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  1. Thanks, but these materials are missing from the source. As long as these files are not available, I can't compile in to the mod.ff file. I've checked each of the links you submitted. These are not source files, unfortunately developers no longer have this material because they are constantly developing. I wonder if anyone else has these files in the raw / materials directory.
  2. hi, i need some help. I have translated the RotU Zombie menu into our native language. I got the source from the makers. However, for any changes, you need to recompile the mod.ff file. When reading the mod.csv file, you would like to compile some or two of the materials that were not found in the source. My question would be that somebody doesn't have the following file in the raw / material directory: gfx_fxt_debris_cottonpuff gfx_fxt_smk_gen_z10 gfx_fxt_bio_blood_cloud gfx_fxt_bio_blooddrops gfx_fxt_bio_bloodburst_c gfx_fxt_bio_bloodburst_b gfx_fxt_bio_bloodgush gfx_fxt_bio_bloodburst I contacted the developers, but I haven't got a solution yet. Either I need to get these files or I need to figure out in the mod.csv file which line is referring to the compile. I have been told by the developers that cod4_modtools is theoretically included in the package, but that the modtools version 1.1 does not exist in the source. Can someone help me with this? I would be interested in any solution. mod.csv in the link. Or to replace missing files. Thank you in advance everyone! mod.csv
  3. Hi there. Thanks to everyone for the help, in the meantime I contacted AlexC who told me the order of the operations and answered the questions. Here I would like to thank him! As well as everyone who makes a significant contribution to my understanding of how it works.
  4. Hi. The server not yet modified. And the problem is, if I want to get to the settings I want, I would need to understand a lot of functions in order to get a scorestreak once and for all, off the server. I've reviewed a lot of gsc files, the scripts point to directories that I don't have yet. Many of the changes I can already make are basically made through the exampleszerver.cfg configuration file. And it's really annoying that I can't turn off the scoretreak within that. So now it's a game of patience to decipher the relationships. Most of the help here is linking a link and here I have to see the whole script. However, it would be much better to write specific guidelines. Thx. The Help!
  5. I have read all the pages you linked, but there is no indication of full operation. So I got stuck here again, created the right directories, I just needed to be able to load. Do I need scripts to run? I want to know the connection because I don't quite see how it works. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. Thank you, I'm trying to keep up with this information.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. I can't find this file in my base libraries. Could you elaborate a bit more on this file, where does the server read it? (Linux debian strech)
  8. Hi everyone. There is a topic launched to answer this question, but so far no one has been able to write the right answer. I'd like to disable killstreak on the server as well, but it seems impossible yet? If anyone knows a good solution I would be open to it, the configuration file cannot be turned off. Even with direct rcon login! Also by changing the startup file. Does anyone know a way to permanently disable this feature? (Killstreaks) I'd be grateful if the developers could give me some instructions on this, as it looks like it can't be disabled temporarily or permanently on the COD4X server.
  9. Please tell me which basic script you would need to change to disable it?
  10. Hi there. I am not really familiar with these ways to administer the game server. Could be interesting. My point would be that I cannot and do not want to stay on the server for 24 hours and would be interested in an alternative which would make the server controllable in my absence without having to enter the game. But I would also like an internal mod that allows us to administer the game server within the game without command lines. Do you have any suggestions for these alternatives?
  11. This is really welcome! I admit that my strength is not English, but rather German. But I know and understand some of the basics, google doesn't really translate what you want to say, so I apologize. I really use the translator. Unfortunately with these successes Ez igazán örvendetes! Bevallom nem erősségem az angol, inkább a német területen vagyok jártasabb. De az alapokat valamelyest ismerem és értem, a google tényleg nem mindig azt fordítja le, amit mondani szeretne az ember, ezért elnézést is kérek. Valóban használom a fordítót. Sajnos ezekkel a sikerekkel:) És akkor most leírnám mi a gondom. Talán így érthetőbb lesz számodra. Az utolsó kiadott frissíés cod4x18_dedrun linux futtatása alatt készít egy másik könyvtárat. Ebben az újjonnan létrehozott könyvtárban alálható a q3config is. Az Rcontools meg nem tudja írni a default.cfg filet, mert az nem abban a könyvtárban van, amit az indító file létre hoz. Tehát incloudolni tudja az általam létrehozott konfigurációs filet, de csak abban az esetben, ha ugyan abba a mappába helyezem, mint a q3config. Tehát az elérési útak megváltoznak, éppen ezért nem öröklődnek a beállítások a szerverkezeléskor, ha az Rcontools-t használom. Köszönöm a segítséged! I apologize to everyone, but the one above me is also a brother, and perhaps in my own language I can understand my problem better. Please take care of me. Thanks!
  12. Please do not underestimate the Hungarian language Hungarian was the first to invent the computer
  13. Szia. Tudod, az RconTools nem hoz létre külön konfigurációs fájlokat, de meglévő konfigurációs fájlokat tud írni. A Q3config_server.cfg olvassa az general.cfg fájlból a cfg fájlnevet, amelyet az RconTools már rögzített vagy szerkeszthető. A probléma az, hogy ezt csak akkor lehet megtenni, ha a q3config_server.cfg fájl és az előre beépített general.cfg fájl ugyanabban a könyvtárban vannak futás közben. Tegyük fel, hogy nem az RconTools szoftvert használja. Ha a létrehozott konfigurációs fájlt nem tárolja a q3config könyvtárban, akkor az nem lesz képes olvasni. És az alapvető probléma az, hogy az előző bejegyzésemben láthatod, hogy nincs semmi baj a szkripttel. Amikor futtatja, létrehoz egy új könyvtárat a q3confign számára, amely nem működik ugyanabban a könyvtárban, mint az general.cfg fájl. Ez a probléma. Már ismeri a fent leírt paramétereket, A Linux debian alatt futtassa a szkriptet, és látni fogja, hogy a q3config külön könyvtárban jön létre. Az elérési út megváltozik, ha csak a saját general.cfg fájlt akarja letölteni, ha a könyvtárban van q3config. a saját konfigurációs fájljával. Nem volt időm foglalkozni ezzel a kérdéssel tovább. Ha megoldást lát, nyitott vagyok rá, köszönöm a segítséget! Ps: I think q3config wants to include the general.cfg file. If you can modify this, you might be able to use RconTolls on Codx4 servers to set up the game server at your own pace rather than typing command lines.
  14. Hi there. Maybe I figured out the problem, the solution will come So the whole server directory changes with running cod4x18_dedrun. Which means that when I copy the entire game server file to the server, I give it the necessary execution permissions, for example: cd / home / user / callofduty4 Then the directory will be the boot file. (Cod4x18_dedrun) I create a script that looks like this: #! / Bin / bash cd / home / user / callofduty4 / screen -dmS cod4 ./cod4x18_dedrun + set sv_authorizemode "-1" + exec general.cfg + map_rotate When you run the script, it starts an auto-upgrade and then creates a .callofduty4 / main directory that contains the following files: q3config_server.cfg xbase_00.iw So the run script completely upset the directory. Read the general.cfg file from the above directory, but only if I copy it there. In RconTools and user / callofduty4, overwrite the configuration file. I see three solutions. 1. tell Rcontools where to work, where to save. 2. I disassemble the codx18_dedrun launcher and tell it where to upgrade to which directory. 3. * I try to redirect libraries for proper operation. (the latter may not be workable)
  15. Thank you for following the question. Just part of my problem is that the developer is no longer available in any respect. The program includes career changes, banquets, etc. implemented. However, the settings are not maintained. I was a little more immersed in it and thought it was interesting to discover. There is a directory where I copy the base files. Example: cd / arbitrary directory / COD -> Run the script from here (./ Finally, I found the following in a completely different directory. cd / different directory /./ callofduty4 / main ... In this different directory, create the q3config_server.cfg file when running the script. And if you don't have your own configuration movie in this directory, you won't inherit anything. The program (CoD Rcon Tool) works in any directory, not in a different directory. Ergo is worth nothing, maybe to keep the scammers away. If you want to change anything you like, you have to use handwritten commands in your cfg. able to record. Eppie: I don't really understand what a database would need for this? Natur can be run without the server database. I do web hosting, I do not risk linking the threads.