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  1. Little bug... When I write in the code other chars like "é ô ú ã" to print on the screen with iprintln and iprintlnbold we get weird chars instead. If they are in a DVAR and loaded to be printed works fine. cheers
  2. was 2, then I moved to 1 to try to avoid that. no change sadly. will try with DNS as Fraggy said. thanks
  3. Sometimes I need to work on places without internet, but aside I set the server to dedicated = 1 (LAN) still keeps trying to register the server online and everything. It works of course, but I need to wait to timeout all tryes to finally get the server running, since I'm developing I need to start the server several times to test what I'm doing and I'm losing around 5min on each start because of that, which also happens to the client. Exist any way to avoid that? set a dvar or something? Cheers
  4. the number of vars limit is a pain in the ass if you want to play very larger maps with bots, how much larger the maps more waypoints, but also needs more bots, then more vars to control them, then the var limit is reached very fast sadly. IMO this is priority #1 to COD4X improvement list! 2x? 4x? that would be AMAZING!
  5. Great great great! Thank you!
  6. Of course! The memory limit should increase too the the number of vars and threads running, or would be in vain. Cheers.
  7. Yes, I'm on the edged in the original COD4 stackspace, it's not a problem with COD4X or related, is just a request to let me go even further. I have 2 main problems, I know most people don't even know this because Frontlines is probably bigger than all most know mods combined. And of course I'm not talking about xmodels, images, sounds, etc... but the core. Main Problem 1: There's a limit of how many references you do to other files. Exemple: so with time I was forced to combine the files, until I finally decided to move almost all of them to the globallogic file. Was the ONLY solution to move on. Main Problem 2: There's a limit of code in memory. When a gametype is loaded, seams is put in memory globallogic and all the files from the main structure referenced by this file + the gametype gsc. Since I was forced to move everything to globallogic my file is very huge + the gametype it's almost the edge, and since I have huge gametypes like Mission & Virus for exemple, with around 3000 lines each. I also copied many functions to gametypes files to lower the number of references. What happens if I exceed that limit? start to have weird behaviors, like the later functions called starting to return as they don't exist in the code. If I remove some stuff simply comeback to work. Secondary problems . DVARS number - with more gametypes more dvar to control them, more vars/dvars in the code to deal with them, specially that I have WAR which need to control EVERYTHING in the mod when is on to work. . Gametype limit - The max number is 29 gametypes. if add 30, the last one in the gametypes.txt list will not carry their dvars, messages, etc, etc... simply will not change anything. that's why I created the virtual gametypes. . XModels, Material, other assets limits - Seams COD4X did a great job with this problem! -------------------------------------- If you could increase at least a little more 10-20% of the 2 main problems and also the DVARS numbers will be AMAZING. If you could increase even more than 20% would be even better. how much more better! I setted the Quake 2 memory to 4x and the result was amazing. I think would do the same result with COD4. The gametypes limit I already moved on with the virtual gametypes, and since most mods will never have more than 29 gametypes, don't need to worry about it. With these 3 stuff increased I would be extremely happy. And who will care if IsValidGametype() don't work anymore?
  8. Agreed! Let the modder do whenever they want with the names is the best solution.
  9. Since Frontlines it's too big I designed a feature called "Frontlines Commands", with simple commands you can control anything in the mod. So there's a lot less code to control anything inside, and a lot easier to control the server via rcon. When called and the command is not recognized by anything is assumed that seams to be a gametype instead, so I have this test using this function, if is really a gametype will change to the new one. exemple: This change to Support gametype with COD4, but in COD4X since the function is not working right, doesn't enter the IF and nothing happens. I can't remove that because if I try with for exemple : "suport" spelled wrong and want to change via script will give me an error without that check, depending the case a crash. The only way is set first as the original game: then But since all my control functions are based in the FL Commands, I can't use that without rewrite everything with LOTS of more code, which I can't afford without a crash. I don't have much space letf to work sadly. What I did was add all the 46 gametypes into the FL Commands script, which increased around 5-6 lines for each one. Since I don't have much space to work anymore, it's costing me space that I could use to something else. This solution was FAR better than don't use FL Commands and rewrite everthing, which will cost me LOTS of time and mainly LOTS MORE space that I can't afford without a crash. For now will work without it aside the increase of code space, but old versions of mods that use that will never work, like the original Star Wars for exemple, COD4X says VID is a invalid gametype aside it is a valid one. This doesn't happen with COD4. In my version of Star Wars I did the same I did now on Frontlines, so VID works flawless. But there I still have lots of space to work. Well, if you want to keep compatible to mods, all mods that use that will not work with COD4X, all past versions of Frontlines inclueded. Aside if you could also expand the allocated memory to give more space will be even better! https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/3169-expand-allocated-memory-at-least-for-recursive-functions/ keep the great work! cheers
  10. did you fixed that with the new release?
  11. Hello, seams the default function IsValidGametype() from COD4 is stuck with the 6 original gametypes returning false when is a custom gametype. I got this problem with Star Wars with the VID gametype, but I thought was something wrong with the gametype itself since I didn't coded and don't have the source to know if the gametype was really added fine. but now with my main project which have lots of new gametypes I figured out that simply doesn't work well anymore, the past version have the same problem. So I don't know which version the problem started. cheers
  12. Would be great if you could fix this for next release. Problem: Select names already selected. Then we have almost times 2-3 bots with the same name even with a file with over 240 names playing with just 40 bots. Script Fix: In the connection I check if the name already exist, if yes bot is kicked. Sometimes works fine, but sometimes the server don't get the names randomly but sequentially dunno why, then we enter in a forever loop, since the kicked ones are selected again and again. So it fails and I can't use it. COD4X Fix Sugestion: Read the file and put all of them in a list, select a name randomly and take that name out of the list. If the list is empty use the regular bot0, bot1... names as usual. Improvement Suggestion: Have 2 files, allies_names.txt and axis_names.txt (or the name you wish) so each team will have different kind of names. Cheers
  13. So please rowback! It is not working and this is an acceptable problem, if not possible to fix no problem, but the game broken and also break back compability it is not worthy. will divide and bury the community.
  14. I can uninstall and comeback to original COD4. But I can NOT get back 17.7 ever again. I'm reinstalling the old files, and It's always 17.8. that's the problem. I figured out that with a fast restart simply unlock the classes, at least let me keep working. but with this made my server unplayable.
  15. Tryed a full clean install in another folder, copying the COD4 from another machine. COD4 tested. Ok. Install the 17.7 files and BOOM, I still have 17.8 installed with full problems. Seams today I'll not be able to work sadly. Please let me know ASAP how can I get 17.8 out of my system for good.