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  1. Any news about that? Still happens from time to time... aside I kinda of fixed that in the gameplay, generates lots of errors in the log and causes lag on the server during the logging... This is from yesterday:
  2. I have here the cfg generate with new profile by COD4X and my old, I just need to find time to compare each dvar to see what's wrong with the COD4X version which can't be fixed via menus.
  3. Frontlines don't require the extra features, connect this instead cod4://
  4. Hello, a friend after played over an hour with us was kicked and tempban with this error: Player PlyName^7, 30 dropped: You have raised unspecified violations(9). For the server security you are not allowed to play for the next 4 minutes Looked at logs and there's nothing aside this msg. What is the cause of that? He was the only affected until now. Thanks
  5. Testing a lot over here, figured out that messing with these graphics options can cause the error in old profiles, only the GREEN ones are safe to change to anything you want. But I can't make a NEW profile work, even with all set to max... doesn't work. Must have some other config in the cfg file that is causing the error, not available in the menus. Still trying to find it, but will take a little time to check each dvar...
  6. I will look further into this.... a member reported that problem came back after he changed some configs. When I create a new profile, the first thing I do is set everything at high settings, even aside that I get the problem. I'll try to force this problem in an old profile to see if happens too.
  7. Is not related with that, is with the profile created by COD4X. I'm dong lots of tests, and saw that COD4X do NOT create a folder inside the game when create a profile, just at APPDATA. Tryed to copy inside. Didn't worked. saw that everything was read only, removed and still crash. How to create a new profile? Copy/Paste the old profile created with COD4 and rename it to anything else. WORKS PERFECT! The problem is with profiles created with COD4X! Don't work with mods that use r_xassetnum extras. I'm providing a clean profile to my clan be able to play. All players which installed COD4 recently have the same problem, because ALL of them have COD4X generated profile. Something is wrong with that. Cheers
  8. Seams only happens with mods with the extra limits... not with regular COD4 or mods that don't need that like Frontlines. Tested in 4 different machines, the same in all of them. New Profile = Crash to connect any server with a mod with extra limits - works fine in mods that don't need that and original COD4 MP. Old Profile = Works great with original COD4 and any mod, incluiding with extra limits. Why I don't have any clue, but I'm 100% sure this happens all the time.
  9. I'm getting this problem too, but ONLY with NEW PROFILES created already with COD4X. When the player tries to connect the server client crash with the msg "Needed to allocate at least 4096.0 MB to load images". Is not possible to play with this new profile. Really VERY weird! I tested here with different machines, works PERFECT with ANY old profiles, with or without previous mod use, works fine. I think the problem is in the new profiles created with COD4X... I have no clues aside that. Any help ASAP with this problem would be great! Thank you!
  10. Thank you very much Spider! Works GREAT now!
  11. Thanks! Will test this as soon as possible.
  12. That's was my first try, didn't work... via server I can't do that since I can't read these dvars before the SETU. The problem is working at client I'm limited to do that in menus right? Or am I wrong? if there's a gsc file that is loaded only at client when the game started? If not, I need to do this in the menus... works fine at OnOpen at main.menu file exec a CFG with SETU, but I can't read dvars from CFG. So I tryed several ways to set using SETU in the menus, all failed... This set the value as "dvarString( rio_customclass1 )", and not the value of the dvar. found this function in the menus, but there's not only one used as the way I wanted... tryed like that and is ignored. tryed with the same syntax as used, also ignored, no errors... this works great, but is not the kind of var that I want to set, I still can't do with a dvar.... tryed many other ways that caused errors in the compile process. :\ maybe is just the wrong syntax that I'm using... do you know how to do it in the menus? thank you!
  13. Ok, I really want to create 5 new dvars that can be readable by getuserinfo() Is possible? How to do that? What I'm doing: In the original COD4 we have 5 dvars which holds the name of each custom class. The main problem of this is because they are the SAME to every mod, aside each classes are departed and different, their names are the SAME, because these dvars are written in config_mp.cfg. If we had one config_mp.cfg to each mod, this problem would not exist and I will not need to do anything. Since we only have one config_mp.cfg I created 5 new to my mod, and make the client exec a hidden .cfg file to create them into the client config_mp.cfg. In this case are these 5 below: rio_customclass1 rio_customclass2 rio_customclass3 rio_customclass4 rio_customclass5 Works fine, then we have different custom classes names relative to my mod only, without beeing overwritten by other mods. It's perfect. The menu record them as SETA in the config_mp.cfg But in my new mod I have many new features and weapons, and would like make fast custom classes ingame. So for exemple, if a player write in their rio_customclass1 "ak47" your weapon will be replaced by an "ak47" in the spawn, even if you class doesn't have that weapon. Or even you need a RPG at your class in that moment of the game, just rename the class adding "RPG" then you will get a RPG in the next respawn, like for shut down an Helicopter. I use getuserinfo() to read these dvars from client, but can't find anything, only if I init them with SETU at every time the game started, then overwriting the player's config, that's the problem. The only way to make new dvars that can be retrieve with is with SETU, but we need to start with some value. Why not make getuserinfo() get ANY dvar from client? not only SETU dvars? If not possible, how to add new dvars to this scope? Got it? Thank you!