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  1. With some script and help from @c-bin managed to get things sorted in _spawnprotection.gsc Works a treat. Thank you for the help.
  2. Ok thanks. I will take a look and see what there is and report back here :-)
  3. Hi All, I am using OW MoD and was wondering if there is anything I can do to get the spawn time showing (countdown) next to the shield in game at spawn. Ok if you know the shield is there you are in spawn but it would be good to know how much time is left because in this instance as it is for a Sniper server. Players have a minute or whatever time is set in cfg to get to a good position etc. I have seen it in some servers some time ago also using OW so I guess that some script needs adding somewhere. I am not the expert in this but hopefully can get it done with a little guidance. Does not have to be fancy colours etc just a countdown timer. I did see a thread here but did not really understand it so well and there was little arguing going on with it πŸ˜„ Anyway if anyone has done this or could point me in the right direction I would be thankful.
  4. ={FMJ}=Smiley

    FPS 333

    Thanks again for the reply. πŸ™‚
  5. ={FMJ}=Smiley

    FPS 333

    Thx for the reply Kreator. I don't think that this is something that would cause any real HUGE advantage in normal play? Is there are way to set a max fps for the server? I'm not too sure. If it even works. I had set max ping previously in server cfg and that does nothing at all! Maybe this is the same.
  6. ={FMJ}=Smiley

    FPS 333

    Hi All, Firstly FPS 333 is something that I have not done or really intend to do. I am wondering if this is considered a hack/cheat? I read that in high end promod competition for example it’s considered a cheat! I noticed some players in my server with 333 FPS. Not promod I might add. I’m just wondering trying to get the overall feeling with this? It’s not a cheat in the sense that you can see through a wall so what do you guys think? Surely not go down the road of banning players with 333 FPS!
  7. ={FMJ}=Smiley

    Steam ID

    I sent that link to him to try. Thanks. Will let you know πŸ™‚
  8. ={FMJ}=Smiley

    Steam ID

    Thx for the replies guys. I, and I know some others also just have steam running in background and play CoD4 from either steam or non steam versions. When we connect to the server we see in steam 'Smiley is playing CoD 4 X' and in green writing not the default blue. That is the same for us all apart from this guy. He is showing online but when he starts his game nothing happens. He is using non steam version. But that should not matter. Uninstalled reinstalled steam but still the same. Tried steam privacy settings set to public/friends etc but nothing! Really have no idea. In Nehos webadmin we are all good and see our steam ID but of course not his. Its as though he does not have steam running but for sure it is.
  9. ={FMJ}=Smiley

    Steam ID

    A Google search suggested the steam privacy settings and changing them to Public/ Friends but this changed nothing. Still has no Steam ID showing. No idea
  10. ={FMJ}=Smiley

    Steam ID

    Hi dpj, thx for the reply. Definitely running steam before before cod4x and I can see him online in steam friends list. When he joins a game steam remains just saying online unlike when others join a game they go 'green' and says playing the game. Must be a steam setting somewhere or something like that I guess.
  11. ={FMJ}=Smiley

    Steam ID

    Hi All, This is not specifically to do with CoD4X but I am hoping the wealth of knowledge here may help me solve a small problem. I have one member who I would like as an Admin on NeHo's Webadmin tool. (I know many here also use it and I have also posted on his forum) However for some reason when he joins the servers his steam ID is not showing or getting recognized. Of course we need that in order for him to execute the commands for the CoD4XWebAdmin. He has steam and it is running but when he joins the servers but there is nothing showing in player data field in the webadmin, just his GUID. It is OK for everybody else, no problems at all, just him. What could he be doing wrong? Of course it is a local problem of his but just hoping maybe somebody could spring some light for us. His steam is running in the background and he is using the non-steam version of the game. We are guessing this is something small to fix but can't seem to figure it out. We will also probably feel a bit stupid when we do haha. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi Kreator , Can i ask why +map_rotate should always come at the end? I have never done that. I experimented with promod I also never did that. All worked ok. Is this something that should be done for another reason? Just curious. Thanks in advance.
  13. Typical that when i post i found the error haha...Sorry guys.. Basically On my start up command line I made a schoolboy error.... The fs homepath was wrong so it was not able to write to the server. Stupid mistake.....I need glasses. Funny how when something is wrong you kind of start going above and beyond what the mistake actually is....Pffff Delete thread please πŸ™‚
  14. Hi All, I am messing about with a test server at the moment and installed B3 really just as a test for myself because I have not done in it so long. It is running and messages are scrolling in the server. I have echelon up etc also. I am using the cod4x parser and all seems well..... However..it is almost as if B3 does not see 'outside world' ? I cannot use the !iamgod and I do not appear in echelon as a client. (the first one) It is on a local machine at home. The server is showing in the list and masterlist so it is the In B3xml i have always had it like this below in the past and it has worked fine. Its been a while though so maybe I am wrong πŸ™‚ Can anyone see anything in log? Many thanks. b3.log
  15. There is no fix. Playing CoD4X will always look like MW3 on Steam. One of the developers or more experienced can explain the actual why better than I can.