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  1. Hello, COD4X have any kind of command to export those tables? sadly COD4 don't even have the function tableLookupColumnForRow which would make this task easier. Downloaded several statsTables.csv online, no one works... most of them are not original aside claimed to be, but seams all of them ported/modified versions of OpenWarfare mod. Thanks
  2. No, is not that... only happens in globallogic, and was working in COD4, it's very weird I know. but I move the functions to utility which is inclued, and all is fixed... I'm using the same visual studio to ALL the files since the old COD4 version, the problem started only after I started to use COD4X. the only difference about globallogic was that I started as .GSX and later I renamed to .GSC but didn't made any difference... now are .GSC but even still had the problem until I moved the print functions outside globallogic. well, I found a fix moving to other files, so don't need to worry anymore. thank!
  3. To get more weird this ONLY happens in text in the globallogic file, on any other (I tryed many) works FINE like the original COD4. Very weird!
  4. Hajas

    FPS drop (RTX 2080)

    no more than if you set 250 FPS when your monitor can't handle that.
  5. Hello, could you tell me if the trigger_push is available in COD4X? And if yes what is the syntax? Thank you!
  6. Hajas

    FPS drop (RTX 2080)

    Over 250 FPS is already a kind of cheat because the game can handle that and start to allow you doing things you shouldn't, like jump a lot higher than others, search for 333 FPS cheat and you find many things on google about it. Usually the server admins don't let you use a so higher FPS. Anyway, 1000 FPS is "impossible" to use since your monitor can handle that, you should use VSYNC to match your monitor.
  7. The original game and other mods keep the gameplay in the same areas round after round, and few areas are NEVER used, and because that many waypoints around don't reach all the parts of many maps mainly because is not needed, but in Frontlines we play accross the entire map, so the waypoints are more detailed and larger than the regular ones. All the waypoints from Frontlines were created by myself, or at least very modified from the original. They are also made thinking about a tactical movement, and not just reach all the parts of the map. So is not a problem with convertion, they are really larger.
  8. Go the the EXACT post on link, the above it's the other way. Just open to edit and save without edit, then you will have the pezbot format.
  9. download and install the mod from MODDB or http://mods.hajas.org/ on my forum have a full tutorial, but you only need to open the map and export the waypoints, that's it. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hajas/waypointing-for-bots-tutorial-t388.html#p1340 or simply forget pezbot and use Frontlines instead, you will have a LOT more than anything else combined. enjoy
  10. More tests, found another important info. ONLY happens when the death is caused by MOD_IMPACT All our Sniper rifles have 2 kinds of ammo, the 2nd type is for very long range shots and cause deaths by MOD_IMPACT. Here a detailed video about it: https://youtu.be/0UMKKm-OcsQ The player simply dies like it should but return from the dead (this should be very cool with Zombies mods). See that the name doesn't disappeared from the head, aside all the vars indicates that he is DEAD, but he is back to game. No, there's nothing in my mod that make someone when get shot by MOD_IMPACT comeback to life. I checked anyway and the only part of the code that uses MOD_IMPACT is about tests to execute/or not execute blood splashes. For this test, I wait 3 sec to start to show the vars, then while the isAlive is TRUE show yellow debug, when he dies turns red and I did another check if he NOT isAlive and NOT saved (saved by medic) I just killed the undead. Without that I get the results listed above.
  11. Download Frontlines, have over 100 waypoints there... you just need to convert to PezBot format, or just play with Frontlines.
  12. My function is heavy modified, because the blood thinking, medic thinking, help mode thinking, etc... but there's no other "return" aside the 2 original ones. This is was written in 2008, and since that year was not touched. For a test, I did with regular COD4, no errors at all... no Undead players after more than 30mins of gameplay, with COD4X doing the same tests in the same map/gametypes/condititions with less than 5min we have at least one Undead. I realize the players are touching health as 0 in the lastStandKeepOverlay() when is changing between 1 and 2 to make bleed. Tryed to use 4 and 5 instead, still touching zero dunno why. VERY weird!
  13. If I add this in the begin of callback_playerdamage kinda solve the problem: if ( self.health <= 0 ) { self suicide(); return; } no more errors. the only problem is the player will be forever in laststand until someone kill him. I'm trying to make a thread to test this, but is difficult since I need to stop when he is dead, but he is undead, we have a deadlock cheers
  14. After spent several days trying to replicate the problem, seams I found it. Dunno why, in COD4X only, when stay in last stand RANDOMLY you become undead. At first I was thinking was a bot issue, but happened with players and with me, then I thought was the Medic System of Frontlines, then I simply took everything off and did a simple test: I removed the entire Medic System and Help Mode code, and let the original code only, then just give the last stand perk to everyone for test. Simply randomly few players ONLY after stay in Last Stand at some point they are dead as it should! but are still there in last stand. the test isAlive return negative aside the player it's there in laststand, and my bots simply ignore dead players and that's exact what happens, and when a bot is undead, is set to do nothing until he is alive. BUT, when a player is like that, he can fire his weapon until the end of the bullets, and he will NEVER die!. I put SEVERAL debugs to test what happens when the undead get shot, and the HEALTH is simply NEGATIVE, each shot become more and more negative, until reach the top negative health of -999, and any other damage this value will not change. Since we have a medic system in Frontlines, after we save this undead player, he can move around and get more ammo, and stay alive until the end of the round. More detailed information. When you shot and kill someone in Last Stand he is with Health = 1 When you shot and kill someone in Last Stand and he become UNDEAD his Health = 0, then start to become negative. In the logs usually we have this warning only, no errors: "No die handler for player entity type 12" When I force a "self suicide();" when he have negative health, we have also this error: ******* script runtime error ******* Trying to do damage to a client that is already dead: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsx', line 6869) self finishPlayerDamage( eInflictor, eAttacker, iDamage, iDFlags, sMeansOfDeath, sWeapon, vPoint, vDir, sHitLoc, psOffsetTime ); * called from: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsx', line 6679) self finishPlayerDamageWrapper(eInflictor, eAttacker, iDamage, iDFlags, sMeansOfDeath, sWeapon, vPoint, vDir, sHitLoc, psOffsetTime); * called from: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_callbacksetup.gsc', line 59) [[level.callbackPlayerDamage]](eInflictor, eAttacker, iDamage, iDFlags, sMeansOfDeath, sWeapon, vPoint, vDir, sHitLoc, timeOffset); * started from: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_callbacksetup.gsc', line 56) CodeCallback_PlayerDamage(eInflictor, eAttacker, iDamage, iDFlags, sMeansOfDeath, sWeapon, vPoint, vDir, sHitLoc, timeOffset) * ************************************ Please take a look in this issue, how a player can have NEGATIVE health, isAlive function returns false as was dead, but the player is STILL ingame? Thank you Cheers