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  1. well the problem is that I'm newbie at this work i send the source of the admin mod that can change map names for those who have knowledge about it and help me in this case (sorry for English)
  2. there must be a way right now u can do that thing with "DGAdmin" in mw3 i look at the bot source but cant find out (cause of my little knowledge) here the link to the source look at Server Title section DGAdmin source DGAdmin script if some one can find out how this thing work it will be so so good for server owners
  3. hello in mw2 and mw3 i saw some servers that they change the map names how can u change it in cod4 ? there must be a way to do that please someone help me !! I've searched for this about 6 month and no one tell me anything­čśö
  4. turn off firewall or use rules
  5. i remember this from alter scr_game_hardpoints 0 // 0 = off // 1 = on