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  1. You have 2 threads going! Look on the other
  2. Try +set sv_authtoken β€œYOURTOKEN” in your start up command instead. Doing it in server.cfg never worked for me
  3. https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/2814-new-requirement-for-cod4-x-servers-to-get-listed-on-masterserver/
  4. That's great but where is the idiots guide on how to actually get this working lol....:-)
  5. Posted In Neho's Forum Too πŸ™‚
  6. I found the error I ot when i screenshot the player....It caused problems and page was gone but I put my back up folder back in and went through like it was fresh install and it was ok. I wont start servers yet on this app until i know what this is. ?? That's not right ?? Where to change etc/hosts file is ok...its not in config.json......So??
  7. Hi Neho, Thx for the reply..A little bit above my head but I can give it a try... That is if I can get WebAdmin working again....Been working great and today I took a screenshot..Got a message saying connection refused or something like that and then boom..page is gone.. grrrrrrr I posted on your forum... So if I can get it working again it would be great because I LOVE the app... The only thing I did was set up VHOST with Apache. The page was displayed ok and I could stop/start servers etc...I had done nothing else with it until today (screenshot) 😞 Hope you can help. Smiley
  8. Thanks mate, I think those message will appear in bottom of screen? You can already do that in OW MoD. I was hoping to get something in the same place as B3 did..Its not a massive problem but would be nice. When i seen the image above I was wondering if we can do something with 'julia' I dont use a main_shared folder either. Anything I want to work like that is done with a serverside iwd file. Same thing basically. I am not a guru with all this so all a learning curve. πŸ™‚
  9. Hi All, I tried to search but did not find so I will ask. I am using Neho's CoD4XWebAdmin (Love It) But also wanted to have messages scrolling in the way that B3 does. I can have B3 running but it seems kind of pointless to use when you can do all with the CoD4XWebAdmin. I would use B3 running for screen messages ONLY. So the question is what do you guys do if you want screen messages. I am using OW based MoD and yes you can have messages scrolling through but I dont think they are so good as having them where 'chat' appears. 1. I can use CoD4XWebAdmin with the $ prefix ( I don't like that 😁 ) (But probably easiest solution) 2. Is there some script I can add to display messages in the 'chat' area ? 3. Can julia plugin be used to generate messages? The image shows 'julia' or is this just B3? I think I am missing a trick here. πŸ˜† Would be interested what you guys are doing..using both webadmin and b3 ? something else? Thanks for the input. Smiley.
  10. Its my own machine at home Cyruz. It has been ok since I rebooted machine. Was always ok in the past but I noticed last few days they were not there. Fingers crossed it stay ok again.
  11. This also did nothing. Even after waiting a period of time. Its not just mine, there are many that do not appear in either list. Friend of mine also has the same issue, yet we appear in the CoD4X Master list, smv's list etc.
  12. Is already like that Alex 😞 Still nothing
  13. I can refresh a 100 times lol..they NEVER are 😞
  14. I have a token but my servers only sometimes appear in either 'Internet CoD4X' or Internet ATVI They are always in the Master Server List... It is just in game they don't show up..or randomly show up. Mostly not...
  15. As Alex says..when it is the steam game you will get a message..do you want to downgrade to 1.7..say yes and voila...you can join...just did this yesterday for a friend.
  16. ={FMJ}=Smiley

    guid changer

    Thats not good 😞 Thx for letting me know..Never knew about this one....
  17. ={FMJ}=Smiley

    guid changer

    I had a cheat on...take a look at the image. Three different GUID's (Same Steam ID on two of them and changed his name) One GUID with Steam '0' same name..He joined server with all these in the space of 2 minutes...Screenshot did not pick up a thing?? ....but spectating him it was absolute clear he was cheating.
  18. No further problems to report ... 🀞
  19. Added file, never got replaced after servers restarted and file size same as in download. (smaller than before) Will report back how it goes. Thx Fraggy.
  20. Mine is Linux. It’s totally random. Server been running for hours and then boom... shut down three times in 15 minutes with same error.
  21. Hi ,,,,yes..exact same error for me also.. I just posted in another thread then seen this one.
  22. Since then though server keeps shutting down.. Never happened before. This program has crashed with signal: Segmentation fault The current Gameversion is: CoD4 X - linux-i386-custom type 'e' build 1071 Dec 17 2020 File is ./cod4x18_dedrun Hash is: c0c3a04d38dcff291f38f5b3b87f51beee057881fbf30805683d5f3bb3c44c75 ---------- Backtrace ---------- 18: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_PrintBacktrace+0x31) [0x80a492a] 17: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_DumpCrash+0x92) [0x80a4a05] 16: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_SigHandler+0x24) [0x80a4a7b] 15: linux-gate.so.1(__kernel_sigreturn+0) [0xf7ee9b60] 14: ./steam_api.so(+0x1b8b5) [0xe1f058b5] 13: ./steam_api.so(+0x8cf4a) [0xe1f76f4a] 12: ./steamclient.so(+0x61f5d7) [0xe0fcc5d7] 11: ./steamclient.so(+0x76d17a) [0xe111a17a] 10: ./steamclient.so(+0x10ff58) [0xe0abcf58] 9: ./steamclient.so(+0x76c508) [0xe1119508] 8: ./steamclient.so(+0x10ea42) [0xe0abba42] 7: ./steamclient.so(+0x1111fa) [0xe0abe1fa] 6: ./steamclient.so(+0x112086) [0xe0abf086] 5: ./steamclient.so(+0xa56510) [0xe1403510] 4: ./steamclient.so(+0xa5518b) [0xe140218b] 3: ./steamclient.so(+0xa5534d) [0xe140234d] 2: ./steamclient.so(+0xa57c53) [0xe1404c53] 1: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0(+0x8635) [0xf7ead635] 0: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(clone+0x6a) [0xf7b158fa] -- Registers --- edi 0xdfdc1440 esi 0x1100001 ebp 0xdfffeac8 esp 0xdfffeab8 eax 0xa60bc1d1 ebx 0xe1f91000 ecx 0xe5 edx 0xa6565499 eip 0xe1f058b5 -------- Backtrace Completed -------- Received signal: Segmentation fault, exiting... Server received signal: Segmentation fault Shutting down server... ----- Server Shutdown -----
  23. Thx for the info AlexC. Done. Good Job CoD4X Team πŸ‘Œ
  24. Steam update today breaks the chain once again..... Starting to hate Steam lol......
  25. Clients on 17.9 or 18.5 as you say will not be able to join an updated 19.2 server. Like wise if the server is NOT updated and the client is fully updated the client will not be able to join until the server owner updates his/hers server. https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/4819-190-update-is-coming-soon-and-is-mandantory/