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  1. Old post, but I had success executing the sql here: https://github.com/BigBrotherBot/big-brother-bot/blob/master/b3/sql/mysql/b3-update-1.8.1.sql Not sure xlrstats is a good solution going forward, from what I found it requires a php version unsupported since 2010... And unless you are sharp on updating the version of php cake that it was written with, might take some work... Good luck, and hope to see you in game...
  2. Not sure if this code is going forward with the botnames.txt, I am using sometimes with [BOT] to not fool gametracker, I found that the bot names were being repeated sometimes... I believe that the below line with the rand() % cntnames with a small number of bot names will result in duplicates... In this case, would it be preferable to have same line with variable i ( bot # ) as an option in the code if going forward ? And from the poster above he is using 40 out of 240, but think just had 128 so highly likely he would have duplicates with that number of bots. Q_strncpyz(name,botnames[rand() % cntnames],sizeof(name)); Much appreciated for all the efforts and help that all have given me Vince
  3. @volkv and all, I recently had an issue where a player joined and when we tried getss immediately left, about 10x... I am planning to implement the code you shared, but don't see anything around this logging that you mentioned.... Are you writing this somewhere this is not in the code ? thanks Vince
  4. Has there been any additional thought to this... I was thinking perhaps send a message to the screen before executing the screenshot. This way if there was no message you would know that it was intercepted.
  5. Seem to be having some trouble getting this plugin to load.... I have compiled as instructed and end up with 629,472 bytes.. running on ubuntu 18.04... no indication of plugin loading... Error: Unknown function in waypoints.gsc... Setup a special VM to try and get this working, same result as my production server.. If anyone has any tips please share. /serverfiles/plugins lua.so serverfiles/lua: astar.lua rotu.lua LinuxGSM: relevant parts pasted fn_parms(){ parms="+set r_xassetnum xmodel=1200 +set rcon_password xxx +set fs_game mods/rotu-r-alpha +set sv_authtoken xxxx +set net_port ${port} +set net_ip ${ip} +set ui_maxclients 64 +set sv_maxclients ${maxplayers} +set sv_punkbuster 0 +set fs_basepath ${serverfiles} +set fs_homepath ${serverfiles} +exec server.cfg +map ${defaultmap}" } Server.cfg: contains loadplugin lua lua_loadscript "lua/rotu.lua" // script is located in fs_homepath/lua -- homepath verified as accurate. Thanks Vince
  6. Looks just right to perhaps fix my Rotu !! Thanks Error: script runtime error: potential infinite loop in script - killing thread. (file 'scripts/include/waypoints.gsc', line 177) for( i=0; i<level.waypoints[n.wpIdx].childCount; i++ )
  7. Made some good headway, but not quite yet 100%... Using the julia.so provided seemed to get that part working OK, and server name appeared as I think it should have. I got a minor error about empty rcon, the instructions when setting up the server are pretty clear and I had missed putting the rcon so that it was available before the julia plugin loaded. Also had a minor issue where I am using LGSM, I may not have configured it right to start and stop local servers, for now I made them external and servers appear and rcon stuff gets results Open Items: 1. Players are not showing, I connected but never showed me as connected. 2. Online Players 10/64 but there is nobody on currently Thanks for the help getting me to here, I really like the idea and look forward to using it. We mainly need a screenshot solution and this seems to be awesome Thanks Vince
  8. I am late to the game, but installed the tool. So far I have encountered a couple of problems. 1. I do not seem able to set the servername when adding a new server, when I try to add another I receive an error about it already being in use despite it being a different port. I am not sharp enough with mongo to do it there, but maybe that is a easy answer if someone could advise with the mongo statement. 2. I do not think that Julia is starting properly. I built it with the files from here: https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/tree/master/plugins Thanks in advance, and this looks GREAT, cannot wait to use it. Here are from my logs... ] Screenshot sending plugin is ready to work[0m ] Plugin nehoscreenshotuploader loaded successfully. Server is currently running 1 plugins.[0m ] [1;31mError: This plugin might not be compatible with this server version! Requested plugin handler version: 3.100, server's plugin handler version: 4.0. Unloading the plugin...[0m ] Receiving data has failed[0m ] [1;31mError: Init failure. Server returned code 0 and message [0m ] Error in plugin's OnInit function![0m Plugin load failed.[0m
  9. This worked perfectly, much appreciated for the patience and assistance...
  10. Feeling dense... Here is what I have tried: main_shared->waypoints.gsc - did not work main_shared->scripts->include->waypoints.gsc - did not work main_shared->maps->mp->gametypes->scripts->include->waypoints.gsc - did not work When I read the scripting guide, I found this "Since it is tedious to pack scripts into archives each development iteration it is also possible to load scripts from plain folders e.g.: main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes/_callbacksetup.gsc to follow the example above." so I have been trying to load the scripts from plain folders like shown there... But the part I am missing is the mods are in a different path than main.
  11. This explains quite a bit about the typical placement of gsc files, my question is how would I determine where to place a file which came from a mod. I am hosting rotu-r-alpha zombies mod on cod4, encountered a problem with waypoints.gsc, script runtime error: potential infinite loop in script - killing thread. I have modified the waypoints.gsc to include a wait .05; // to hold over to next frame but not real clear on where I can put this script to override the one found in the mod.ff file. I have read extensively and looked for FF compilers, but nothing seems to yield the desired result. Can someone review and advise what the virtual path would be for the below ? Path to waypoints.gsc: mods->rotu-r-alpha->mod.ff->scripts->include->waypoints.gsc Have tried a bunch of things without much luck, thanks in advance !! Vince