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  1. If in the mains folder you can just exec from starting game via console
  2. U can also start the game then open up the console to type: exec [name of file].cfg Ps. Make sure you saved your file as a .cfg Ps.Do you have the file in the main folder or a mods folder If file is in a mods folder you must run the mod then exec the cfg

    New to CoD

    Bind melee to wheel down Bind grenades to middle mouse button M40A3 is the best sniper Ak47 is the best AR MP5 Silenced is the best sub machine gun Use heavy damage perk Or undetectable perk for mp5 Use steady aim or wall penetration Use three stun perk
  4. Thanks bro, does it work with mods or should we manually add it. And does it work with new experience by @leiizko Thanks In advance Gd luck and thanks for your bot script hope more updates will come so keep up the gd workπŸ‘πŸ‘Š
  5. Do we need to set the vars manually?
  6. How to add background music during killcam
  7. Cant u pls provide a token for me as I don't have a credit card so I cannot buy anything.... I'm 15...
  8. I did just what the read me file instructed. But it does not work and the side script does not work I have cod4x 17a can someone pls help..... As I am unable to play with the best side script ever made.... 😒😒😒 V_20190704_191855.mp4 V_20190704_192017.mp4