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  1. Hello, a friend (owner of a LAN House) asked me about a way keep the COD4 profiles of all his clients saved in the LAN server via password, so when I client connects will copy the profiles from the server to the station the client login. So the client can play with his profile then when stop, he can save and update his profile at the server to play on next time. Anyone know if such system (or similar) already exist? Cheers
  2. Hajas


    Seams that COD4X doesn't accept a connection (user/pass) for each command like regular COD4 accept, because that we can't connect via web like we used to. Still trying to fix this but without luck.
  3. I'm adding new PlayerModels from CFGFactory to my mod, but I don't know why I have them flickering with COD4X. The players and their viewhands have this flickering problem. An exemple : https://youtu.be/VdQokUxu-fQ?t=113 Already tryed to add them via mptype in the place of the original ones, and also just add the model and then use setmodel after spawn and setviewmodel, even removing the loading of all original playermodels which I'm not using. If I use all original playermodels, no problem at all in my mod aside the many new xmodels added to the game. My mod have 14 playermodels (7 to each side), which 7 are original and 7 are new ones. To make sure is a playermodel problem, I removed all the other xmodels from my mod, let it empty, with just the playermodels. Same result sadly. And aside all the new xmodels/features enabled with the 14 original playermodels (5x5 plus 2 to each side, exacly like Frontlines) works PERFECT! In fact Frontlines have 4 new playermodels added via mptype and +1 added via setmodel. Don't have any flickering problem during the game, ONLY sometimes at Killcam view like I pointed here: https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/3532-flicking-models-in-kill-cam/ Same version doesn't happens with regular COD4, only happens with COD4X. The main difference is that in Frontlines ALL playermodels are from COD4, 4 from other factions and 1 from SP converted to MP. While in Rio all new playermodels are brand new ones (7 at total) As a long shot, can Skins be the cause of that problem? I retextured the playermodels, is there any recommendation for SKIN formats of the dds files? I'm really opening the original and just saving as DXT5 after edit. Or almost all Playermodels from CFGfactory are bad and causing this (which I doubt but is possible) or is really a COD4X bug or I'm doing something wrong that is causing this problem. I already lost many months trying to fix this, sometimes works fine and I think I fixed, but few gameplays later I found out the problem still there. :\ Here the playermodels list: http://www.cfgfactory.com/downloads/show/5cca1bbf89414 http://www.cfgfactory.com/downloads/show/5cb1b37295130 http://www.cfgfactory.com/downloads/show/5cad479b97c07 http://www.cfgfactory.com/downloads/show/54bf8168a4bb2 http://www.cfgfactory.com/downloads/show/4e63d3c0e2c27 Any ideas are welcome! Thank you!
  4. Great! The #1 seams is not working at least with the same instance (server/client), the client only works if I start the client also with the command line. Will test online soon. The #2 I tryed even compiling the mod setting this var, seams only works via command line. The #4 I'm asking the command to return the actual state of your mod with counts of every images, materials, etc... did you know? Thank you very much for the answers. Cheers
  5. I made some tests, and sadly claymores can be detonated and kill accross walls (without iDFLAGS_PENETRATION) and any kind of vegetation, so in the end we reach to same problem, the bots can see through vegetation and walls (without iDFLAGS_PENETRATION) and will open fire. Anyone figured out how to spawn SOLID invisible walsl via script? Then we could add few to maps that have these problems. cheers
  6. Hello, is there a place to find more detailed info about I only found this but seams very incomplete : https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/3-extra-features/ Fews questions I have: 1. If I use this command line in the server each client will be affected too or they also need this in the command line? 2. Is possible to set this via CFG or GSC Script instead of command line? Then I could set in my mod and there's no need to the client set this command line. 3. Which are the vars available? I saw many more over here the forum different from that page. 4. Which is the command you are using to receive the limits so far of your work? Thanks!
  7. I used that at first, but later I replaced because performance issues, but I confess was a looooong time ago. I will try that again, BUT what I remember, clays can be triggered behind bushes and thin walls, so we gonna have the same problem, bots seeing what they shoundn't. But I'll make some tests, thanks for the input.
  8. ok, but what about the vegetation in the middle, is not a mappers fault right? Fixing that will fix also the dirty work of mappers.
  9. Hello, this is a request to make your bots become REALLY better. We all use to check the view of the bots with the bulletTracePassed function, which works great MOST of the times, but causes a chaos in those 2 cases mainly: In those 2 cases the bots will see the other players when shoudn't, and in jungle like maps it's a complete hell to play. Is possible to create a new funcion to test the view of the bots? How are the functions from Quake 3 for this? Is not possible to detect if hit any kind of colored object in the middel return false to not make the bots see through walls/jungles? thank you
  10. Hello, I'm adding weapons to my new mod, all seams perfect, all weapons working great with everything else, when the map ends and change map (even to the SAME map or even a Map_Restart, ALL the clients are getting kicked with the error : I'm not using ANY extra command lines to start the server or the clients, and really works FINE until the end of the map, it's just reconnect and then it's fine again until the end of the next map. This should happens when I just connect to the server as I'm used to in regular COD4 right? Any ideas to avoid this error aside reconnect each player at the end of the maps to avoid the error? YEAH, this works great! But don't make ANY sense for me! Sorry, I know I only come here with VERY strange errors. Cheers
  11. check your ui_maxclients this is the hardcode limit of the server, sv_maxclients can be changed on the go if is UNDER ui_maxclients if your ui_maxclients is 24, you can only set sv_maxclients until 24, more than that will be ignored. that's how I implemented the redirect system of Frontlines. cheers
  12. Hello, COD4X have any kind of command to export those tables? sadly COD4 don't even have the function tableLookupColumnForRow which would make this task easier. Downloaded several statsTables.csv online, no one works... most of them are not original aside claimed to be, but seams all of them ported/modified versions of OpenWarfare mod. Thanks
  13. No, is not that... only happens in globallogic, and was working in COD4, it's very weird I know. but I move the functions to utility which is inclued, and all is fixed... I'm using the same visual studio to ALL the files since the old COD4 version, the problem started only after I started to use COD4X. the only difference about globallogic was that I started as .GSX and later I renamed to .GSC but didn't made any difference... now are .GSC but even still had the problem until I moved the print functions outside globallogic. well, I found a fix moving to other files, so don't need to worry anymore. thank!
  14. To get more weird this ONLY happens in text in the globallogic file, on any other (I tryed many) works FINE like the original COD4. Very weird!