are a Chris Kyle Or Bob Lee Swagger wannabe then come and try a more relaxing style of play. Drink beer and eat chips whilst scanning the map for the enemy. There if you fancy 🙂 fmjcod4.com:28980 https://discord.gg/2MS3tR4KYy ## I also think that this would work with medium/large standard maps, whereby still have to 'hide' and Snipe...But you could also get a knife in the back 🙂 Thanks SMiLeY
  6. I'm not sure to be honest. Are you using Steam version, CD, Cracked?? Cracked version maybe not working. I really don't know. Sorry. Hopefully someone can spring some light for you.
  7. Try deleting older previous versions (or all) and try to download latest version again? Assuming the files are in the right place you can do that here : %localappdata%\CallofDuty4MW\bin
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    Thought I would update. This is working with OW MoD and with Custom Maps.Some tweaking here and there and now just to keep an eye out on it. Only thing I notice is when server is restarted, if i try to join right away I get stuck in the mapvote download loop. If I restart server, then rotate a map before joining then I can get straight in. Also the first map vote after a server restart does not give you the winning map. After that it seems OK. Its a nice addition to OW.
  9. No Problem. The 'Get A Token' Link is a good link..so I guess as you said maybe to do with Japanese. Glad you got it sorted.
  10. Sign in your Steam account here get your API key. https://steamcommunity.com/login/home/?goto=%2Fdev%2Fapikey Maybe a link problem on master server page ?
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    Well I Was but just seen you have updated something 12 hours ago 🙂 Update: I updated with the files half an hour ago. Now I get this but server starts ok. ^1******* script runtime error ******* exitlevel already called: (file 'mapvote/script/dynamic_mapvote.gsc', line 69) exitLevel(false); * ^1called from: (file 'mapvote/script/dynamic_mapvote.gsc', line 😎 thread initMapvote(); * ^1called from: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_callbacksetup.gsx', line 19) thread mapvote\script\dynamic_mapvote::init(); //init mapvote * ^1started from: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_callbacksetup.gsx', line 10) CodeCallback_StartGameType() * ^1************************************ And no also this 🙂 Whats happened to Crossfire 🙂 I think temp loadscreen images have changed? Or supposed to be same?
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    Getting there 🙂 Working on this now. Not quite right as you can see.
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    Schoolboy error with me and missed the shell plugin. Now it is just trying to work on the redirect..the mapvote.iwd seems to want to download all the time and its not fast like rest of files...WIP for me..:-) UPDATE: Redirect sorted..Now after game scores..The 'pause' is there where the map vote should be but screen stays the same. WIP 🙂
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    Hi, I am doing some testing with OW MoD. ^1Error: ******* script compile error ******* ^1Error: unknown function: (file 'mapvote/script/dynamic_mapvote.gsc', line 159) system("mkdir -p " + serverAndModPath + targetPathNoName); * ************************************ ----- Server Shutdown ----- got this far 🙂 hopefully something simple to try out? Smiley
  15. OUTSTANDING!!! It all works 🙂 Best Xmas present ever hahaha I have to say that trying your file directly I had some errors...But as you had explained line by line what you had changed then it was easy for me to add that to my already working globallogic.gsx It is really hard to compare OW one and Neho's especially when you are amateur like me and 7000 lines. 🙂Seems you did it almost immediately 👌 Thx for explanation with gsc/gsx too. callbacksetup I already had OK as you described. Huge appreciation from me to you @Sh3llK0de and @Belial95 and of course @NeHo Smiley.
  16. Hi and thank you for the reply. I had done what you suggested and used the globallogic from the openwarfare mod and placed in main_shared/map/mp/gametypes with callbacksetup. Servers started without error of course. I also had some script for NeHo's webadmin that he had sent here : https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/6067-help-needed-with-http-plugin/ The idea was is to try and look at both and see where Neho's functions can be added to the openwarfare one or vice versa. I think I am on the right track. Have had some help from @Belial95 too and also from NeHo on his forum where he has comnfirmed with me about setting the json url's etc.I can't use the commands set out in NehO's scriptcommands. !rules, !admins !help etc etc. (you can download from that link) No stats are getting posted in game..top players etc. Have this error. I am recognized as admin as all other admin commands work. One thing. Anything inside main_shared...does it have to be all gsc or gsx or can be mixed? Sorry for noobness I could be close haha but maybe so far also 🤣 Thank you as always.
  17. Thanks for the reply. I am using a modded server not vanilla. I am really tearing what hair i have left out here. I understand what you mean but sure there is more too it that I should know. 😞 I will start a new thread off in support as this is off topic here. https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/6176-invalid-command-envokedscripts-suicide-imminent/
  18. Hi All, This is not directly CoD4X problem of course but I am losing the will to live haha. Short of just using Promod where everything seems to work ok ( I hate it) I don't know what else to do 🙂 Apologies it is long winded 🙂 First off I am using a modded server on OW v4.180 based MoD. I am also using NeHo's Webadmin which is awesome IMO and he has provided me ( on this forum) with some scripts that I can use to compliment his app. Julia, http plugins are loaded. I am posting in the hope that maybe someone else using OW and Webadmin and has it all working perfectly 🙂 As title says. Whenever I use !rules !jstats etc in game I get message 'Invalid Command Envoked' I am also not getting any top stat messages showing up in server etc. I played around with the file structure, initially placing the script commands, rules, player configs in /home/cod4server/cod4-28980/main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes and then in other 'made' directories 'smiley' for example in main_shared and changed the paths on the scripts but still cannot get anything to work wherever I place it. I manage to get other scripts working when placing here: _welcome and _geowelcome etc ONLY work when placed directly in main_shared. And other scripts working (servermessages and spawnprotection) when placing here: (This is now also where I have also placed Neho's scripts) _servermessages and _spawnprotection script ONLY work when I created openwarfare directory and ONLY work when in there. The messages I have on julia.cfg are scrolling through server but I am sure they are not executed through messages.gsx because if i take away _servermessages.gsc from the openwarfare directory then they stop. I am confused 🙂 I think the problem i have is globallogic.gsx ?? I know this will need editing but placing in /home/cod4server/cod4-28980/main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes then the server does not start. the I have been working through the errors on it (mostly just file paths wrong) and now stuck on this error: ^1Error: unknown function: (file 'openwarfare/_utils.gsc', line 1384) self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::showPlayerJoinedTeam(); * ************************************ ----- Server Shutdown ----- With the reason: Server fatal crashed: script compile error unknown function self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::showPlayerJoinedTeam(); If i take the original _utils.gsc from github and place it on 'openwarfare' directory then error is gone..but then follows the next and the next and the next...never ending,,_binoculars, _weapons blah blah blah and double blah..... Is it globallogic that is stopping all from working? Or what is it lol 🙂 This all seems an awful lot of F###ing about considering the small amount of things that I would like to happen 🙂 Any help and pushes in right direction greatly appreciated. If this fails then I think I am done lol... Smiley.
  19. Hey, I can try that when i try it again. I would like to have got his working but beyond screen intermission time its very buggy. Any kill over 30 secs from the end basically does not show or is lag lag lag. Also I have Sniper no cross maps and players are spawning on same side when this is active. war.gsc probably will need changing..no idea. My focus has turned to globallogic and openwarfare MoD. Trying to find answers is like looking for Davey Crocketts Treasure 😃 Some things work and some not and its all trial and error..more error. I cannot get any of NeHo's stuff to work for me. As i said most is all geared for promod. The file paths are not the same with openwarfare and it is hit and miss where i put them so they work 🙂
  20. If going back into the installation folder works create a shortcut on your desktop from iw3sp.exe
  21. I cannot see 'true' anywhere on file. Do i need to change false to true and then the wait time.? I did try that and no success but I cant be sure that the globallogic file is in the right place 😐 Tried in main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes (server dont start) Tried in 'openwarfare' directory where my other stuff works and no change. Need to be sure that the server is using that file I guess.
  22. Thx for the reply. I am having some trouble with globallogic.gsx/gsc ( not sure which one it should be) and openwarfare. New to this but am I right in saying that anything in main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes should override what is in mod? Example: With openwarfare when I wanted some _spawnprotection.gsc for an onscreen timer and some _servermessages.gsc obviously for on screen mesages the only way I could get them to work is by creating a directory 'openwarfare' in the main_shared folder and placing them in there. I tried all other ways and this is the only way that the script actually worked. So i guess this is overriding the original files? Welcome messages only worked placing directly in main_shared too. If I put the original openwarfare globallogic.gsc in main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes the server does not start. Putting in the openwarfare directory as explained above the server starts. So is this where I should keep globallogic.gsc you think? And make any changes to it there? _callbacksetup.gsx is where is should be and I added the threads for the welcome messages to it and all ok. I got a lot of things from NeHo as I use his webadmin and would like things like the julia stats showing up etc. As of yet I cant get those extra commands (!jstats for example) working. I been through all with a fine comb lol....but obviously missing a trick here 🙂 I have them where they are 'supposed to go' but nothing!! Everything seems geared towards promod and people have no problems from what I see. Going back to final killcam. I can try that out what you suggested above and then maybe I will know if it is using that globalogic file. But have hit another error haha. I am using a Sniper MoD with no cross maps. When i am using the finalkillcam players spawn on the same side haha. I guess thats maybe something in war.gsc needs changing. Sorry for long winded reply. Trying best to learn some things.
  23. Hi All, I know this is old and dragged on a bit but need a little help if possible. I am using OW MoD and the Final Kill Cam from PureTryOut works fine. Just one thing. After the cam is done it goes then to the scoreboard. However the scoreboard is visible for about 0.5 seconds 🙂 Then goes straight to the next map. Is there something in the gsc that I can change so at least the scoreboard shows a little longer? Or do i have to overwrite an OW gsc or the war.gsc maybe? I checked and nothing stands out at me that I could change. Also, does anyone know the time it will take the last kill from...So If a kill was 2 mins ago will it show? or does it have to be a kill in the last 60 seconds for example? As always thanks. The gsc is attached. _finalkillcam.gsc
  24. They are definitely there, I looked myself after reading this. See image. Smaller list is CoD4X.
  25. Not all the servers are where? Where are you looking. Gametracker, Master Server List? In Game? Note: If the server owner does not add it to Gametracker it wont be there. If the server owner does not use a Steam token it wont be on the master list.F