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  1. ive already done this and didnt help but i dowgraded my bios to previous versions which solved the issue a long time ago but forgot to tell here anyway thank you guys for you help and your time
  2. but the thing is i tried to swap every pc part with new ones just to try it, then i dont even get a blue screen, it just reboots the pc and only cod4x does this and no other game reboots my pc and its much more power hungry games
  3. like i said before ive reinstalled windows 10 many times and reinstalled cod4 many times too
  4. but every other game works, game that needs much more power like the latest titels, so i dont think psu is a problem cause i can play other games for hours and hours without any rebooting and i got the latest driver for my hardwares and latest windows 10
  5. after the cod4 freazed and rebooted my pc i went to check my dumpfile and saw that its empty
  6. i dont have steam while playing cod4 and i dont start it as administrator, i can join all the servers but my pc crashes after some minutes and this only happens to me in cod4 no other game does this
  7. i have the latest windows version and latest nvidia driver and i dont get any blue screen it just reboots and this only happens to me with cod4, i got other games that requires far more gpu/cpu power then cod4 and they work fine no crashing or anything. btw ive reinstalled windows 10 like 2 days ago to test it, i needed a new hdd so i got a new one too and i tested cod4 on it but it didnt work
  8. so im having this issue with cod4x where if i join a server, my pc crashes and reboots with no reason, i checked temps and updated all my drivers and all semes to be find, ive tried my other games and none of them crashes my pc its just cod4