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  1. Hello, does anyone used Pterodactyl with cod4? I installed cod4x successful, but I can't install big brother bot, it is using docker image, I have found this docker, but don't know how to use it https://hub.docker.com/r/freekers/docker-b3 can someone help me?Also pterodactyl use sftp how to read games_mp.log?I am trying to run it by myself, It works, but commands doesn't work, when I write !b3 nothing happens, but it works, sends messages, advs, etc. Like it is not reading games_mp.log, but it is right location ( I think ) I am using /srv/daemon-data/srvid/.callofduty4/Mods/pml220/games_mp.log, pterodactyl is running SFTP.
  2. @wkuzma Thanks a lot.
  3. @wkuzma I will try that thanks maybe is problem in my ipv4?
  4. @AlexC Did, but I get same error
  5. @AlexC ] Opening IP6 socket: [::]:28960 UDP ] Opening IP6 socket: [::]:28960 TCP ] Opening IP socket: <serverip>:28960 UDP ] Warning: NET_IP4Socket: bind: Cannot assign requested address ] ---- Network shutdown ---- ] Closing IPv6 UDP socket: 3 ] Closing IPv6 TCP socket: 4 ] -------------------------- ] Sys_Error: Could not bind to a IPv4 network socket
  6. Hello, I buyed dedicated server and installed pterodactyl panel, I created cod4 egg, all installs finey but when I want run server I got error : ] Warning: NET_IP4Socket: bind: Cannot assign requested address Sys_Error Cannot bind IPv4 socket and servers shuts down, can anybody help me?
  7. 1off1

    server hang

    https://cod4x.me/uploads/monthly_2019_10/image.png.6d84c7bc4a6ca31e527cd48fee2874a1.png same problem