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  1. Hello guys, i really .. really dislike Cheaters. There for i created my perfect and Cheater free Server Project. I thought i found a good solution to protect my CoD4x Server but i had to accept its not good enough. But there should be no problem enabling PunkBuster and stream to PBBans & GGCStream with CoD4x. All you need is to ask those guys from there if they can officially accept your Project. Its like a Modded + League Server and those are accepted by this Services. So why no Cheat protection by this Services for CoD4x ? OR Why dont u start your own Cheater Database, protection and streaming for CoD4x ?
  2. Hello, i really hate Cheaters so i started my full Cheat Protected Server project. I also planned to create cod4x servers with full cheat protection (think i found a way) but first i have to finish the standard servers. My Servers are well configured and PunkBuster is not a lame dog like unskilled admins hold it, my PB Fluffy is hot and want to hunt Cheaters. But my servers are not finished and i need your Feedback, sometimes they crash but i need more data to fix. Best way to give me feedback is via discord <removed>