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  1. Ok using mingw-w64 and NASM 64bit seems to work but something is still wrong. Inside bin folder now there are 2 files cod4x18_dedrun.exe and cod4x18_dedrun.def. cod4x18_dedrun.exe seems to work, i can start a server and join but i got an error in the terminal. ... nasm obj/_collision_std.o nasm obj/_dobj_skel.o nasm obj/_xmodel_load_phys_collmap.o nasm obj/_db_registry.o nasm obj/_dobj.o nasm obj/_com_stringtable.o nasm obj/_cm_trace.o gcc obj/version.o -DCOD4X18UPDATE -DOFFICIAL -DBUILD_NUMBER=986 -DBUILD_BRANCH=master -DBUILD_REVISION=b4e2e9b6087bfdf8d58c06da3f23c8ce98fb5ba1 -DWINVER=0x501 g++ bin/cod4x18_dedrun.exe pexports bin/cod4x18_dedrun.def /usr/bin/sh: pexports: command not found mingw32-make: *** [makefile:245: bin/cod4x18_dedrun.def] Error 127 Tomorrow i will try to compile my plugins. Thanks for the help so far.
  2. To compile server files do i need NASM 32 or 64 bit? MinGW 32 bit right?
  3. Thank you for the tips.
  4. So, there is no anticheat? Any way to take a screenshot of suspected cheater?
  5. Hello guys, im trying to compile my first plugin ever, im a n00b @ C i learned a badic C when i was in school like 7 yeas ago. When i try to compile the plugin i get this error: -------------- Build: Debug in hellocod (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler)--------------- mingw32-gcc.exe -Wall -DBUILD_DLL -g -c C:\CProjects\hellocod\main.c -o obj\Debug\main.o mingw32-g++.exe -shared -Wl,--output-def=bin\Debug\libhellocod.def -Wl,--out-implib=bin\Debug\libhellocod.a -Wl,--dll obj\Debug\main.o -o bin\Debug\hellocod.dll -luser32 In file included from C:\CProjects\hellocod\main.c:21:0: C:\CProjects\hellocod\pinc.h:86:9: note: #pragma message: Compiling a plugin using CoD4X Plugin API. Your compiler is GCC / G++, you are using C. #pragma message msg ^ obj\Debug\main.o: In function `OnInit': C:/CProjects/hellocod/main.c:40: undefined reference to `Plugin_Printf' collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status Process terminated with status 1 (0 minute(s), 0 second(s)) 2 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 0 second(s)) And i dont undertand why because my main.c include "pinc.h" that includes other dependencyes right? (I never worked with headers) This is my main.c #include "pinc.h" PCL void OnInfoRequest(pluginInfo_t *info){ // Function used to obtain information about the plugin // Memory pointed by info is allocated by the server binary, just fill in the fields // ===== MANDATORY FIELDS ===== info->handlerVersion.major = PLUGIN_HANDLER_VERSION_MAJOR; info->handlerVersion.minor = PLUGIN_HANDLER_VERSION_MINOR; // Requested handler version // ===== OPTIONAL FIELDS ===== info->pluginVersion.major = 1; info->pluginVersion.minor = 0; // Plugin version strncpy(info->fullName,"hellocod plugins", sizeof(info->fullName)); //Full plugin name strncpy(info->shortDescription,"Plugin that say hello",sizeof(info->shortDescription)); // Short plugin description strncpy(info->longDescription,"This plugin say hello to players.",sizeof(info->longDescription)); } PCL int OnInit(){ // Funciton called on server initiation Plugin_Printf("hellocod plugin is ready to work\n"); return 0; } Other source code file in the same folder of main.c are the headers: pinc.h callback_declarations.h declarations.h function_declarations.h plugin_declarations.h I really need help
  6. Hello guys, i was setting up my cod4x server and i was wondering how i can start pb on my server, +set sv_punkbuster 1 doesnt seems to work.