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  1. Hajas

    20.X Screenshots???

    I'm glad you found them! But for now I will probably keep at 19.3 until they fix the AmbientPlay bug. Cheers
  2. We can add this bug to the list of 20.X bugs: https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/6074-20x-screenshots/
  3. Hajas

    20.X Screenshots???

    For Tests, screenshot from a different client works fine. Rollback Client/Server to 19.X and it's working fine again. AmbientPlay, Screenshots and Xmodel number increased (or respective test error) are the worst problems of 20.X Cheers
  4. I have Server/Client in the same folder which I use in development. So I start Server and Client with different batch files which exec different exe files in the same folder. Everything STILL working fine COD4 server/client Folder : except this: In the client when I hit F12 used to take screeshots in the folder Now I see in client log saying is writting the screenshots startings as was a new folder, reached until #10 already. But the files are not at this folder anymore. Checked the old files to see if started to overwrited the old ones, but no... are not there. Checked COD4X client folder on LocalApp and nothing too. Where are theses screenshots beeing saved??? Any clues? Is there a way to set/change the folder to save the files? Thanks
  5. I have sv_authtoken set as always and it's fine... but I'm having that exact error, not typo. The value of sv_steamserverlogintoken is "" as default. Never heard about that in COD4, this is common on valve servers like Insurgency for exemple. The errors are not happening anymore, I did nothing after post here... simply stopped to happen testing right now. Very weird!
  6. I found that msg since last week in all my COD4X servers: Now we need to get a Steam token like we have to valve servers? or what?
  7. Well, all of this were working perfect since COD4 1.0 until COD4X 19.4. Then now with 20.X is broken. Not just for me, but is happening with ALL our players, at any mod, any server, any map. If in your test works, something is different from what you have out there and players around the world have in their COD4. Your Client is the same auto-updated since the earlier version of COD4X? or it's a new fresh install? Maybe the problem is with our clients, and not the servers. But something is very wrong with 20.X. Where's the video showing is working the sound? About my code, any code change with the years, if a code stop to work as used to work for several years will never be the code. I can post here, but will not make any difference I believe.
  8. Something is causing this error in 20.X versions. And is not random, are happening 100% of times with the exception of out of sync. Look, these are facts: . 20.X have at least one more xmodel than 19.X or the test to give that msg is broken in 20.X (or something related to this are causing this error) . AmbientPlay function is KILLED at the end of the round.Any mod! Any server! Also kills ANY loop sound ingame making them restart at the same point, but AmbientPlay will not restart until change map. . Out of sync is the only random thing here, running sequential code without beeing sequential. But it is happening many times.
  9. Yesterday playing Frontlines we got the error of 1000 xmodes limits exceeded when playing the map District. Since Fronltines NEVER ever had this problem before even with COD4 or COD4X 19.X, I supposed that 20.X added at least one new xmodel. I don't run the server with the extra features, and I believe will fix this problem. But how many xmodels were added into 20.X? Could we have a list? And of course a good reason for adding new xmodels in the core? IMO this should be in mods not in the core. Saw that iwd with lots of "new things" are there, when all of this should be in mods. Why not make a MOD to add to COD4X instead of modding the core? Each update is killing all the other mods around, and if this continue we will have the same fate as AlterIW.net clones sadly. Please, don't add this stuff to COD4X core, if you want to add new killstreaks, etc... create a new mod instead.
  10. These scripts are REGULAR and SEQUENTIAL as always, nothing different... and it's happening also in DEFAULT game without ANY mod. It's not a problem with my mod. Yesterday I saw that a loop song will restart also when the AmbientPlay function is killed at the end of first round, this wasn't supposed to happen too. The loop should continue until CHANGE in fact the round, not at the scoreboard at the end of the round. Hope that might also help you identify why the 20.X are killing the audio at the very end of the first round as in the BOTH videos I posted above (one wasn't even recorded by myself). Check further about this! I bet is the problem aside you think is not, but probably it is! Can't be just coincidence I believe.
  11. The out of sync problems occurs during the gameplay ramdomly at any time. The ambientplay function will stop at the very end of the first round, and will become dead until next map. Happens 100% of times, any map, any mod, no mods and any server. Something was made that is causing extra time in some background processing causing the out of sync. You need to remove the upgrades part by part and testing until find what was done that is causing this.
  12. if were THREADS I would agree with you, but they are NOT THREADS, but sequentional command lines. Works from COD4 1.0 until COD4X 19.X but it's a problem with my code because with 20.X updates is causing weird behaviors? Do you really think this possible @Fraggy?
  13. @leiizkois NOT relative of my 3 mods or any map, like I said above I tryed 3 random servers with/without mods, SAME problem. Also tryed the @AlexCserver which has no mods, SAME problem. I can make a video, but will be exactly like the ones I already posted.I would like to see ANY video showing this is working outhere instead, and if it's working, it's a problem with the client update, and we need to figure out why ALL my 5 PCs that I tested and having the SAME problem. Sadly since it's a different protocol, I can not test if is a client or server (or both) problem, if it was possible to connect with 20.X client on 19.4 servers, will be easy to know that. About the desync I noticed 2 weird things: 1. In Rio you can play as a dog in third person using a command which will only works after 5 secods after you spawn. So everytime your respawn I set thirdperson to false to you not play as a soldier in thirdperson. But then when you become a dog (after the 5 secs wait) I set third person to true after change your playermodel. Now the problem is : or the third peson is not reset at respawn, or the third person are not set right after become a dog. So a player play as a dog but in FIRST person. This started with 20.X update, and is not 100% of times, 60% of times works fine. 2. When you retrieve an object in a gametype give a score to the team than remove the 3D marker of the object then this object is exclued from the game. After 20.X update 1 in each 5 retrieves the score and object is removed from game as supposed, but not the 3D marker. Seams I will be forced to add a wait before delete it now. I had this problem before in other stuff you changed in the server few years ago, then I was forced to create a var to control the sequence and allow the code to continue only if I have this var set after a wait. Both CODES are simple sequentional and working for YEARS before COD4X updates start do causing this. Is like something is causing a extra time of processing at some points, causing out of sync. Again, is NOT a mod/map problem, just move back to 19 and everything is great again.
  14. Hajas

    cod4x_patch.ff ???

    So it's ok to delete this right?
  15. No @Fraggy, no fast restart here, just next round... here the video again: https://youtu.be/Rxe3fBxBN4U?t=287 I thought at first was caused by the slow motion of final killcam because it's when happening, but happens exact the same without final killcam or any other server. Have no idea about why is causing this, also all the bad sync problems started to have with 20.X. Something is very wrong with the new updates.