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  1. Hajas

    Bots mantle

    I passed with this problem here too. In fact they can go Crouch and Prone without problems, but can't do that inside a window/hole that they can NOT pass in stand position. So if a players leave the window/hole in Crouch position the bot will stuck there. For now I removed all paths wich passes through those kinds of window/holes in the maps. Would be great if fixed in the future. Cheers
  2. In my new mod Call of Duty Rio, almost every map when change to the next all are kicked with the limit exceed, but when reconnect everything is fine. The problem is when Unloading a map to Load the next, seams at short time they are both in the memory or something like that. Dunno how this is really processed but in that middle aside the extra limits set on r_xassetnum kick everyone with the limits, aside can handle well ingame. To avoid that I send a reconnect command to each player before change the map, then no errors. But is causing this throuble with LANs, which can also be solved with another reconnect.
  3. Hajas

    Steam 1.8 Install?

    Good! but the Steam will check that is not the same and update? or we still need to move outside steam or check to not update COD4 anymore?
  4. I already update my Win7 computers by hand... they are working fine now. But what crash is not the COD4X, but the Auto-Update tool... when we hit Auto-Update the COD4X closes and opens another windows for the update tool for a milisecond then closes without errors. Removed COD4X at one computer and connected and then works perfect under Windows 7. So I believe the problem is moving from a prior COD4X version to 19. 18.5 to 19.0 = CRASH all the tries 19.0 to 19.1 = CRASH all the tries COD4 to 19.1 = Works Fine COD4X previous updates until 18.5 = Works aside sometimes crash, but we try few times works Will try more things here trying to replicate the error. Cheers
  5. Is not related to COD4/COD4X itself, but about the Auto-Update tool.
  6. Hello, Some players reported me that these procedures are not required anymore to install COD4X over Steam Version: No need to copy/move/replace the Steam iw3mp.exe 1.8 for the original retail iw3mp.exe 1.7 No need to move COD4 to outside Steam folder No need to UNCHECK to keep this game update to avoid steam to overwrite the COD4X files Can you confirm that now this is just connect that will install COD4X 1.8 without any issues like is with regular COD4 1.7? I can test myself because I don't have it on Steam, mine it's the original DVD Retail Box. Thanks
  7. Well, did you have any dll or something used in that auto-update software? Here at home I still have 3 machines with exactly Windows 7 Enterprise, same crashes in ALL of them. And of course I'm receiving several players with Windows 7 that can't do that update. Might missing something that Windows 10 have and Windows 7 doesn't by default. It's not a isolated problem.
  8. Ok, but to do this I need to change the server code, compile myself... I'm already having lots of work in my mod, can't work with COD4X too at the moment, specially because is a still in progress code... I already need to update my mod at every time that COD4X change the behavior in something, can't do that in 2 different codes.
  9. My mistake, 19.0 to 19.1 still crashes on Windows 7 tested over here several times in 2 different machines, none of them worked aside works fine with Windows 10. So now every player under with Win 7 are banned from COD4X. And to get worst, there's no manual download of 19.1 at your site. Could you please make the auto-update work again with Windows 7? Many players are in need for this. Cheers
  10. I see your point of view and makes sense. But I did that to fix the problem of have client crashes when change maps using r_xassetnum for the extra params to have extra XMODELS, MATERIALS, etc... Aside all clients can play FINE in ALL maps, so should not give this crash on clients when load the next map. Always when change the maps all clients get kicked with errors of limits exceeded... sometimes xmodels, sometimes materiasl, sometimes images... Maybe do a "better unload everything" to realease the most of stuff prior to load another map to avoid the crash??? I still can't see why the error in the changing map if we can play fine in both maps, something is not right in that process. With that I don't need to disconnect then reconnect everyone, all problems would be solved. Cheers
  11. Update from 19.0 to 19.1 works fine on Windows 7 again. Seams you fixed with the latest update. Cheers
  12. I think the best would be released in a next release, or in a patch to fix this maybe?
  13. Sadly the Auto-Update doesn't work anymore with Windows 7, tryed over 30 times in different computers and simply crash all the time without errors. With Windows 10 works without any problems at first try. The previous updates were already giving errors but if we try for 3-5 times works, but now seams doesn't work anymore. I know that Windows 7 is outdated, but many COD4 players have old machines with Windows 7, I still have some over here. So this will cause that many players to stop playing COD4 and going playing something else. The only current solution is download 19.0 and install upside the old install. It's easy to us, but not for regular players. Would be great if you make the Auto-Update work again with Windows 7. Cheers
  14. You need to download the latest version from the site and install like was the first time. I have to do it like that because doesn't work with Windows 7 anymore sadly.
  15. Hajas

    Sound Pack

    Unreal Tournament sounds to be exact. They are mods... you need to add the mod you like to your server.