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  1. Nope, unfortunately not; I feel like I've exhausted all potential avenues but uncertain as to where to go from here.
  2. It doesn't unfortunately; everything seems to result in the segmentation fault.
  3. Hi mate, I wget'd the file and extracted via terminal. Only files I uploaded were the *.iwd files; could that cause this issue? As I mentioned before, I did build it myself, but unfortunately the same issue. Nope, this is the first and only server I have running. This was what I did first, exactly "chmod +rwx cod4x18_dedrun"; same issue, though. Do either of you have Discord? I don't mind running through my setup if that's OK (or is there a Discord for the Cod4x community at all?) If so, my Discord tag is Simple#9999 Cheers
  4. Hi all, Just trying to setup a non-mod server for myself and a couple of friends, I've followed the requirements on GitHub here: And further to the above, followed the guide here: Whenever executing the command: ./cod4x18_dedrun +map mp_pipeline +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip 95.179.x.x The output returned is just, "Segmentation fault", and then the application terminates. I've also gone with the approach of building the cod4x18_dedrun myself, which compiled successfully, but using this version resulted in the same thing. Any help would be appreciated!