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  1. Ubantu 16.04 gimme me link
  2. @Fraggy i dont know i forgot something maybe can u please gimme the 962 link??
  3. Maybe i used 17.8 allready
  4. Update means bro i used letest cod4x server..
  5. suddenly my servers b3 will down and say this thing idk why. this thing happen with my both server help please update?
  6. What u mean full b3? R u mad every people manually add additionall plugins U need to larn first how to add plugin or what is plugin After that u can find pluginvisit here http://www.kab.iogcod4.com/viewtopic.php?f=249&t=5540 There have some usefull plugin u can add them and use it
  7. idk whats your menning accutually but u used !map or whatever enjoy with it it just a simple pluginsi found its worked like changed map gametype only one cmd thats map allready have in commends list so added mag m = map a = after g = gametype thats called !mag mapname gametype sry my english very bad
  8. i m also use the same b3 version u did not understood me its called b3 additional plugin u need to add in your b3 (dont need to upgrade) as i said first u need to download u can get it from here https://sgcgaming.tk/files/file/5-b3-masteradmin/ or connect with me i ill do in teamviewer my id in discord RexNworld#0699 fb https://www.facebook.com/reshav.rexnworld or my website https://sgcgaming.tk/profile/1-rexnworld poke me if had any issue
  9. Mate u did not load this b3 plugin. 1st u need to do download this plugin form here https://sgcgaming.tk/files/file/5-b3-masteradmin/ after that extract it and there have a redme.txt for way after plugin would work then u can use !mag crash sd i have some question 1. which version b3 u used 2. Did u download the plugin(i m sure u did not download yet) 3. which b3 u used windows or linux?
  10. @{cool.G} ingre Is not !map crash sd its a !mag mapename gametype visit and download this plugin from here https://sgcgaming.tk/files/file/5-b3-masteradmin/
  11. i know i know if u do this such a grate thank from me anyway leave it. U forgot to look behind some stupid people leave it u cant understand my any word anyway keep it up good work.
  12. No no thats not my mean bro ya obviously i m wann say that bro your software looks cool but only for 70% people and other 30% people are confuse how to check scrennshots so i have suggetion for u or my request see that image first in that folder all server screenshots save in 1 folder remodify it change it to like server 1 server2 auto create when we assign a server and save everyserver screenshots in saparate folder then we wil add a gallry also (i need that gallary for saparate server)] as example i used cod4status their create a folder for each server auto see this images now i m gonna talk on 30% stupid people this is perfect did not change that just make a tab in navigation name screenshots under server 1 ss server2 ss like this image also show player name like this hope u understand i dont know nod js anotherway i will do it myself but i need to larn first m just show u some impruvement anotherway good job thats really good thing.
  13. @NeHo remodify it to date and time wise anyway thanks neho my problem solved i use nehoscreenshotuploader now but diffrent way cause i dont like that webadmin view is sucks or it not cool cause there have menny more stupid players are did not understand what i do how to check ss but their have managment system is cool but i suggest improve webadmin view or easy to use or intersting thanks a lot for plugin or nice too meet you visit and check https://ss.sgcgaming.tk m going to improve it under construction ❤️
  14. @NeHo i m using 0.0.4 now its running noo need juliya plugin why the new version required julia? thats not great anyway thanks
  15. ok np maybe my linux problem idk but leave it i too much spend time on it working start at today 10am Cod4status help.. By Tera Baap, Tuesday at 11:44 PM in Cod4 never rest just going back eat fress smoking ..and webaadmin repet anyway thanks