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  1. Can anyone give me a script for Killcam song on off?
  2. Tera Baap

    Promodlive220 Opensource with Flags

    how to fainal killcam ON/OFF?
  3. Tera Baap

    need team balance gsc script

    anewhere bro open globalogic.gsc under init thered it
  4. Tera Baap

    b3 status problem maybe :/

    1225 01:42:41 DEBUG 'newClient: 0, 2310346617398727411,sirsa' 181225 01:42:41 VERBOSE "RCON sending ( 'status'" 181225 01:42:42 VERBOSE 'connectClient() = {}' 181225 01:42:42 DEBUG 'sirsa not yet fully connected, retrying...#:9' 181225 01:42:46 DEBUG 'newClient: 0, 2310346617398727411, sirsa' 181225 01:42:46 VERBOSE "RCON sending ( 'status'" 181225 01:42:47 VERBOSE 'connectClient() = {}' 181225 01:42:47 DEBUG 'sirsa not yet fully connected, retrying...#:10' 181225 01:42:50 CONSOLE '6:12 say;2310346617398727411;0;sirsa;@admins' 181225 01:42:50 DEBUG 'No client - attempt join' 181225 01:42:50 VERBOSE 'cid: 0 already in authentication queue. Aborting Join.' SOMEONE PLS HELP its heppend on my b3
  5. Tera Baap

    need team balance gsc script

    just thread it like thread yourfoldername/_balance::AutoTeamsBalancer(); _balance.gsc
  6. Tera Baap

    cod4x web admin handeler like this images

    Hey Thanks wkuzma i successfully added my server now tell me one thing how thats screenshots tab shown in there i have not any ss tab here how i put it?
  7. Hello help me some one this is a public web panel or own privet making? here some screenshots.
  8. Tera Baap

    cod4 is death?

    and saw 32 slot are full all time :P in some servers
  9. Tera Baap

    cod4 is death?

    lol speedy more and more player did not use steam for playing cod4 me to non steam player
  10. Tera Baap

    screenshot data

  11. Tera Baap

    screenshot data

    Thanks @RexNworld
  12. Tera Baap

    screenshot data

    Hey How did i add this on my home page i need only player count like gametracker give me idia pls thank u
  13. Tera Baap

    screenshot data

    thank u i find data now how i can put data on ss site? there have any code for php or etc sorry m new to coding
  14. Tera Baap

    screenshot data

    help me guys tell me that tings how i get player data throw screenshots for ex.. there have some ss