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  1. I know, my code is like the original and was working since 2007... but stopped to work since last COD4X update.
  2. Is what is written, your COD4 is not pure, you or someone altered this. You can get mine below then will work fine: https://www.4shared.com/rar/LjLU6x67da/iw3mp_17original.html If ask for a password type : www.bloodculture.com.br cheers
  3. Seams no one use this feature over here... Well, I will create a bind in my mod then.
  4. Hello, Noticed I can't FF to detonate a C4 anymore. Checked my configs which I don't changed for years, It's all good. Thought I did something in my mod that might killed, started a default server and same result. Create a new profile with default configs then a default server, SAME RESULT. Tryed in 2 different machines, SAME RESULT. Did you blocked or is a bug of the last Client version? I believe it's a client problem, since I started a server in via client, and still have the same problem. Are you having the same outhere? Cheers
  5. Get this pack here: https://www.moddb.com/games/call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare/addons/unlimited-pezbot-waypoint-autoload-pack
  6. This error is caused by many includes, lower the number of includes in sd.gsc and sab.gsc that will stop.
  7. Yes unlimited. And simple because no one reached so far than myself, that's why... something is wrong with COD4X 18, was working without ANY problem before the update, and now the problem is with Frontlines after over 10 years? really? Seams a good start to look for the error, since we don't have access to this function in mod...
  8. Found another bug, nothing is executed after [[level.onStartGameType]](); at Callback_StartGameType() Again, was working fine before the update, also in original COD4... now I found out why my controls are not working anymore, they are not beeing updated. Everything after [[level.onStartGameType]](); is ignored. Something is very wrong in the last update. EDIT UPDATE: if I just move everything up all comes back to normal. Aside was easy to fix, still is a serious bug. Maybe could have more outhere. I just don't found out yet. I'm having weird errors that NEVER happened before in Frontlines, and nothing was touched in the code. Hope with this will fix, but if something similar is happening with other functions, will cause errors too. Something was touched in the last update that shouldn't.
  9. Unlimited waypoints/maps/random objectives/etc... cfg file carry all the data needed.
  10. But like I said, was working until last 18 update. Why are not working anymore?
  11. I'm executing a cfg file with dvars, then I can't get the new values after a few seconds now. Exemple: comando = "exec wp/" + mapname + "_waypoints"; exec(comando); if ( getDvar( "flwp_0" ) == "" ) logPrint("[FRONTLINES BOT ERROR] - Map " + mapname + " does not have waypoints loaded" + "\n"); Of course the dvar exist and was set with the cfg file. If I test again will work. Is taking time to update the dvars, they all are set right, but with delay now. I need to add a wait between now, since many of my controls are working that way, many are not working well sometimes. Yes, it's was working great before the 18 update in Frontlines and Rio, now both have the same problem. and Yes, was working with regular COD4 for years using the ExecClientCommand trick. Now this always returns "" as was never set if I don't add the wait line. Cheers
  12. Hello, since 1.8 our severs are getting some weird behaviors sometimes... like ALL functions are now in different threads instead of sequencial as supposed to be. For exemple, I read a config file to write the bots waypoints, and next I use this dvars to make the paths... Before was working perfect until the 1.8, even in COD4 was working great for years, now I need to put a wait 1.5 line between to be able to read those dvars. But of course, it's not supposed to be a thread. I'm getting other weird behaviors in my code because of that too. I understand that someone thinks this could evolve in performance, but we need also sequential logic, that's why we have the "thread" command to use when we want it as a thread right? Dunno if this was intensional or is just a new bug, hope to get fixed ASAP. Thanks
  13. It's just difficult to notice if you not in contact with other players to report the problem, since we all are playing in the same TS channel, all the time someone report the problem, lots of my gameplay videos have at some point this problem reported by someone. It's really completly random, get a name from a player which is not playing anymore like you said it's just one of them, we already experienced almost all the possible ways of exchanging player names, even 2 players having the same name, and one even killing "himself" to some players, aside to others it's with the right names. Maybe it's a problem with the client, not the server I think.
  14. This is an old bug, but I always forget to make a post, until today. Sometimes the Player names simple get exchanged with other players, you are seeing some player but in fact it's another player, also happens in scoreboard. Also sometimes DOUBLE a name from a player, then we have two players with the same name, but in fact are 2 different players with different names. Sometimes is exchanged with even a Bot, then we see a bot with ping in the Scoreboard, but in fact is a real player which had his name exchanged. To get worst this is not for everybody on the server, few players see the name right, others see the wrong names, but this change over the time, and the players who were seeing the right names become to see wrong names while the others who were seeing wrong names are now seeing the right names. Very weird problem. Usually happens with lots of players in the server, in any mod... of course, this NEVER happened with regular COD4. Cheers