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  1. Ahhhhhh, I got it! I took a very slow, very close look at exactly what you said and once I knew what I was doing the process was very easy. Thank you very, very much my friend. My only question is, since these maps have been modded to take advantage of the full functionaly of Frontlines Forever and all that it adds, are the re-converted (re-Pezbotted) scripts much bigger than they were originally, before inclusion in your mod?
  2. I'm confused though, the instructions you linked to seem to be about converting Pezbot waypoint files to Frontline waypoint files, not the other way around. I'll look some more and see if I can understand better. I'm new to this kind of thing. Your mod looks good but I'm trying to sort out all my maps first.
  3. Hajas, are you the fellow who responded to me asking about the Bootleg waypoints on Youtube a few days ago? I'm very interested to know more about Frontlines and how to convert the waypoints to Pezbot format. Can you tell me more?
  4. Hey everybody, I'm brand new (not only to the site but also kind of to the modding scene). My game is CoD4 because of all the custom maps and that sweet 16v16 player limit, but I never play online against other human beings, just offline against AI bots. I have GAD as well as other anxiety problems and playing against bots allows me to enjoy the game's combat features without the pressure of "performing" alongside other players. This is a problem because there are like 550 maps for CoD4, but I've only been able to find waypoints for maybe 50 of them. I was wondering if anyone has any that they would be willing to share with me, or trade if I happen to have something that they don't. As a last result I was directed to the site "COD Utility" which seems to have a waypoint download section, but I can't join the site because the image verification picture is missing. Can anyone out there help a guy with difficulties get more out of his game?
  5. Hi, I'm new here and don't use CoD4x yet (I'm just kind of checking it out so far) but my experience with CoD4 is that yes, unfortunately, you must install a new waypoint file that is specific to any added map that you want to play. While I've been lucky enough to find about 75 waypoints by scrounging the internet for a month, there are HUNDREDS of maps for CoD4 and I would love to play them with bots, but there doesn't seem to be any kind of repository or gathering place to find and trade them with other users. The closest I found was the Pezbot forum page on MODDB which is only accessible to administrators with no explanation given. I would very much love for someone to help both of us find more waypoints.