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  1. Это тут
  2. Test Build 989
  3. no build number and so on. What is the reason gcc obj/version.o -DCOD4X18UPDATE -DOFFICIAL -DBUILD_NUMBER=0 -DBUILD_BRANCH=no-branch -DBUILD_REVISION=no-revision -DWINVER=0x501 g++ bin/cod4x18_dedrun.exe pexports bin/cod4x18_dedrun.def dlltool plugins/libcom_plugin.a dlltool: Path components stripped from dllname, 'bin/cod4x18_dedrun.exe'. Server done PS C:\CoD4x_Server>
  4. set sv_authorizemode "1" эта фишка работала раньше на версии 1.7a сейчас это бесполезно
  5. and which one should be downloaded? I'll try too
  6. This extracted the original game files version 1.7
  7. cod4_english_dump_files.rar
  8. V4.180.2482 Sniper Long Range
  9. Dear Admins, why did my server disappear from the general list of servers? I use the old Bild 2055, this is not a reason to delete the server and the general list, since the favorite mod does not work on the new Bild 962-987. Please return the server to the list. My IP