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  1. The problem is that you have Game version: Steam version 1.8.13620 I assume. 21/11/2018 Steam cod4 is broken, thanks to activision's recent update. The simple fix is to download the original cod4 1.7 exe (http://www.mediafire.com/file/f1el1lzsnen9xzn/iw3mp.exe) and place it in your cod4 folder, then run it. Then after that install cod4x etc you should be good to go
  2. Find a good server that reguarly checks all players' screenshots for wallhack
  3. the server you were playing on probably modified cg_weaponCycleDelay, so stupid tbh but up to them.
  4. Server with 20 or so bots, it uses custom maps. I guess the waypoints for each custom map are the issue?
  5. Hi I get the following error on my server With the reason: Server fatal crashed: Hunk_UserAlloc: out of memory Is there a way to allocate extra memory for my server?
  6. I have suddenly started to run into an issue with these bots, it has happened at least twice now. A rare bug and I cannot find the source of the problem. Has anyone else encountered this? https://streamable.com/8ebox1
  7. When I try to add desert eagle to my class I get the following error. I also show example of my class that I try to add it to. It happens in all my classes..
  8. Why do you care so much about it tracking your hours on steam?? New update fixes many things, you should update to 18.4
  9. Hi, I see india server I am playing today have fake player in spectator, they are there all day but server list show it has no bot, is this allowed or are these scripts fround upon?
  10. thank you very much, looks like it is working, much love!! (no homo)
  11. you mean the penetration one? won't that stop triples?
  12. Hi, there is a map (mp_pk_harbor) I play on my server which is very nice except the whole map is wallbangable, even without deep impact. Is there a way to disable kills through walls without removing the posibility of hitting a triple with 1 shot from a sniper for example? If not possible, no problemo
  13. The only way I am able to update to it at the moment is in-game, hopefully the devs add it to the following link sometime soon https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_client_18_3.zip
  14. have you tried 18.2? working good for me any many other
  15. I suggest everyone downgrades to 17.9 until a stable version comes out, hopefully 18.2 is good! At least they are trying to do some updates