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  1. yooooo my friend connected and it works thank you all for helping a noob af like me (especially MAD_DAD tks man i owe u) and giving me ur time of the day i wish yall the best of luck in ur future endevours
  2. i contacted my isp and it seems that my router was assigned a private address so i requested a public address and now i checked my port but it said that my port was still closed tho and yea i put a static ip to my device as but still no sign of port being opening ill tell my friend to connect and come back to yall
  3. i forwarded according to the video and checked the manual still no success ill try contacting my isp and reply
  4. MAD_DAD told me that its a port forwarding error and i checked and it seems my 28961 port is not open so can someone guide me through the whole process? This is my port forward setting in my router : should i do port mapping configuration or port trigger configuration? if it is port trigger configuration i have given the settings in the 1st post if it is port mapping configuration this is wht i can do : so wht should i input and to which setting ? tks in advance to any kind soul who replies
  5. I have used these exact commands and these commands only : sv_hostname "Servername" rcon_password "rcon password" sv_privateclients "3" sv_floodProtect "1" sv_reconnectLimit "3" sv_cheats "1" sv_voice "1" scr_teambalance "1" g_allowvote "1" sv_authorizemode "1"
  6. It doesn't show but I forwarded for UDP and TCP for both 28960 and 28961 ports When I make the server it also says for ipv4 and ipv6 ports are forwarded
  7. yup i forwarded the ports of 28961 and 28960 i rechecked and it seems like i had only allowed iw3mp through the firewall while cod4x18_dedrun.exe had no rules so i allowed it (private and public) through inbound rules i will try the server and send a reply edit: i retried and same thing... my friend cannot connect but i can, for him not even the server name shows up edit: and should i allow cod4x_dedrun.exe through outbound rules and/or inbound rules ?
  8. i used my local address and used port 28961... i connected to the server so it works for me but my friend couldnt connect
  9. i used +set net_ip (my public ip from ( and tried running the server and it said "could not bind to ipv4 network socket" and server didnt start wht did i do wrong and how can i fix it ? tks in advance
  10. yup i connected and it works and yea i used my public ip ill try using set net_ip and reply
  11. word of warning that im a super noob so pls dont get mad at me for asking dumb questions.... I installed the latest client and server made a server directory and launched a server with these: +set fs_game mods/pml11223 +set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 0 +set sv_maxclients 12 +map_rotate +exec config.cfg i forwarded the 28960 port on my router: (i also allowed iw3mp through my firewall) the server runs with no errors so i sent it to my friend... he can see the server but it shows that there are 29 players while i didnt add any bots so it should be 0 and when he tries to connect he timeouts does any one know how to fix and how i can get it running? tks in advance
  12. If in the mains folder you can just exec from starting game via console
  13. U can also start the game then open up the console to type: exec [name of file].cfg Ps. Make sure you saved your file as a .cfg Ps.Do you have the file in the main folder or a mods folder If file is in a mods folder you must run the mod then exec the cfg

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    Bind melee to wheel down Bind grenades to middle mouse button M40A3 is the best sniper Ak47 is the best AR MP5 Silenced is the best sub machine gun Use heavy damage perk Or undetectable perk for mp5 Use steady aim or wall penetration Use three stun perk