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  1. i have tried as said in post and it worked when i join game by ip but when i join through gameranger b3 couldn't find me and i lost access from b3... coz gameranger plugin change guid to gr id in 1.8 grplugin failed to make guid that's player who join through gamranger they lost guid... is there any solution .. is there anyone who can change guid like 1.7a
  2. Actually i don't care about guid bro.. All i need ban kick hackers. And um hosting server on gamranger 1.7a make guid from gr id.. 1.8 not doing that. that's y player show without guid. Without guid can't ban a player permanently.. It show player banned after banning but result nothing.. They get unbanned just by reconnecting
  3. after set legacy guidmode 1 got back oldstyle guid if clients connect through ip but problem is After loading gameranger plugin it ruins my guid.. Whoever connects through gameranger their guid shows name as guid.. And without guid i can't Even kick or ban clients using rcon tools. Hacker also bypass banning just by reconnecting. whoever able to bring back my gameranger guid i respect your job let's make a deal i wanna give it a price thanks in advance. (Hosting server on windows. )