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  1. In Openwarfare MoD you can set that in the server/idlemonitor.cfg. Not sure if this helps. // Time after that the player have become idle, that the player should be forced to spectate. // 0 = Disabled (default), 1-600 = Enabled // set scr_idle_switch_spectator "0" // Time after that the player have been forced to spectate, that the player should be kicked. // 0 = Disabled (default), 1-600 = Enabled // set scr_idle_spectator_timeout "0" // Show a warning message before taking action against idle players // 0 = Disabled (default), 1 = Enabled // set scr_idle_show_warning "1" // Protect players wearing these clan tags from being kicked when idle (separated by spaces). // set scr_idle_protected_tags "" // Protect players with this GUID from being kicked when idle. (separated by semicolon). // set scr_idle_protected_guids ""
  2. Is this server your own server at home or a rented server?
  3. 100% It only worked for me when i added the quotes. I really cannot remember if i had them there last time but this time it only worked with them....
  4. Sorted--- Need to have the " " in there. +set sv_maxclients "32"
  5. Here is one of my start up lines... I put after dedrun did not work. I have 4 servers running and tried on all. It worked fine last time lol.. If i can remember where i put it. I think it makes a difference? Or am I missing something elsewhere now? ./cod4x18_dedrun_ftag +set sv_maxclients 32 +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port 28970 +set sv_punkbuster 0 +set sv_pure 1 +set fs_game "mods/ftag_s" +exec ow_ftag.cfg +map_rotate +set rcon_password "PASSWORD" +set fs_homepath /home/smiley/cod4/_ftag +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=2000 xanim=3200 image=3000 material=6000 fx=1000" &
  6. Fraggy, i know this is a while ago and i did that and it worked no problem. Since i had to do a complete Linux reinstall (grrrrrr) I came to this again. However this time i cant seem to get it working. Does it matter WHERE in the startup line +set sv_maxclients 32 goes? I cant remember the last time where I put it. I tried after map rotate and before, other places blah blah but nothing. I tried with and without "32" commas. Any ideas ? Thanks.
  7. Mine at the moment is in the server.cfg. The guy who is changing the map and made me aware of this, I know him. He does not know the RCON password at all. But he can still change the server map rotation. He said he will go through it with me more today so I can let you know exactly what he is doing. He is also running a server but not cod4x. He has been able to disable console completely (so he says) to prevent it. He could also do it on 1.7 I never knew that you could put password in command line. I think that could be a safer way maybe and so I will also try that. Change the password while I am at it. Will keep this updated because its annoying me right now lol....
  8. OK..trust me when i say that this guy comes in and changes maps at will. Also can call votes to change map, kick player etc etc all from console. I have ALL of that disabled. Old voting is also set to '0' in q3config. Console is disabled in normal openwarfare server.cfg This is not a wind up or joke..the guy is genuinely trying to let me know and says he can do it on all servers. He showed someone on another server to raise awareness and they banned him lol
  9. Hi, that is OK for me because it does not affect the server. The information that I got from another member was that they rotated the map actually in the server which is of course what we don't want. The guy from another clan who claims he can do this is yet to contact me. He said he would show me. If it is true then of course I will report back here. But as said above...it makes no sense to me how they could do that with any passwords etc. Yeah i panicked a bit because I don't want just anyone changing maps at will. Really appreciate you coming in sheep_wizard2 and trying that out for me. Lets see what this other dude is on about...make me look even more stupid 😞 I'm probably get fed crap info and reacting to that crap info and now looking crap lol. Will let you know when i get hold of him and try.
  10. I need to double check again lol...so keep giggling 🙂 I would like someone to come on server and try it if possible......A guy from another clan said he has 100% changed my server maps by going in the console. There is 10000% no chance he has any admin details RCON password etc. Is he pulling my plonker or what?? Please give it a try if you get a chance: fmjcod4.ddns.net:28960 is one of the servers.
  11. Yes I see now...grrrr sorry for the noobness. Really appreciate the help. Just think I panicked a bit there!
  12. I went on an empty server earlier running cod4x. I typed /map mp_crossfire into the console and it changed the map for me. I dont know this server, I have no RCON nothing!. So it would seem there are few with 'security issues' Unless you dont mind clients doing that. But maybe people can kick players also? I don't know. Maybe check your own servers also? I changed to set sv_disableClientConsole 1 But at first i thought it was not working because it still brought down the console. However after testing it again it started to change the map (looked like it was) and then kicked me out the server. So now all is OK and no one can change anything.
  13. This does not work on older build versions of COD4X. You need the latest build. Trouble for me was with latest build nothing worked anymore! Went back to what I was using before. Ok i am not on the master list now but hey!
  14. This does not work on older build versions of COD4X. You need the latest build. Trouble for me was with latest build nothing worked anymore! Went back to what I was using before. Ok i am not on the master list now but hey!