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  1. volkv


    Hi friends! It was decided to terminate Cod4Narod servers project. It was a good time. Many thanks to all CoD4 community and even CoD4X team! Good Luck and Have Fun! And moving forward 😉 upd: I've dumped all server scripts (WEB STATS/SCREENSHOTS / PARSER / MAIN_SHARED) on github https://github.com/volkv/cod4narod-scripts
  2. Yep.. So 20 built-in cod4 maps its 40 duplicated models. They probably use same optimization techniques with COD MW 2019.
  3. no errors as I already understood I thought new plugin system without backward compatibility requires something more than just recompile
  4. Versioning by commits count is definitely something new for me
  5. The problem is not that I can't compile dedrun from sources, but that is my server build# is defined as 0, and there are that client-generated messages about outdated server and contacting @admin Maybe it happened if you run make more than 1 time?
  6. Hey guys. How to compile a server with build# != 0 ?
  7. Hey guys! @Fraggy @dpj and everyone who knows in C/Plugins Dev -can you please help me a little with converting this simple plugin to use it with a new Plugin Handler. It will take you a minute, and half a day for me 😀 Thanks in advance! #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdint.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdio.h> #include "../pinc.h" PCL void OnInfoRequest(pluginInfo_t *info) { // ===== MANDATORY FIELDS ===== info->handlerVersion.major = PLUGIN_HANDLER_VERSION_MAJOR; info->handlerVersion.minor = PLUGIN_HANDLER_VERSION_MINOR; } void PlayerCmd_GetIP() { char adrstr[128]; client_t* cl = Plugin_SV_Cmd_GetPlayerClByHandle(Plugin_Scr_GetString(0)); if (cl == NULL) { return; } Plugin_NET_AdrToStringMT(&cl->netchan.remoteAddress, adrstr, sizeof(adrstr)); Plugin_Scr_AddString(adrstr); } PCL int OnInit() { Plugin_ScrAddFunction("getIP", &PlayerCmd_GetIP); return 0; }
  8. Thanks! Will look into it
  9. @Fraggy ok I get it. I need some advise then if you can. My whole CoD4Narod project tied up to @T-Max's MYSQL plugin (and couple others) which are not compatible with new_arch. And I can't develop in C obviously... Maybe someone has experience in using any kind of DB with new_arch? Otherwise I will have to abandon my whole unified MYSQL-based system. It will be very sad cuz I spent a huge amount of time creating that system. Thanks
  10. Did I miss notification? Latest thing I remember - you released new_arch with a new plugin system. And I would be happy to update but there were no critical plugins which are compatible with new_arch (mysql for ex.) And what kind of cutoff it was? Just cod4xmaster related? So what should I do now? Can I just fake my protocol version to return to cod4xmaster? And can you please share your next plans?
  11. Hey guys! Did I miss something? I don't see my Cod4Narod servers in Client cod4x list... however they are still present at cod4master.cod4x.me Client update? Old protocol cut off? What happened?
  12. could be a solutuion switching to a client-side registration? (g_antilag)