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  1. Working with Linux and Windows.
  2. Example of this :
  3. Violating internal system rules (Antihack) 4minutes autoban are closed in this update
  4. It's a good servers with real some playing bots sometimes. And playing real players with real online, fake players using in servers.
  5. It's not bot's, but players in spectators who not playing! And if it going all time, than i think it's faker server too.
  6. "all have a normal looking ping, not 0 or 999." And what? You wrote about ping, and where is it? I can show you from gametracker 1000 and 1 screnshot's with renamed bots in playerlist.
  7. Maybe the server was just getting in the way? If there is no ip address, there is no video. Just words? So I can say for everyone owner, and without evidence, administrator can close without reason everyone. Need only to write.
  8. Hi! Maybe it's some bug? I known server owner who was blocked in masterserver sorting page. He's do not known how made bots with ping's. It's very intersting. @ fonix Please show video or screenshot of this. Better video!
  9. COD4-x-Axon-Anticheat Client Works with linux/windows cron or batch file: We start every 4 minutes client.php through linux/windows cron. This type of picture Guid_2310346615178133845_Name_cptMacMillan... Only such a view for auto-bans *( (Contact me in the message [here or Steam id:exrecod] where you can get free your key. To use you will need to enter key&screensh=link to your screenshot) Anticheat Forum => Github -> Forum Topic here => For 100% of the results, it is better to use original mods and maps without a lot of frills, special graphics mods, special skins, and new tables.
  10. At the moment anti-cheat detecting cheaters, who will be able to inform the administrator about the cheater for further action, or he will perform the necessary function. Public access from 3.12.2018 (Contact me in the message [here or Steam id:exrecod] where you can get free your key. To use you will need to enter key&screensh=link to your screenshot) Link example:р7de4434e8&screensh= You can create an auto script with which you can get a response from COD4 Axon AC, for full automation. Info: & Black ScreenShots detecting - 100% WallHack detecting Aimbot detecting Multihack detecting Text detecting
  11. I am really sorry. Using without costum maps. Only cod4 stock maps, and players kicked with all next maps *(. Maybe its promod bug, its not incompatible with 1.8x. The manual was written that is suitable with 1.8x. I dont known how fix it in promod. Problem with this mod (all versions tested)
  12. Hi! I have the same problem with Cod4x 1.8 + promod live 2.20 . Tested with 1.7a, and no problem. This happens before loading a next map. Kicks all players with error "Received stats although it was not requested from client". Promod server only with custom maps! Im using RCM admintool (b3 and manuadminmod analogy), the problem still exists after RCM turning off.