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  1. so why I can use 333fps in promod . and I'am using the latest verison of cod4x client.
  2. Editing the iw3mp.exe is still simple enough , even you can just follow tutorials uploaded about 10 years ago :[ . I can easily make a script check con_maxfps ,but you know, it can be modified in any name, like coa_maxfps, cob_maxfps etc. So it's improtant to read player's true fps value.
  3. Thanks mate, I think I've found a better way to solve this problem. Obviously, the function self GetCountedFPS() reads worng fps value from player, I made a small test. When I use 250fps: You can see it not my true fps, even some times it reads my fps more than what I have, like 300, I think maybe it's just a engine bug.When I use 333fps, you can mention that it reads my fps beyond 333fps, like 400fps: So I can just set the fps > 399 , it can solve that problem , and kick player who uses fps > 333. (Bad English grammer cuz im Chinese, hope it can helps you)
  4. We are promod match server , 333 fps is originally prohibited in promod . it will considered as a cheat . But these variables can changed by notepad++ , also known as "notepad cheat".In offical lan match server , it will be banned by punkbuster.
  5. I want to kick users who use 333fps in our promod server , so i've check the forum and i wrote this init() { for(;;) { level waittill("connected", player); player thread fpswatch2(); } } fpsWatch2() { warntime = 6; for (;;) { self endon( "disconnect" ); fps = self GetCountedFPS(); if (fps > 330) { warnTime--; self iPrintLnBold( "^1Client Violation : ^7333 FPS is not allowed.You will be kicked after " + warnTime + " times warning" ); self.lastWarnTime = getTime(); } else if( warnTime < 6 && isDefined( self.lastWarnTime ) && getTime() - self.lastWarnTime > 300000 ) { warnTime = 6; } if( warnTime == 0 ) { exec( "kick " + self getEntityNumber() + " 333 FPS is not allowed" ); IprintLnBold(self," ^1is using 333fps! ^7Kicking..."); } wait 1; } } but sometimes players have fps like 250 still got the message, especially when they have a sightly packets lost,i'am wondering maybe there's problem in this function: self GetCountedFPS() There's any way to fix it? or anyway to kick con_maxfps 333? Some players use their mouse wheel change fps between 333 fps and 250 fps , so update their fps to 250 per second is useless,they can still roll their mouse wheel when running or jumping, so there's any solution?