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  1. Hi, so basically my question, is how to integrate the duffman menu, so it opens the menu with the $menu as well. Basically when he types $menu, should open, types again, need to open again,can't think of a solution. I have other commands working as well that are simpler, like fps and fov, but can't get this one working. I tried adding this in scriptcommands.gsx case "menu": if( !level.dvar[ "menu" ] ) { self iPrintlnBold( "This command was disabled by server admin." ); break; } stat = 0; if( self.pers[ "menu" ] == 1) { for(;;) { duffman\_common::addConnectThread(duffman\_common::useConfig); thread duffman\_menu::onPlayerConnected(); thread duffman\_menu::DvarCheck(); } } //THIS IS SO WRONG else if( self.pers[ "menu" ] == 0) { self thread duffman\_menu::endMenu(); } As well as, self thread duffman\_menu::openClickMenu(); But doesn't seem to work. Please give me a piece of advice. Thx
  2. What will be the function to close it ? " -scores" ?
  3. Hello, I need somehow how to manipulate a key game. For example players = level.players; for ( index = 0; index < players.size; index++ ) { player = players[index]; player PressKey "Tab"; } At a specific time, ex : level endon ( "game_ended" ); Press key "Tab" for all players Thank you.
  4. Hi, so I've tested the latest build and the previous one. One the latest build, 12 Mar, no external plugin can be loaded. Can someone confirm? EDIT: Should be in the server category, linux
  5. Hm, it does say no plugins loaded. What I am doing wrong?
  6. Hello, I cant get b3hide to work. I do have the plugin. //Server.cfg loadplugin "b3hide" set b3Hide "1" set b3Prefix "!" set b3HideLvl "20" B3 runs, all good, but doesn't hide the commands. Any advice? I'm using parser cod4x by leiizko. Additionally, I tried to use the b3 auth plugin, but same no luck. Cheers.
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    weird, we need it :/
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    Hi, any versions, updates for 1.8 for mac? Regards