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  1. Someone with a new branch can compile binaries Linux and Windows?
  2. Why did so in these files Saw_bipod_crouch_mp saw_bipod_prone_mp saw_bipod_stand_mp It is impossible to change aliases If you change that there is no sound firing Today the half of the day has sat a besstku On the 2055 version everything works Thought here build 987 fixed Useless zero
  3. It looks like this problem will remain Sys_Error: Exceeded limit of 128 'weapon' assets. Or someone will pay attention to this to fix? This problem is not only on OpenWarfare but also on others. Похоже эта проблема так и останется Sys_Error: Exceeded limit of 128 'weapon' assets . или кто-то обратит на это внимание чтоб пофиксить? Эта проблема не только на OpenWarfare но и на других тоже
  4. Disable auto-update you do not need to force server users to experience this! After the update half of the servers went down, the users feel inconvenience.
  5. initialization here _globallogic.gsc line 5225 line 5226 _globallogic.gsc
  6. I put this script randompop.gsc mod openwarfare works fine, but as soon as the helicopter starts to shoot get an error script from Here console_mp.log
  7. Yes, all right because of the card, but the old version of everything worked and now even the sound of a shot of stationary machine guns was gone
  8. error server crashes at times File Handles: ---------------------- 23524 files in iwd files Unloading assets from fastfile 'mp_thunderville' and creating default assets stubs Unloaded fastfile 'mp_thunderville' PMem_Free( mp_thunderville, Low ) PMem_Free( mp_thunderville, High ) Adding fastfile 'mp_redzone' to queue Loading fastfile 'mp_redzone' used 35.97 MB memory in DB alloc This program has crashed with signal: Segmentation fault The current Gameversion is: CoD4 X - linux-i386 type 'e' build 922 Sep 21 2018 File is ./cod4x18_dedrun Hash is: 5c460836d0dcecc7361dde88c3cb35c85d89883d915b697e47573d38b2daa6c2 ---------- Crash Backtrace ---------- 17: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_PrintBacktrace+0x31) [0x566728d3] 16: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_DumpCrash+0x92) [0x566729ae] 15: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_SigHandler+0x24) [0x56672a24] 14: [0xf76ddcb0] 13: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_ConvertOffsetToAlias+0x1f) [0x567031dc] 12: ./cod4x18_dedrun(+0x161c00) [0x5672cc00] 11: ./cod4x18_dedrun(+0x157f36) [0x56722f36] 10: ./cod4x18_dedrun(+0x15a4e2) [0x567254e2] 9: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Load_XAsset+0x31) [0x56703750] 8: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Load_XAssetArrayCustom+0x46) [0x5670379b] 7: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_LoadXFileInternal+0x1de) [0x56704924] 6: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_LoadXFile+0x88) [0x56704aea] 5: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_TryLoadXFileInternal+0x216) [0x56704d0a] 4: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_TryLoadXFile+0x5f) [0x56704df8] 3: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_Thread+0x2b) [0x56704e56] 2: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_ThreadMain+0x2a) [0x566c43cb] 1: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/ [0xf76afefb] 0: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/ [0xf73fd64e] -- Registers --- edi 0x9 esi 0xfe3a9936 ebp 0xdfbb8058 esp 0xdfbb8054 eax 0xe3a9935 ebx 0xf ecx 0x0 edx 0xe373aac4 eip 0x567031dc -------- Backtrace Completed -------- Received signal: Segmentation fault, exiting... Server received signal: Segmentation fault Shutting down server... ----- Server Shutdown ----- With the reason: Server received signal: Segmentation fault Terminating server... Sending heartbeat to Sending heartbeat to Sending heartbeat to Sending master heartbeat from to Sending master heartbeat from to Sending heartbeat to Player 4ebyreK [72RuS]^7, 0 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 0, 7201 -> 0 Player K-Faktor^7, 1 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 1, 5267 -> 0 Player GROZNII95^7, 2 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 2, 6838 -> 0 Player lisa^7, 3 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 3, 1341 -> 0 Player long_dead^7, 4 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 4, 745 -> 0 Player MEDVED^7, 5 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 5, 453 -> 0 Player red^7, 6 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 6, 3612 -> 0 Player Prizrak^7, 7 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 7, 6906 -> 0 Player levsha^7, 8 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 8, 4189 -> 0 Player Danil^7, 9 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 9, 8225 -> 0 --------------------------- Invalid or empty response from masterserver Sending master heartbeat from [::]:28999 to [2001:41d0:a:37ad::17]:20810 Cvar net_ip6 is undefined. Announcing address 2a00:1c48:7:f:215:17ff:fece:1f55! Invalid or empty response from masterserver console.log
  9. that is, you need to test the mod yourself to make sure of the error? And console logs a little?
  10. like a lamp burning above your head