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  1. Any news about fixing these bugs? I changed scripts to by pass this weird out of sync and the extra xmodel can be fixed with the extra numbers COD4X added, but AmbientPlay I can't fix from here, still beeing killed at the very end of the first round, and will only comeback in the next map. We are using version 19 only because this bug. cheers
  2. Yes, there's no server release yet.
  3. Hello, we decided to comeback to use 19.3 servers while 20.X still have the bugs listed here: https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/6007-bugs-20x/ But aside seams everything was working fine, we found a bug when a client get kicked by impure files, this is happening prior to the client have self.pers set, then causing lots of errors and even crashing the servers.For exemple: tryed to add this prior but nothing changed: We used to play a lot with 19.X versions without this problem, tryed to turn off sv_pure to avoid that while I'm working on it, but this now is avoiding players to get XP from the server, nothing is updated, so I was forced to put this back as should Would you point me the last version which was working the kick of impure clients without causing this mess? and maybe a fix that I can compile myself to make this go away? Or maybe is there a file which is causing that that I probably left in the server from 20.X which is causing that? Or even better, any idea when 20.X will be free of these bugs listed? Any help is appreciated. Will try now to fall back to 19.2 and see if gets better Thank you
  4. it's working fine for over 1k players now. did you installed correctly like the README file says?
  5. Dunno why after I edited the post to remove the link that didn't work in your forum was created another post. You can delete the other, I can't delete it sadly. Cheers
  6. Welcome to Hell de Janeiro !!! Main Launch Features . The best ever brazilian voiceovers made in the history of FPS with over 4000 new audios . 12 Maps located in Rio de Janeiro including classic remakes such as CS_RIO . All maps with dynamic weather from a clear sunny day until a storm with torrent Rain . 30 Gametypes with random objectives in each round . 4 Real Police Forces (BOPE Black, BOPE Camouflaged, PMERJ and BPChq) . 4 Real Crime Factions (Comando Vermelho, Amigos dos Amigos, Terceiro Comando Puro and Complexo de Israel) . Crime Factions are completely different in each map . 68 Weapons with select fire and brand new balance and behavior . Brand New Weapon Camouflage System relative to maps . You may find hidden weapons from Drug Dealers across the maps . 5 military helicopters including become a Gunner of a UH-1 . 5 TV stations helicopters that will disrupt the work of the police . Forever Concept where almost everything is random. Objectives, furnitures, vehicles, weapons... . 3 brand new perks . Use the BAC perk to become a police dog . HER with realistic Blood, Gore, Pain, Damage & Physics effects . Over 3000 Easter Eggs . Server for up to 64 Players . Intelligent Server who admins the server for you the way you want . Intelligent Anti-Camping System coded to each gametype . Medic System with a Medic Perk to let you save your wounded teamates . Full Rank System with Custom Classes + Create-A-Class INGAME with 170 levels . Frontlines Last Stand, a lot more realistic and fair to both sides . Thousands of other features and options
  7. Hello, I remember that a long time ago we use to have these 2 main problems with Linux servers running COD4: Rank System doesn't work. Linux can't write in Clients profiles then never get XP/Promoted/Unlocks/etc... Maps with 50mb+ crash loading in Linux servers Are these problems still present in COD4X Server? Cheers
  8. Hajas

    20.X Screenshots???

    I'm glad you found them! But for now I will probably keep at 19.3 until they fix the AmbientPlay bug. Cheers
  9. We can add this bug to the list of 20.X bugs: https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/6074-20x-screenshots/
  10. Hajas

    20.X Screenshots???

    For Tests, screenshot from a different client works fine. Rollback Client/Server to 19.X and it's working fine again. AmbientPlay, Screenshots and Xmodel number increased (or respective test error) are the worst problems of 20.X Cheers
  11. I have Server/Client in the same folder which I use in development. So I start Server and Client with different batch files which exec different exe files in the same folder. Everything STILL working fine COD4 server/client Folder : except this: In the client when I hit F12 used to take screeshots in the folder Now I see in client log saying is writting the screenshots startings as was a new folder, reached until #10 already. But the files are not at this folder anymore. Checked the old files to see if started to overwrited the old ones, but no... are not there. Checked COD4X client folder on LocalApp and nothing too. Where are theses screenshots beeing saved??? Any clues? Is there a way to set/change the folder to save the files? Thanks
  12. I have sv_authtoken set as always and it's fine... but I'm having that exact error, not typo. The value of sv_steamserverlogintoken is "" as default. Never heard about that in COD4, this is common on valve servers like Insurgency for exemple. The errors are not happening anymore, I did nothing after post here... simply stopped to happen testing right now. Very weird!
  13. I found that msg since last week in all my COD4X servers: Now we need to get a Steam token like we have to valve servers? or what?
  14. Well, all of this were working perfect since COD4 1.0 until COD4X 19.4. Then now with 20.X is broken. Not just for me, but is happening with ALL our players, at any mod, any server, any map. If in your test works, something is different from what you have out there and players around the world have in their COD4. Your Client is the same auto-updated since the earlier version of COD4X? or it's a new fresh install? Maybe the problem is with our clients, and not the servers. But something is very wrong with 20.X. Where's the video showing is working the sound? About my code, any code change with the years, if a code stop to work as used to work for several years will never be the code. I can post here, but will not make any difference I believe.
  15. Something is causing this error in 20.X versions. And is not random, are happening 100% of times with the exception of out of sync. Look, these are facts: . 20.X have at least one more xmodel than 19.X or the test to give that msg is broken in 20.X (or something related to this are causing this error) . AmbientPlay function is KILLED at the end of the round.Any mod! Any server! Also kills ANY loop sound ingame making them restart at the same point, but AmbientPlay will not restart until change map. . Out of sync is the only random thing here, running sequential code without beeing sequential. But it is happening many times.