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  1. Map vote has a problem it pushing right click ... Can you help me fix it?
  2. ZEUS22


    please help me @dpj @leiizko
  3. hi my server has b3 and i cant use !rcon command it say unrecognized command rcon what shoud i do ? @dpj @leiizko
  4. ZEUS22


    thanks how i can send chat in server by echelon for !pm or whisper command ?
  5. ZEUS22


    anyone know how i can add new plugin like chatlogger for chat in server on echelon ?
  6. hi i have a promod server but we cant use 333 fps anyone know how i can unlock this fps for all on the server with any code or something? @dpj @leiizko @tincxd
  7. Hi i Have A Sniper Only Mod and i Want to SetPerk Fast Reload On That Anyone Can Help Me? @leiizko @dpj
  8. hello i need a script for !respawn when i type !respawn zeus that spawn me in search and destroy and i should write what in b3 custom command for execute this command ? can someone help me ? sorry my english is bad @dpj @leiizko
  9. Hi I want just type !spec (player name): And add that player to the spectator @dpj says its for cod4x server How do I do that?