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  1. volkv

    web site very slow

    why is RUB/Russia about here?
  2. hi guys. what should I change in my current custom plugins to let them run on a new_arch? and whats new there from 2051? is it worth to move on? can I make play-of-the-game playback using new_arch?
  3. Are you sure? Cuz looks like its more internal than any of banning systems. Came from deeps of steam API integraition or whatever 😲 Yes, Iam not logging this kind of bans, but I cant bypass that player Drop, so he have to reconnect... Player suwby, 17 dropped: Violating internal system rules (Antihack) Your ID is: 2310346615833187092 Banning admin ID is: 0 This is a temporary ban and will expire in 0 days 0 hours 4 minutes
  4. Should be a way to get rid of these unnecessary bans everyone's fed up with And why is steam_api.so involved here?
  5. volkv

    CoD4 anti cheat?

    Hm... Didn't you just make cmd "hide cheat" instead of cmd "disconnect"..?
  6. Nohow. Just use something like
  7. volkv

    CoD4 anti cheat?

    It is easier to use our shame page for your purpose: https://cod4narod.ru/screenshots/?shame
  8. ratio = int( self.pers[ "kills" ] / self.pers[ "deaths" ] * 100 ) / 100;
  9. I guess you need to write a plugin to achieve that GSX - SHELL bridge. But I'am not sure about permissions, you probably have to run cod4x_dedrun as a root.
  10. volkv

    Hacker COD4X

    Name an address
  11. volkv


    прикольно, мы все трое русскоговорящие
  12. volkv


    got no idea whats going on. but this is funny