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  1. Hello there, You might look at the title and think ''it's one of those again''. But I honestly am really stuck with this issue. Cod4x freezes completely every few seconds. To the point where I literally can't do anything. I had the same issue on my old gaming laptop. Now it's happening on this one as well. I tried every forum on the internet to look for a possible solution and can't seem to find anything that helps. So I thought it might be happening because of the engine? My pc is strong enough and can handle modern games on medium settings. Though, it seems very odd. Single player works perfectly. Since SP worked fine I thought it would be a connection issue. I tried my internet at home, at a friends house and even my mobile data to test this. Every time it does the same. I wonder if this is a common problem or not. If any dev out there has heard of this or might know how to fix this problem I'm glad to hear that. Thanks in advance. DoubleV