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  1. It looks like this problem will remain Sys_Error: Exceeded limit of 128 'weapon' assets. Or someone will pay attention to this to fix? This problem is not only on OpenWarfare but also on others. Похоже эта проблема так и останется Sys_Error: Exceeded limit of 128 'weapon' assets . или кто-то обратит на это внимание чтоб пофиксить? Эта проблема не только на OpenWarfare но и на других тоже
  2. Disable auto-update you do not need to force server users to experience this! After the update half of the servers went down, the users feel inconvenience.
  3. initialization here _globallogic.gsc line 5225 line 5226 _globallogic.gsc
  4. I put this script randompop.gsc mod openwarfare works fine, but as soon as the helicopter starts to shoot get an error script from Here console_mp.log
  5. Yes, all right because of the card, but the old version of everything worked and now even the sound of a shot of stationary machine guns was gone
  6. error server crashes at times File Handles: ---------------------- 23524 files in iwd files Unloading assets from fastfile 'mp_thunderville' and creating default assets stubs Unloaded fastfile 'mp_thunderville' PMem_Free( mp_thunderville, Low ) PMem_Free( mp_thunderville, High ) Adding fastfile 'mp_redzone' to queue Loading fastfile 'mp_redzone' used 35.97 MB memory in DB alloc This program has crashed with signal: Segmentation fault The current Gameversion is: CoD4 X - linux-i386 type 'e' build 922 Sep 21 2018 File is ./cod4x18_dedrun Hash is: 5c460836d0dcecc7361dde88c3cb35c85d89883d915b697e47573d38b2daa6c2 ---------- Crash Backtrace ---------- 17: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_PrintBacktrace+0x31) [0x566728d3] 16: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_DumpCrash+0x92) [0x566729ae] 15: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_SigHandler+0x24) [0x56672a24] 14: [0xf76ddcb0] 13: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_ConvertOffsetToAlias+0x1f) [0x567031dc] 12: ./cod4x18_dedrun(+0x161c00) [0x5672cc00] 11: ./cod4x18_dedrun(+0x157f36) [0x56722f36] 10: ./cod4x18_dedrun(+0x15a4e2) [0x567254e2] 9: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Load_XAsset+0x31) [0x56703750] 8: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Load_XAssetArrayCustom+0x46) [0x5670379b] 7: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_LoadXFileInternal+0x1de) [0x56704924] 6: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_LoadXFile+0x88) [0x56704aea] 5: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_TryLoadXFileInternal+0x216) [0x56704d0a] 4: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_TryLoadXFile+0x5f) [0x56704df8] 3: ./cod4x18_dedrun(DB_Thread+0x2b) [0x56704e56] 2: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_ThreadMain+0x2a) [0x566c43cb] 1: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/ [0xf76afefb] 0: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/ [0xf73fd64e] -- Registers --- edi 0x9 esi 0xfe3a9936 ebp 0xdfbb8058 esp 0xdfbb8054 eax 0xe3a9935 ebx 0xf ecx 0x0 edx 0xe373aac4 eip 0x567031dc -------- Backtrace Completed -------- Received signal: Segmentation fault, exiting... Server received signal: Segmentation fault Shutting down server... ----- Server Shutdown ----- With the reason: Server received signal: Segmentation fault Terminating server... Sending heartbeat to Sending heartbeat to Sending heartbeat to Sending master heartbeat from to Sending master heartbeat from to Sending heartbeat to Player 4ebyreK [72RuS]^7, 0 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 0, 7201 -> 0 Player K-Faktor^7, 1 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 1, 5267 -> 0 Player GROZNII95^7, 2 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 2, 6838 -> 0 Player lisa^7, 3 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 3, 1341 -> 0 Player long_dead^7, 4 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 4, 745 -> 0 Player MEDVED^7, 5 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 5, 453 -> 0 Player red^7, 6 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 6, 3612 -> 0 Player Prizrak^7, 7 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 7, 6906 -> 0 Player levsha^7, 8 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 8, 4189 -> 0 Player Danil^7, 9 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED SV_FreeClientScriptId: 9, 8225 -> 0 --------------------------- Invalid or empty response from masterserver Sending master heartbeat from [::]:28999 to [2001:41d0:a:37ad::17]:20810 Cvar net_ip6 is undefined. Announcing address 2a00:1c48:7:f:215:17ff:fece:1f55! Invalid or empty response from masterserver console.log
  7. that is, you need to test the mod yourself to make sure of the error? And console logs a little?
  8. like a lamp burning above your head
  9. this feature disables the stationary guns on maps now and the server is running v17.6.2
  10. v17.5 build 2055 and 2066 stable. 17.6 version Sys_Error: Exceeded limit of 128 'weapon' assets
  11. The problem is the mod OpenWarfare 2 v1.44