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  1. Hello, i've recently returned back to cod4, i wanted to join again cj servers as well as promod servers and here's the issue: it seems that as long as i play on regular servers i have no issues at all, whenever i try to join a modded server, downloading all the contenent seems fine until mod.ff file turn comes. That makes the screen just freeze and the game either crashes with no error report as if nothing happened or it blocks and i need to go to task manager and i find it "not responding". I've been trying to figure out this for the past 3 days, few others seem to have similar issues, but no one has a solution... I've already patched 1.6 and 1.7, have the correct version of pb installed etc, i also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game to a different location but nothing seems to solve this issue... So the question would be how to solve this? What's the issue with the mod.ff file? what causes the .ff file to crash the game? If someone here knows what's the problem please help me Edit. Solved by just upgrading to cod4x correctly