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  1. Hello! We are Bellum Balcanium clan know as BB's. We recently moved our servers to other IP, so this is just a simple update. Free for all Hardcore -> IP: /connect Free for all Softcore -> IP: /connect Free for all BlackOps II mod -> IP: /connect Thank you!
  2. tbg .. I experienced the same problem as you but later on the same day I get all my friends to the server so we can test it properly. so we tried couple of scenarios .. like 3 voted yes .. 3 voted no vote failed if 3 players vote yes and 2 players vote no vote will passed. anyway we already work on plugin but I must say I totally agree with you. It's not cool because there is no ratio shown between player voted yes and players voted no, so it's the feeling it's not working correctly. Also as you wrote that as players doesn't vote it will finish automatically .. well that's true because when you start a vote you automatically vote yes and if no one other vote there is only one vote yes it will pass, but if player who is about to be kicked vote no vote will fail. I will post updated version when we fix several things. thanks for feedback
  3. Hi. I'm bringing b3 vote plugin, it's for cod4 and has been tested in b3.ini. Usage: !vote map - will immediately change map to !vote nextmap - will change the next map in rotation to !vote kick - kick from server (admins cannot be kicked by vote) !vote maprestart - clear all scores and reset time on map !vote maprotate - cycle to next map on rotation !vote killcam - turn killcam on or off (can also use 1 or 0) !vote timelimit - change length of time until map ends to !vote scorelimit - Change score needed for victory to !vote roundlength - Change length of rounds to in ctf and sd modes !vote roundlimit - change amount of rounds game will go on for in ctf and sd modes to !vote maps - Show the maps that can be voted on. !veto - Cancels the vote in progress installation tut included, hope I helped
  4. Moors

    b3 commands

    Its solved. I changed my server.cfg and forgot to put this inside it loadplugin "b3hide" so thank you guys again for assist.
  5. Moors

    b3 commands

    Hi d4edalus. thanks for response I will try it out, btw should I set output in b3/conf/status.ini?
  6. Hello all, I'm having a problem with my b3. commands not working my b3 log is attached if anyone here can help me. I saw other similar posts about this but it's not the same I already got installed 1.8 patch fix + and cod4x.pyc. b3log.txt
  7. Oh boy it worked I just changed ( winner ) to ( ) that's it lol, awesome. Thanks a lot leiizko!
  8. ye I know what you mean, but I got no war.gsc or dm.gsc. I also checked globallogic.gsc and also found nothing there no gametype code included. I will try to add gametype code and we will see. Nope not working, I tried everything .. but if I edit globallogic and try to disable current finalkillcam I get scripts errors.
  9. hm might be, but how works on tdm server? may I ask if you can add game type code into it please, or just give me a tip how should code look like. Thanks for response
  10. Hello I got an issue with my finalkill cam. This killcam should work on cod4 bold servers wich actually do, but only on TDM server and not on my FFA server. I try to fix it myself but I didn't found anything that would explain why is not working. So if anyone here can help me out I would appreciate finallkillcam.gsc is attached with original finallkillcam gsc. thanks in advance for any tip or advice. finalkillcam.txt
  11. Hello, we are Bellum Balcanium clan and we welcome you all to our servers.