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  1. Nice...... Good Luck with the anti cheat.It is really important for the cod community : )
  2. Hi, i was reading the valorant anti cheat forum,that whenever anti-cheat detects a small change in the game graphics,programming,it will ban u So,if cod4 client developers knows how valorant anti cheat works,that they can make the game crash whenever their client detects a change. Your anti-cheat still working good with some hacks,but there are some hacks still working on cod4 . i hope u guys understand what i m saying. : ) i m not good in english. So,i hope u guys should take a look on this topic ---___
  3. Hey Hi all How to create a Cod4x public and private dedicated server ? i dont need a local server quick reply will be appreciated
  4. Is it possible to run 1.8 servers on 1.7? i required this 1.8 servers to run on 1.7 just for kidding Quick reply is appreciated!!!
  5. Is it possible to run 1.8 servers on 1.7? i required this 1.8 servers to run on 1.7 just for kidding Quick reply is appreciated!!!
  6. Hello! i created a cod4 server with a mod sMV sMv mod has admin menu and i dont have permission to access it plz say me how to be a admin in this mod and access to the menu!! Plz quick reply is appreciated!
  7. By the way of this topic,if someone have Cod4 cracked version like me so what he do for his server?
  8. Hello! i set up b3 now the only problem is the team chat commands not working for first time like !b3 and !iamgod and also the b3 is working like this But the commands are not working(edited)
  9. Hello! i jus created my cod4x 1.8 dedicated server ip::::: i config my b3 settings and enabling it for my server it loaded all plugins in my server but b3 service not appearing in the server also i started all wamp services quick reply is appreciated TY!
  10. i have checked all rcon settings in xml or ini file but this error not removing
  11. Starting B3 : (b3) v1.12 [^IronPigeon] [nt32] Autorestart mode : OFF Checking update : no update available Loading config : @conf\b3.xml Loading parser : cod4 Activating log : @b3\b3.log Connecting to DB : FAILED! Using gamelog : D:\CALL of Duty 4\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\main\games_mp.l og Testing RCON : >>> Oops: No response >>> Could be something wrong with the rcon connection to the server! >>> Hint 1: The server is not running or it is changing maps. >>> Hint 2: Check your server-ip and port. Loading events : 42 events loaded Loading plugins : 220 press any key to continue...
  12. to wkuzma, Oh man what Oh man really,you are the giant posting freak
  13. i created my cod4x server it is dedicated server but it is not connecting to RCON RCON is saying that "Connection Failed"
  14. Give me your b3.xml file i just confused about this Drag a link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!