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  1. could be a solutuion switching to a client-side registration? (g_antilag)
  2. volkv


    Hey guys! Is there a new_arch version of MySQL plugin ?
  3. Hey guys. Got wierd issue on my port 28967. It makes 90% of clients unable to connect time-by-time. And this warnings appears in cli: If I run same config on another port - everything is just fine. Port is open, telnet works fine. How to debug this stuff?
  4. hi guys. what should I change in my current custom plugins to let them run on a new_arch? and whats new there from 2051? is it worth to move on? can I make play-of-the-game playback using new_arch?
  5. Are you sure? Cuz looks like its more internal than any of banning systems. Came from deeps of steam API integraition or whatever 😲 Yes, Iam not logging this kind of bans, but I cant bypass that player Drop, so he have to reconnect... Player suwby, 17 dropped: Violating internal system rules (Antihack) Your ID is: 2310346615833187092 Banning admin ID is: 0 This is a temporary ban and will expire in 0 days 0 hours 4 minutes
  6. Should be a way to get rid of these unnecessary bans everyone's fed up with And why is steam_api.so involved here?
  7. Nohow. Just use something like
  8. ratio = int( self.pers[ "kills" ] / self.pers[ "deaths" ] * 100 ) / 100;
  9. I guess you need to write a plugin to achieve that GSX - SHELL bridge. But I'am not sure about permissions, you probably have to run cod4x_dedrun as a root.