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  1. По идеи должно получится так
  2. No problem everything works _od4x18.dedrun
  3. I so think it is not required to start the server
  4. Hello We have decided to release the code of IW4x as we are no longer actively working on it. The sourcecode can be found here: :). Feel free to contribute to the project! Next to IW4x, zonetool (by Plutonium) has also been opensourced. The zonetool repository can be found here: The IW4x & Plutonium Team!
  5. I used this instruction
  6. cod4x18_dedrun +set sv_authorizemode 0 +set dedicated 2 +set sv_maxclients 16 +exec sample.cfg +map_rotate
  7. Well, the number of slots is usually prescribed in the server launch line or read this topic
  8. The server part for the game COD4 MW v1.0
  9. Weapons assets fix
  10. I increased the value to 150 and everything works great.
  11. Это тут
  12. Test Build 989