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  1. Hi guys I am using now the last cod4x version my server was showing in cod4x servers browser in the game and in the other servers browser now it doesn't show in any one of them in the game but I can see it only in the cod4x master list website why ? My ip
  2. i would say why you dont remove all servers from master list which are not using the last version with token and force then to upgrade their server to this version with token so you will have 100% clean and clear cod4 list without any fake servers on it
  3. hi for days i keep checking it and i though it is only me but i check the it is looks down please fix it so players can found our servers in cod4x list thank you
  4. no i dont have put you can check rotu revaluation weapons every upgrade mean more power and more bullets for ex check FNRP weapons in rotu
  5. weapons upgrade is really bad or lets say weak need to be more powerful and more xp would be good
  6. Going from CS_FREE to CS_ZOMBIE for SAMBO_39 num 2 from:<=> Rejected client SAMBO_39 because updatebackend is unavailable Received signal: Terminated, exiting... Server received signal: Terminated Shutting down server... ----- Server Shutdown ----- With the reason: Server received signal: Terminated Terminating server... Sending heartbeat to Sending heartbeat to ==== ShutdownGame (1) ==== Player Bersarak^7, 0 dropped: EXE_DISCONNECTED ---------------------------
  7. slow to start up after the restart although it was fine before
  8. Hi all these days i have problem with restarting the server it take more than 5 mins to show only in servers browser and player can connect to it . so why these days there is this problem with 1.8 17.2 it is strange to take 5 mins after the restart to show only in master list thank you
  9. hmmm no way to get guide 100% work with steps for them or if someone from cod4x team can make it or at least give us hope if it will come soon and we will hear good news
  10. ok until you make it can you at least give us steps which mac players can follow to join 1.8 servers? because i searched alot and nothing worked for them
  11. Hello Cod4x team you are really doing hard work and we all appreciate it .but since two years we are asking you to help us and support mac we they clans lost alot of members/admins and players because of that and we want to keep on 1.8 as less hackers now . please cod4x team help us and support it ever if you asked us for anything we will do .please we dont know how to make it .you are doing great work so please do it and let us all have fun
  12. hello fraggy today i looked in servers list 1.7a i found this clan use this server ip using my server name to redirect the players to their server 1.8 the admin can check what i am saying and please ban them thank you
  13. Alpha1

    cod4x 16.3?!

    how can i disable the auto upgrade to keep some servers on 1.7a?
  14. ok would be good if you can say how to do that ?
  15. Hello can you make thread or something to learn mac players how can they connect to cod4x server as you refuse to support mac but at least tell them any way the can make it to connect with steps to follow thank you