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  1. I have tried that too but just gave up on it. Ended up shutting off the server as most players gave up on this game. I do have a gamer discord if anybody wants to join it's at
  2. I can't seem to get any bots on stock maps at all on the server. What am I doing wrong here? I put the "main_shared" folder on the root directory of our cod4x server. Then in the config file I added this: set bots_manage_add "10" set bots_manage_fill "10" set bots_manage_fill_mode "0" set bots_manage_fill_kick "1" set bots_manage_fill_spec "0" set bots_team "autoassign" set bots_team_force "1" set bots_team_mode "0" set bots_skill "0" set bots_loadout_reasonable "1" set bots_loadout_allow_op "0"
  3. I'm not sure why the players' levels are stuck. Some are stuck at 47 or 33, level 1... Nobody is able to rank up as if the points aren't collecting in the server. I looked on the internet and found something about "prestige" in a file called "_rank.gsx" Is this something that I have to modify? What should I do to allow players to rank up? I'm stuck and this seems to be the best place to get answers from smarter people. Please help. EDIT: It's a server-related issue where players are stuck at their current rank. I even changed the mod and nobody can rank up in that mod either.
  4. ChieF

    Bots in Cod4x

    I'm trying to get bots in our server. I downloaded PeZBOT 011p and don't know if this one works for CoD4X. I'm using the Leiizko mod, and unzipped the PeZBOT files to the mods folder on the server. When I try to run the command it returns "Fs_game is write protected" I put this in the config.cfg: I'm not sure if that's correct but it seems like it should work. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: I got the mod to load, but can't seem to spawn any bots in, through the cfg, console, or even in game menu. What now?
  5. We have a server hosted through and I'm having trouble getting Punkbuster Screenshots enabled. Any assistance would be appreciated. I've been researching this since April or May... can't seem to get it working.
  6. Awesome info, thanks guys... now I have the file and plugins in place... Dumb question but how does one ban? Using my rcon tool 13 it says, "Bad command or cvar: pb_sv_BanGuid" so I'm assuming i ban from within the game with some command? I don't have b3. so in rcon tool I used "banuser 2310346617107781057" which was their steam id... console returned: ---------------------- [10:29:05 PM] banuser 2310346617107781057 ---------------------- Banrecord added for id: 2310346617107781057 And in the new created file banlist_v2.dat it now reads: Is there a better way to ban? like do I need more info because I didn't insert his name or reason... Not sure of the ban format usually used. Thanks for help!
  7. ChieF

    Spawn Protection

    Where do I upload the gsc file on the server and what is the command to run it?